Chapter 167 – Recognizing Big Sister

The grandmother and grandson were arranged in the same hospital room, making it convenient for Shen Hongling to take care of them.

During their hospital stay, they happened to meet an old man by chance, and later they learned that the old man worked in a national research institute.

Xu Yu’s exceptionally high IQ and sensitivity to science inadvertently attracted this old man.

Xu Yu, despite being young, absorbed knowledge very quickly, especially sensitive to numbers and science. It was during conversations with the old man that Xu Yu spoke for the first time.

The old man felt that the young Xu Yu was an exceptionally rare genius.

So, with Shen Hongling’s consent, the old man took Xu Yu to his research institute.

There, Xu Yu displayed astonishing talent.

The subsequent developments were beyond what Shen Hongling had ever imagined.

Upon learning that Xu Yu had not received any education before and realizing that Shen Hongling might take Xu Yu back to the countryside later on, the old man immediately disagreed.

How could such great talent as Xu Yu’s be wasted in the countryside? That would be a significant loss for the country’s future.

Thus, the old man explained Xu Yu’s situation to higher authorities and applied for any possible means to allow Xu Yu’s family to stay in the city.

Although this was a challenging operation, the old man ultimately succeeded.

For Shen Hongling and her family of three, they were granted a temporary residence and even had their household registration transferred from the countryside to the city.

Of course, after that, Xu Yu would follow the old man to receive educational knowledge, with the old man becoming Xu Yu’s teacher.

At that time, the old man also sighed…

“He said, next year, when the university in Beijing reopens, we’ll arrange for Yuyu to attend the junior class,” Shen Hongling repeated the old man’s words.

As soon as she said this, everyone in the Xu family, except for Xujinning, instantly tensed up.

They exchanged glances, each secretly harboring the same guess.

And it was this guess that excited them.

Next year, the reopening of the university in Beijing, did that mean the college entrance exam would be reinstated?

If that were indeed the case, it would be fantastic.

Xu Fanghua, who had never given up on studying, would be able to take the college entrance exam next year.

And Ningning would have the opportunity to take the college entrance exam in the future.

The Xu family members were all excited because of this guess.

As for Xu Jinning, he had long known from the plot that the college entrance exam would resume next year.

“Well, after my mother-in-law’s eyes got better, and Yuyu’s condition improved significantly, I brought them back to transfer our household registration.”

With the special approval from higher authorities, even if the brigade leader had doubts or found it unbelievable, a notice in writing plus a phone call confirmation led to the brigade leader facilitating the household registration transfer for the family of three and issuing the necessary certificates.

“Hongling, this is wonderful. From now on, you’ll be residents of Beijing.”

“Of course, the most important thing is that aunt’s eyes have healed, and Yuyu’s condition has improved.”

The Xu family members were all very happy for Shen Hongling’s family.

You know, having a household registration in Beijing, the capital, is something many people can’t achieve in their lifetime. And now, Shen Hongling’s family not only has Beijing residency but can also live in the city.

Of course, Xu Yu isn’t a fool; he’s just autistic, and his therapy is going well. And now, with such an opportunity, it’s even more joyous.

They knew how difficult these years have been for Shen Hongling because of Xu Yu’s condition.

Luckily, she never gave up on him.

When Shen Hongling looked back on the past, her eyes teared up.

Then she said, “I also have another important matter to discuss this time.”

“That’s why I want our Yuyu to recognize Ningning as his god sister.”

“The fact that I can go to Beijing and Yuyu has this opportunity is all because of Ningning’s reminder and the luck she brought us. I just don’t know if Yuyu will have the fortune to recognize Ningning as his god sister.” She looked expectantly and pleadingly at Xu Jinning and Xu Aiguo.

“Aunt Hongling, I really haven’t done much, just a few reminders,” Xujinning said.

Xu Yu is a future great scientist. If he recognizes her as his big sister now, she’ll benefit in the future.

However, Xujinning felt she couldn’t take advantage like that and politely declined.

“It’s not just a few reminders, Ningning, your help to our family is more significant than you think.”

“Aiguo, Ailian, I really want Ningning to be Yuyu’s big sister. If you and Ningning agree, I’ll make sure Yuyu treats his big sister well.”

If she hadn’t been holding back, Shen Hongling would have revealed everything she had heard about Xu Jinning’s thoughts.

It was precisely because she listened to Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts that she didn’t get cheated out of the many Big Black Ten that her mother-in-law had left with her. This allowed her to exchange the Big Black Ten for money at the bank, which gave her the fare to go to Beijing, as well as the subsequent expenses for her mother-in-law and Yuyu’s treatment.

It was also because she heard Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts that she knew she had to take Yuyu to the Beijing Military Region Hospital to find Dr. Liao Ming, and she also knew that Yuyu had opportunities in Beijing that could change his life and the fortunes of their family.

All of this was thanks to Ningning’s efforts.

No matter what Yuyu’s future holds, at this moment, Xu Jinning is their family’s benefactor.

Shen Hongling wanted Xu Yu to acknowledge Xu Jinning as his god sister partly out of gratitude. If Yuyu really had a promising future, she hoped to use their god-sibling status to help Xu Jinning.

Of course, there was also a selfish reason as a mother.

She felt that Xu Jinning was Xu Yu’s lucky star.

After Ningning became Yuyu’s god-sister, Yuyu might have an even better future.

So, the purpose of Shen Hongling’s return this time was twofold: to transfer her household registration and to acknowledge god-siblings.

“Hongling, you want Yuyu to acknowledge Ningning as his god-sister, but is Yuyu willing?” After a moment of silence, Xu Aiguo seemed to realize something and spoke with a relaxed tone.

Upon hearing Xu Aiguo’s agreement, Shen Hongling quickly pulled Xu Yu over. “This matter, I’ve already discussed it with Yuyu earlier, and he also agrees. Come here, Yuyu, this is your sister Ningning, call her sister.”

After undergoing therapy, Xu Yu could now understand her words. He was aware of the decision to recognize Xu Jinning as his sister.

Xu Yu was sensitive to people’s emotions. In fact, the first time he met Xu Jinning before his therapy, he already felt a fondness for this sister who cared for him. However, at that time, before his therapy, he couldn’t express it and could only keep it in his heart.

But Xu Jinning, that petite and lovely figure, was etched in his mind.

Especially later on, Shen Hongling, as his mother, often told Xu Yu that their current opportunities were all thanks to Xu Jinning’s efforts.

Xu Yu’s impression of Xu Jinning became even better, and he felt closer to her.


Just when the Xu family thought Xu Yu wouldn’t speak, he did. He called out “sister” to Xu Jinning.

The Xu family was immediately shocked because, in the past, Xu Yu wasn’t just called a fool in the village; he was also called mute.

And now, he was speaking.

“Yuyu, you…” Xu Yu’s eyes were clear as he pointed at Xu Jinning. “Yuyu’s sister.”

“Big sister.”

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