Chapter 168 – If Only I Could Have Regressed Earlier

Because of Xu Yu’s calling Xu Jinning “big sister,” eventually, their god-sibling relationship was successfully recognized.

Since Shen Hongling’s family was in a hurry to return to Beijing, the god-sibling recognition ceremony was held the next day.

Xu Yu acknowledged Xu Jinning as his god-sister and called Xu Aiguo and Zhang Ailian “father” and “mother,” while Xu Jinning referred to Shen Hongling as “godmother.”

Xu Jinning thought to herself that she now had two godmothers.

At this time, Xu Jinning didn’t yet know that she would have more god-siblings in the future, not fewer.

During the god-sibling recognition, Xu Aiguo, Zhang Ailian, and Xu Jinning all prepared gifts for Xu Yu. Shen Hongling also prepared a gift for Xu Jinning.

However, when Xu Jinning saw the gift, she was stunned, even subconsciously wanting to return it.

Because the gift turned out to be a stack of Big Black Tens.

Big Black Tens were valuable, not just in the future but even now.

“Godmother, this gift is too precious, I can’t accept it.”

“What’s precious or not precious? In my eyes, nothing is more important than you. I think you’ll like it, and since godmother is giving it to you, please accept it.”

“But, but this stack of Big Black Tens can be exchanged for a lot of money at the bank. In the future, its value will be even higher. It’s better to leave it for Xu Yu.”

However, Shen Hongling insisted on not taking it back.

“I naturally understand the value of these things. Thanks to them, our trip to Beijing was much smoother. Don’t worry, I have more of them here.”

“Ningning, just accept it. In godmother’s eyes, no matter how valuable this is, it’s not as important as you are, really.”

Seeing that Shen Hongling knew the value of the Big Black Ten and insisted on giving them to her, Xu Jinning finally couldn’t refuse and accepted them.

This gift was indeed quite substantial.

But in Shen Hongling’s view, it wasn’t a big deal. If she hadn’t heard Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts, she wouldn’t have known the value of these Big Black Tens and might have even been deceived by someone else.

Now, giving them to Ningning, she felt it was just right.


The rumors about Shen Hongling’s family spread quickly in the nearby production brigades.

“I never expected this, really never expected it. That Xu Yu isn’t actually a fool or mute. They said a professor in Beijing said that Xu Yu was not a fool; he’s actually a genius.”

“The people from Beijing must be right, and the doctor’s words must be right too. Otherwise, how could Shen Hongling’s mother-in-law, who was blind, suddenly see?”

“They can actually move to Beijing, they’ll be Beijing residents from now on, how great.”

The person speaking was full of envy in their tone.

“When I first heard about it, I didn’t believe it. But the brigade leader confirmed it, so it must be true. They even said someone from higher up called the brigade leader about this, so it’s absolutely true.”

“I heard that Xu Yu also got into a national institution. Oh my god, isn’t he now a little kid eating from the state’s plate at such a young age? Truly deserving of being a genius.”

At this moment, everyone praised Xu Yu’s abilities and believed he was definitely a genius. They completely forgot how some of them used to mock Shen Hongling for taking care of a blind mother-in-law and a “fool” at the same time.

“That kid Xu Yu definitely has a bright future ahead. But this Xu Aiguo’s family is also impressive. No, I should say that little girl they recognized is impressive. Previously, she recognized the leader of the county police station as her godfather, and now she recognized Xu Yu as her godbrother.”

“I heard it was the chief who volunteered to be that little girl Ningning’s godfather. This time, it was Shen Hongling who actively suggested recognizing god-relatives. I really don’t know what charm that little girl has.” The person speaking sounded puzzled, but their tone carried a hint of envy and jealousy.

“Who knows, maybe that girl Ningning is their lucky star as well,” someone joked casually.

The others burst into laughter, unaware that this statement was actually true.

The news of Shen Hongling’s family returning naturally spread to the Dahe Production Brigade, and Jiang Xiao also heard about it.

“They’re back from Beijing? Xu Yu was found out to be not a fool but a genius? Their whole family is moving to Beijing?”

Jiang Xiao understood upon hearing this that Xu Yu was following the same path as in his previous life. In the future, Xu Yu would become a great scientist, undoubtedly with a bright future.

Just looking at the present, he could easily become a resident of Beijing. This was a pinnacle that many people couldn’t reach.

But for Xu Yu, it was just the beginning.

Jiang Xiao couldn’t help but feel regretful. Why didn’t she go find Shen Hongling’s family before they went to Beijing? Maybe now Xu Yu’s god-sister would be her, Jiang Xiao, instead of this Xu Jinning.

Being recognized as Xu Yu’s god-sister was Jiang Xiao’s purpose when she went to find Shen Hongling’s family. It was a pity that when she went, they had already left for Beijing.

Who is this Xu Jinning?

Why should Xu Yu recognize her as his god-sister? In the previous life, it seemed like there was no mention of Xu Yu having a god-sister.

“Could it be that Xu Jinning, like myself, is also a regressor?” This thought startled Jiang Xiao instantly.

Immediately she denied it, “No, it’s impossible. Besides me, how could there be someone else who’s regressed?”

Jiang Xiao has always felt like a favored child of heaven since her regression, believing she’s Heaven’s daughter, which is why she got this chance at regression in the first place.

Certainly, Heaven must have seen how miserable and stifling her previous life was, so it gave her a second chance.

Such an opportunity couldn’t possibly be something just anyone could have.

Of course, deep down, Jiang Xiao feels that she’s the most special, the female protagonist of this world, and that others aren’t as important.

So, only she should have this opportunity.

Having dismissed the idea that Xu Jinning also regressed like her, Jiang Xiao still wonders why Xu Yu would recognize Xu Jinning as his god-sister?

She was still puzzled.

She thought that when she went back to the Qinghe Production Brigade later on, she would definitely need to find an opportunity to observe Xu Jinning carefully and figure out what kind of person she really was!

“If only I could have regressed earlier.”

Jiang Xiao was a bit resentful towards the heavens, wondering why, since she had regressed, they didn’t let her return before everything happened.

At least that way, she wouldn’t have tangled with Lu Hao.

Lu Hao was the scumbag educated youth at the Educated Youth Spot.

He was also the person who had deceived Jiang Xiao and sold her out in her previous life.

In this life, if it weren’t for her regression, she would have almost run away with him.

Fortunately, she regressed.

Jiang Xiao harbored deep hatred towards Lu Hao.

So, after her reincarnation, she decisively cut off all ties with him.

However, merely letting Lu Hao off like this wasn’t enough for what he did to her in her previous life.

Upon finding out that Lu Hao’s suitcase contained banned books, she reported him in a letter.

Lu Hao was caught, and now he’s assigned to clean up manure every day.

It’s just that the current situation is more lenient; if this had happened a few years earlier, Lu Hao would have definitely been arrested and sent to prison.

“That’s letting him off easy.”

But it doesn’t matter; once she becomes a general’s wife in the future, she’ll have plenty of opportunities to take care of Lu Hao.

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