Chapter 10 – Heading to the County

Sitting on the bumpy rear seat of the rattling bicycle, feeling the spring breeze at the tail end of spring, Xu Jinning, who was still somewhat drowsy, finally woke up.

There was no way around it; the road was not a smooth asphalt road but a dirt road. After a rainfall, it could turn into a muddy path with plenty of pits and bumps.

Along the way, Xu Jinning, who was initially a bit confused, was jolted awake.

It was really because… her buttocks hurt.

Even though before leaving, Zhang Ailian had deliberately added a cushion to the rear seat of the bicycle for her, it still didn’t prevent her buttocks from hurting.

Xu Jinning thought she had traveled through time.

Although she inhabited the original owner’s body, her soul brought with it the delicacy of a girl from the 21st century.

The original owner had lived in the countryside for fifteen years. Starting at the age of three, she began working in the fields. As soon as she had enough strength to work, she started working.

Even when she was sick, as long as she could still work in the fields, her adoptive parents would make her go, sometimes even when she fainted in the fields.

At that time, some people wondered why her adoptive parents didn’t care about their daughter at all.

In fact, the original owner also noticed the cold gaze her parents directed at her, seemingly devoid of much emotion and affection.

She wanted to get closer to her parents, to be close to them, but each time she was pushed away by their icy gazes.

It wasn’t until she returned to the city that her parents told her she was not their biological daughter. They were going to bring their biological daughter home and asked her to return to her own family.

Back then, the original owner suddenly realized that her parents were distant from her because she wasn’t their biological daughter. Probably due to the difference in blood ties, they couldn’t develop a close bond.

The original owner could understand.

She was nothing like what Xu Fangfang described, just wanting to live a good life in the city and not wanting to endure hardships in the countryside.

Because no matter how hard it was, it couldn’t compare to the fifteen years of hardship the original owner had experienced.

It could be said that those fifteen years, if the original owner hadn’t toughed it out due to fate, she might not have survived several times.

And the original owner had expectations of returning to her biological parents, especially since Qinghe Production Brigade not only had her parents but also, she heard, had her older brothers and sister…

She longed for family, for parents, and their love.

With such intense anticipation, she boarded the train.

But because of the author’s plot, she was destined not to receive the love of her parents and family. She would even have to watch everyone stand on Xu Fangfang’s side, showering her with affection. Under the contrast with Xu Fangfang, she became like an ugly duckling.

Ultimately, she succumbed to depression and died.

However, that was the original owner’s life, or rather, the life trajectory set by the author for the original owner.

But that was the original owner’s life, not hers, Xu Jinning’s.

As an optimistic and emotionally resilient person, how could she possibly succumb to depression and die like the original owner?

She didn’t care about family ties as much as the original owner did.

In the 21st century, with such a scumbag father who disappeared after divorce and an almost nonexistent mother, coupled with a stepmother and stepsister who were hypocritical and deceitful, even her life was plotted against by her stepsister.

In such an environment, living to the age of 18, how could Xu Jinning possibly hold any expectations for family ties?

Perhaps she had expectations when she was younger, but as she grew up and faced disappointment time and time again, she had long stopped expecting anything.

So, when she transmigrated into this world and learned that the character settings couldn’t be changed, she became even less likely to harbor expectations or try to change things. It’s just…

Even though she didn’t have expectations, why did the developments in the story feel different from what she imagined?

Shouldn’t Xu Aiguo and Zhang Ailian be cold and indifferent to her, favoring Xu Fangfang instead? Why did Zhang Ailian unexpectedly use Xu Fangfang’s clothes to exchange for fabric, intending to make new clothes for her?

Why did Xu Aiguo even take her to the county hospital and personally ride a bicycle to bring her there?

So, Xu Jinning was in a daze, she was abruptly awakened and was informed that her father wanted to take her to the county hospital. Sitting on the back of the bicycle, she was somewhat bewildered and also… at a loss.

“Watch out for the pit ahead, Ningning, hold onto Daddy’s waist tightly,” came Xu Aiguo’s sudden advice from the front.

By the time Xu Jinning reacted, the bicycle wheels were already in the pit.

Caught off guard, Xu Jinning’s entire body leaned forward, instinctively grabbing onto Xu Aiguo’s waist.

Xu Aiguo was tall, over 1.8 meters, a sturdy man with a strong build. Despite working in a textile factory as a laborer, he often did physical labor, resulting in a solid muscular physique.

Holding onto her father’s waist, Xu Jinning felt a strong sense of security emanating from him.

What kind of security was it? It was like, as long as he was there, he could hold up the sky for you.

Even if the sky fell, he would bear it for you.

It was a very unfamiliar feeling.

It was something Xu Jinning hadn’t experienced even in the 21st century with her scumbag father. That person had never carried her or given her a hug since she was born.

And now…

Xu Jinning wanted to let go of her hand, but somehow, it seemed a bit reluctant.

There was a voice in her heart telling her: Just hug him, he’s your dad, if you want to hug, just hug.

In the end, Xu Jinning did not let go.

She admitted that she cherished this sudden and unfamiliar sense of security.

In front, Xu Aiguo was pedaling the bicycle. Although he didn’t hear his little daughter’s response, seeing her hold onto his waist tightly made him very happy. This was his little girl being close to her dad.

So, Xu Aiguo, feeling joyful, pedaled the bicycle, riding at a fast pace.

Xu Jinning: …

Xu Jinning could only hold onto her dad’s waist tightly, afraid that if one hand loosened, she would be thrown off.

However, Xu Jinning’s worries were evidently unnecessary. Although the road was not easy to ride on, Xu Aiguo still considered his daughter’s well-being and tried to choose relatively flat paths to ride.

Therefore, more than half an hour later, they arrived at the county town, and Xu Jinning’s condition was actually quite good.

Xu Jinning also witnessed the county town of this era, different from the modern scene with its bustling nightlife, high-rise buildings, and modernity.

People wore mostly dark-colored, monochromatic clothes, such as black, gray, and blue. The style was simple, mostly consisting of simple pants and shirts. Skirts were rarely seen.

The girls’ hairstyles were also simple, with most of them having two braids hanging in front of their chests. At most, they wore a red rope on their heads, and those who could wear hairpins would attract envy from others.

The houses here were mostly single-story, and even if there were buildings, they wouldn’t exceed three stories.

Sitting on the back seat of the bicycle, Xu Jinning saw the lively supply and marketing cooperative, the state-owned restaurant, and the food factory…

Every place carried the unique characteristics of this era.

Finally, Xu Aiguo brought Xu Jinning to the hospital.

It was completely different from the hospitals Xu Jinning saw in the 21st century.

In the 21st century, hospitals were several buildings, at least ten stories high, connected together, with relatively detailed divisions.

The hospital in front of them was just a three-story building, with adjacent single-story buildings, forming the entire hospital in the county town.

As Xu Jinning passed by, she saw that the single-story buildings were transformed into offices or hospital rooms.

Doctors were treating patients inside, and there were also patients staying for treatment.

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