Chapter 11 – Checking on Past Events

Xu Jinning was led into the building by Xu Aiguo and examined by an old doctor.

In that era, there were no advanced medical devices, and the diagnosis depended entirely on the doctor’s keen eyes and experienced judgment.

The old doctor observed Xu Jinning’s complexion, took her pulse, listened to her heartbeat with a stethoscope, and measured her blood pressure…

He also asked Xu Jinning some basic questions.

After the comprehensive examination, he looked at the somewhat nervous Xu Aiguo and said, “The girl’s body is very weak…”

Xu Jinning’s health was very poor, suffering from long-term fatigue, severe physical depletion, serious malnutrition, and even depression…

“…No major illness, but this physical depletion is not a minor issue. If the body is not replenished soon and the depletion continues, it will affect her lifespan. Also…”

The old doctor turned to Xu Jinning, “Young lady, you need to cheer up. At such a young age, you cannot be depressed or think too much.”

Then he looked at Xu Aiguo, his gaze carrying some reproach and a serious expression, “As parents, you cannot neglect your child like this.”

“I understand, I understand, Doctor. We will take care of her,” Xu Aiguo knew that Xu Jinning’s health was not good, but he didn’t expect it to be so severe that it could affect her lifespan.

The Lin family, who had claimed to have been carefully nurturing Ningning, actually dared to say that this was the result of careful nurturing?

Xu Aiguo was angry.

This anger was directed at the Lin family and also at himself.

He was angry at the Lin family’s lies and also angry at himself for mistakenly carrying Fangfang fifteen years ago. If they hadn’t made that mistake, Ningning would have grown up well by their side all these years.

“Good to know. Let’s do this: I’ll write a prescription for the young lady, and you can go get the medicine. She needs to drink it for a while.”

“In addition, if conditions allow, give the child more brown sugar water, malted milk, chicken soup, and eat more eggs…”

The old doctor gave many instructions, and finally, Xu Aiguo took Xu Jinning out.

During the time, Xu Aiguo held Xu Jinning’s hand.

“Ningning, Dad…” Xu Aiguo looked at Xu Jinning, wanting to say something. However, facing this pale little face, he found that whatever he said seemed pale and powerless. It was better to make it up later.

“Never mind. Dad will take you to get the medicine, and then we’ll buy some malted milk.”

Xu Jinning nodded, and she didn’t know if she had seen it wrong, but when Xu Aiguo turned his head, she seemed to see his eyes slightly reddened.


Xu Jinning looked at the large hand holding hers. Probably due to doing a lot of physical labor, the hand was rough with calluses.

But surprisingly warm.

This warmth seemed to extend from the palm of the hand to the bottom of her heart, giving her a strange feeling.

In the end, Xu Jinning didn’t pull her hand away.

At the hospital window, Xu Aiguo grabbed five patches of medicine before leaving with Xu Jinning.

The father and daughter arrived at the supply and marketing cooperative.

There were quite a few people there. Xu Aiguo, with Xu Jinning in tow, squeezed through the crowd and finally reached the counter.

“Hello, comrade. Do you have malted milk?” Xu Aiguo asked.

The expressionless woman behind the counter, around thirty years old, said, “Shanghai brand malted milk, one can for 24 yuan. Do you want it?”

“Yes, give me one can.”

The woman raised her eyebrows slightly, somewhat surprised that Xu Aiguo would actually buy such expensive malted milk. However, upon seeing the worker’s clothes he was wearing, she understood.

These days, malted milk was not something just anyone could afford.

Xu Aiguo took out two large bills and four one-yuan bills and handed them over.

The money of the Xu family was with Zhang Ailian. Every month, when Xu Aiguo received his salary, he handed it over to his wife. This time, Zhang Ailian had given him quite a bit of money in advance for Xu Jinning’s medical treatment, medicine, and the purchase of malted milk.

On malted milk shelves these days, it was a nourishing supplement that only a few could afford.

People nearby, witnessing Xu Aiguo confidently purchasing the 24-yuan malted milk, looked at him one after another, admiring his determination.

That was 24 yuan, equivalent to a worker’s monthly salary.

In some households, even after a year of frugality, they might not be able to save that much.

Did they not know that malted milk was a good thing?

Of course, they knew, but unfortunately, they couldn’t afford it.

Seeing Xu Aiguo decisively buying malted milk, even Xu Jinning was momentarily stunned.

[Dad actually bought malted milk for me? I thought he was just talking.]

After all, the original owner had never drunk malted milk in the three years before her death.

Let alone malted milk, she hadn’t even had brown sugar water at home.

Xu Aiguo, who carefully received the malted milk, suddenly seemed to hear the voice of his little daughter.

Turning his head, he looked at her, and she was staring at him with a puzzled expression.

“Ningning, did you just say something?”

Xu Jinning blinked, “No, I didn’t say anything.”


Xu Aiguo thought, perhaps he misheard.

But buying malted milk for Ningning was not just talk.

He stuffed the malted milk into Xu Jinning’s arms, “Here, hold onto this. Afterward, put it in your room. If you want to drink it, take it out and make some. If it’s finished, tell Dad, and I’ll buy you more.”

So, Xu Jinning, sitting on the back seat of the bicycle again, held a can of malted milk in her arms, attracting the attention of people on the road.

Whether they saw the bicycle or the malted milk in Xu Jinning’s arms, they all showed envy in their eyes.

Of course, Xu Aiguo didn’t just buy malted milk for Xu Jinning; there were also soap, towels, toothbrushes, and other daily necessities.

These items were hanging on the front of Xu Aiguo’s bicycle.

The bicycle stopped again, this time at the police station.

However, this time Xu Aiguo did not ask Xu Jinning to come in with him.

“Ningning, you stay outside and watch the bike and the things. Dad is going to talk to Uncle Zhang for a bit, and I’ll be back soon.”

Xu Jinning nodded.

She didn’t know what Xu Aiguo was doing at the police station, and though she was curious, she wouldn’t ask.

On the other hand, Xu Aiguo came to the police station to see his friend, Zhang Changzheng, who was also a public security officer at the police station.

Several years ago, Zhang Changzheng was seriously injured during a mission, collapsing in a remote area. At that time, he was alone, and if Xu Aiguo hadn’t happened to pass by, he might have bled to death without being discovered.

Fortunately, Xu Aiguo found him and took him to the hospital, even covering the medical expenses.

Because Xu Aiguo had to go to work and couldn’t wait for Zhang to wake up, he left.

Later, when Zhang Changzheng woke up, he searched for several months before finding the man who saved his life, expressing his gratitude sincerely.

After a chat, the two found common interests.

In the following years, they often visited each other, and over time, they became good friends and brothers.

This time, coming to see Zhang Changzheng, Xu Aiguo wanted him to help investigate the incident of his daughter being switched at birth and to inquire about the situation of the Lin family and his daughter over the years.

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