Chapter 12 – Zhang Changzheng’s Original Fate

“Alright, I’ve noted down this matter. I’ll have someone investigate it.”

“Don’t worry, Brother Xu. Once the results are out, I’ll inform you immediately.”

Without any hesitation, Zhang Changzheng readily agreed.

This was the first time in these years that Xu Aiguo had asked him for help, and he was happy to assist.

However, Zhang Changzheng hadn’t anticipated that such a thing as a child being switched at birth would happen in Xu Aiguo’s family.

But upon reflection, it seemed normal.

“By the way, Brother Xu just mentioned that the little girl is called Ningning. Bring Ningning in; let me recognize her and let her recognize me. If she comes to the county in the future or encounters any issues, she can find me.”

Xu Aiguo felt that what Zhang Changzheng said made sense.

So, Xu Jinning, who was originally waiting outside, was called in and met Xu Aiguo’s good friend.

“Ningning, this is Dad’s good friend and brother, Uncle Zhang Changzheng.”

“Ningning, I’m your Uncle Changzheng. In the future, if you come to the county, you can visit me. If you have any problems, you can also come to me. Treat me as your dad’s younger brother; if there’s anything, don’t be polite with Uncle.”

“Hello, Uncle Changzheng,” Xu Jinning obediently greeted, though her heart was not calm.

[So, this is Zhang Changzheng!]

Suddenly, Zhang Changzheng heard this exclamation.

He recognized that it was the voice of the girl in front of him.

However, he found it strange because he hadn’t seen her speak just a moment ago. Did he mishear or was it something else?

The next second, the voice from Ningning’s side came again, making Zhang Changzheng even more confused, with astonishment in his confusion.

[Zhang Changzheng, I remember now.]

[Dad did have such a good brother. Although it initially stemmed from a lifesaving favor, their bond was very deep.]

This time, Zhang Changzheng was truly certain that Xu Jinning did not speak, but he clearly heard Xu Jinning’s voice.

Rather than calling it a spoken voice, more accurately, it was like a sigh, like inner thoughts.


Zhang Changzheng turned to look at Xu Aiguo and the others in the office, as if none of them had heard it.

Was he the only one who heard it?


Xu Jinning seemed unaware that he could hear her inner thoughts.

What on earth was going on?

Zhang Changzheng almost instantly thought of supernatural phenomena, but in this day and age, such things were considered superstitious and taboo.

Deep inside, there was even a voice telling him that being able to hear Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts could change his destiny.

Moreover, that voice also told him that only he could know about this; he couldn’t tell anyone.

While Zhang Changzheng was still in the midst of a mental storm.

Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts came again.

[In this day and age, having a police brother is quite a remarkable thing.]

[Uncle Changzheng is also a good police officer, just a pity…]

Zhang Changzheng was still wondering what the pity was, and Xu Jinning’s next inner thought clarified it for him.

[But unfortunately, he bravely sacrificed himself at the age of 32.]

Zhang Changzheng, who was 32 years old this year: …

Is he going to die?

  Is it real or fake?

  And how does this little girl know?

  In the following inner thoughts of Xu Jinning, Zhang Changzheng finally learned how he “bravely sacrificed himself.”

  As it turned out, soon there would be a trafficking case in the county.

  Zhang Changzheng accidentally stumbled upon human tr*ffickers tr*fficking women and children.

  At the time, Zhang Changzheng couldn’t call for help from the station, so he had to intervene alone because if he didn’t, the abd*cted children and women would be taken away on the car.

  Once on the car and driving away, it would be difficult to trace, like finding a needle in a haystack.

  Unable to do anything else, Zhang Changzheng had to beg passersby to go to the police station to call for assistance while he tried to stop the tr*ffickers.

  Unfortunately, he was alone, and the tr*ffickers were five in number.

  Despite Zhang Changzheng’s decent combat skills, without a gun at that moment, he couldn’t match four hands, especially when the tr*ffickers had weapons.

  In the end, Zhang Changzheng managed to delay until his colleagues arrived, but he was st*bbed multiple times.

  He successfully prevented the tr*ffickers from taking away the abd*cted women and children, but he sacrificed himself due to excessive bleeding.

  [Tr*ffickers deserve to die!]

  [Poor Uncle Changzheng sacrificed himself.]

  [Hearing about Uncle Changzheng’s sacrifice, his wife fainted directly, and even the twins in her belly couldn’t be saved. Those tr*ffickers are really heinous!]

  Zhang Changzheng hadn’t fully processed his sacrifice story when he heard about his wife’s pregnancy. Immediately, his eyes widened, and he became excited.

  He even wanted to ask Xu Jinning, “Is what you’re saying really true?”

Zhang Changzheng was already 32 this year. At this age, those who married early might already have grandchildren.

But Zhang Changzheng has never had children.

Zhang Changzheng used to be a soldier and later transitioned to become a police officer in his hometown.

His wife is an orphan and also a martyr’s family member.

The two met through a matchmaker at the age of 20 and later got married after filing a marriage report.

Although it was an arranged marriage, Zhang Changzheng undoubtedly loved his wife.

However, in the 12 years since their marriage, they still haven’t had children.

At first, they didn’t mind, but later they went to the hospital for a check-up, and both of them were found to be healthy.

The doctor said it was a matter of fate; when the time is right, children will come naturally.

But they have been waiting for this fate until now.

In the last two years, the couple had given up hope.

But without a doubt, they liked children.

Because of the child issue, his wife once considered divorce, suggesting that he remarry. She believed it was her fault, her inability to conceive, that prevented Zhang Changzheng from having children.

However, neither Zhang Changzheng nor his mother agreed to the divorce.

They said, “Let’s wait a bit longer.”

If it really doesn’t work out, they can consider adopting the children of their fallen comrades.

Originally, they were planning to adopt children soon, but Zhang Changzheng unexpectedly heard this news from Xu Jinning today.

This news shocked Zhang Changzheng even more than hearing about his imminent sacrifice. Of course, it was also uplifting.

According to Xu Jinning, the human trafficking incident would happen in half a month.

And at the time of the miscarriage, his wife was in the second month of pregnancy.

In other words, his wife is now two months pregnant? She has children in her belly, and it’s even twins!

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