Chapter 13 – He completely deceived you

Zhang Changzheng couldn’t wait to go home now. He wanted to take his wife to the hospital for a thorough examination to see if she was really pregnant.

If his wife was indeed pregnant, then Xu Jinning would be their lucky star.

Yes, Zhang Changzheng did not feel unlucky upon learning from Xu Jinning’s thoughts that he was about to die and his wife was about to miscarry.

If this was true and events that would happen in the future, then Xu Jinning could only be considered their lucky star.

Otherwise, why would Brother Xu bring Xu Jinning here today? Why could he alone hear Xu Jinning’s thoughts about his and his wife’s fate?

Since he heard it, he would definitely make a change.

So, if Xu Jinning’s thoughts were true, then Xu Jinning was definitely their lucky star.

“Ningning, if there’s anything in the future, find Uncle Changzheng, don’t be polite.”

Xu Jinning felt like Zhang Changzheng suddenly became more enthusiastic towards her.

His attitude just now was relatively normal, treating her like an ordinary friend or the daughter of a good friend.

That was because of Xu Aiguo.

But now, it seemed different; it was because of her as a person.

However, Xu Jinning felt that she might have misunderstood, as she hadn’t done anything to make Zhang Changzheng take special notice of her.

In fact, knowing Zhang Changzheng’s fate, Xu Jinning really wanted to give him a warning.

A good police officer like Zhang Changzheng should not have such a premature and tragic end.

But Xu Jinning couldn’t do anything about it.

This world seemed to restrict her from revealing any spoilers.

Whenever Xu Jinning wanted to reveal something, her throat suddenly went silent.

She also thought about writing since speaking wasn’t an option.

But there was a voice in Xu Jinning’s heart telling her that writing was not allowed either.

It was as if she was destined to watch these cannon fodders helplessly, heading towards their predetermined endings.

She thought of herself.

Was she also destined to follow the original owner and meet the same death three years later?

When Xu Jinning left the police station with Xu Aiguo, she was holding a red apple that Zhang Changzheng had given her.

The apple was bright red and quite large. As Xu Jinning got closer, she could smell the unique fragrance of apples.

So fragrant! In the modern era, it’s rare to find apples with this apple scent.

Xu Jinning felt that this apple must be delicious!

Although she had eaten many types of fruits in the 21st century, including expensive ones, for some reason, she felt that this apple was tastier than any fruit she had eaten before.

Moreover, in the 1980s, fruits were still relatively rare.

“Does Ningning like apples? If you do, Dad will buy them for you in the future.” Xu Aiguo looked at Xu Jinning holding the apple with a nostalgic expression.

“Ningning, have you ever eaten an apple?”

Xu Jinning was stunned, recalling the first fifteen years of the original owner, then shook her head, “No.”

“I have never eaten any fruit.”

Xu Jinning spoke the truth; the original owner had indeed never eaten any fruit.

The original owner, in the Red Star Production Brigade, hadn’t even had a proper meal, let alone the more luxurious fruits.

Upon hearing her daughter’s words, Xu Aiguo’s eyes immediately welled up with emotion.

He suspected that his daughter might not be living well, he didn’t expect…

He suspected that his little daughter might not be living well, but he didn’t expect…

Xu Aiguo thought that perhaps Ningning’s first fifteen years were even more difficult than they had imagined.

Xu Aiguo wanted to ask but felt ashamed to bring it up.

In the end, it was their fault as parents.

If they had been more careful from the beginning and hadn’t made the mistake of holding the wrong child, Ningning could have grown up healthy and happy by their side, just like Xu Fangfang, who was pampered.

But they had made a mistake back then.

As a result, their biological daughter suffered, while they were caring for someone else’s daughter.

Thinking about this, Xu Aiguo felt that his affection for Xu Fangfang, the adopted daughter, suddenly diminished.

“Comrade Aiguo, where are you going?”

While Xu Aiguo was lost in thought, he suddenly heard a familiar voice.

A bicycle rode up from behind, following him.

Xu Aiguo turned his head, “Comrade Jiandang, it’s you. We’re just taking a break. I brought my little daughter to the county town for a stroll.”

“Is this the little daughter you recently recognized?” Cao Jiandang obviously knew about the incident where Xu Aiguo mistakenly took someone else’s child and had only recently corrected it.

“Yes, Ningning, this is Comrade Jiandang.”

Although both were addressed as “uncle,” it was clearly different from when Zhang Changzheng was addressed.

With Zhang Changzheng, there was an obvious closeness, while the person in front of him seemed more formal.

But it seemed like they still had a good relationship.

After exchanging pleasantries, the two went their separate ways.

Meanwhile, Xu Aiguo talked to Xu Jinning about Cao Jiandang’s situation.

They both worked in the same workshop at the textile factory, entering almost simultaneously eight years ago. Despite the fierce competition at their workplace, both excelled, and over the years, the title of outstanding employee in the workshop either went to Xu Aiguo or Cao Jiandang.

Although they competed intensely on the job, their relationship was good outside of work.

Now, calculating the time, they had been in the textile factory for eight years, and their relationship had also lasted for eight years.

However, recently, the two found themselves competing for the position of workshop director.

“…The former workshop director has been transferred, leaving the position vacant. They said they plan to choose one between me and your Uncle Jiandang to be the workshop director.”

“As for who will be chosen, they haven’t decided yet. They mentioned that they will observe our performances in the coming days.”

Xu Aiguo continued rambling, but Xu Jinning, sitting in the back, felt that something was amiss as she quickly connected the dots with a plot in the book.

[I knew the name Cao Jiandang sounded so familiar! So, it’s him!]

Xu Aiguo, who had been talking, suddenly stopped.

He turned his head, about to ask Xu Jinning what she meant by that, and whether she knew Cao Jiandang.

But the next moment, as he saw Xu Jinning not saying anything, he was shocked when he clearly heard her words.

[Dad, you actually said that you and Cao Jiandang are in a fair competition? Where’s the fairness? He’s the one who later completely deceived you.]

[Do you know that the factory is currently producing a batch of high-quality polyester fabric, destined for Shanghai, in large quantities, and it’s very important?]

Xu Aiguo’s eyes widened.

How did Ningning know that the factory was currently producing polyester?

And indeed, this batch of fabric was intended for shipment to Shanghai and was of great importance, something the factory valued highly.

Xu Aiguo wanted to ask Xu Jinning how she knew, but as soon as he opened his mouth, he couldn’t say anything, as if he had suddenly lost his voice, leaving Xu Aiguo stunned.

Due to the shock, Xu Aiguo, who was riding his bicycle, became unsteady and almost collided with someone.

Startled, Xu Jinning quickly hugged her dad’s waist tightly.

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