Chapter 201 – Chance Encounter at the Mall

Wei Chen was slightly taken aback upon hearing this, but he did not find it surprising. He suspected that Wei Hua didn’t inform Grandfather Wei about this on his own. A large part of it may be that Grandfather Wei heard from Wei Zhenxiong that the project was inexplicably stopped by Wei Hua. Grandfather Wei then called Wei Hua to ask for the reason, and Wei Hua informed him about the trap set by the Chen family for Wei Corporation.

Before the Chinese New Year, Grandfather Wei had planned to transfer Wei Zhenxiong back to Shanghai and let Wei Hua manage the family’s business in Beijing. However, due to the collaboration between Wei Zhenxiong and the Chen family, Grandfather Wei decided not to transfer Wei Zhenxiong.

But this time was different. Wei Zhenxiong had almost caused a major disaster. If Wei Hua hadn’t terminated this project in advance, Wei Corporation in Beijing would likely no longer exist under the pressure from the Chen family.

Naturally, Grandfather Wei was furious this time. Despite Wei Zhenxiong’s efforts to explain, Grandfather Wei probably wouldn’t let Wei Zhenxiong stay in Beijing anymore.

Perhaps Wei Zhenxiong would feel resentful and ultimately choose to return to Shanghai. It was evident from the fact that Wei Hua quietly acquired 13% of Wei Corporation’s shares in Beijing that the Beijing branch of Wei Corporation was now under Wei Hua’s control.

Wei Zhenxiong would go back, as he couldn’t do anything when a younger family member had the upper hand. It was better for him to return to Shanghai and be the heir there. Although most of the power in Shanghai was in Grandfather Wei’s hands, he still had some influence.

In just a moment, Wei Chen figured out the complicated relationships.

“I understand,” Wei Chen nodded, his gaze shifting to another document in his hand. “What’s in here?” Clearly, he didn’t want to dwell on matters related to Wei Zhenxiong.

Wei Hua understood and didn’t steer the conversation back to Wei Zhenxiong. He said, “During the Spring Festival, we returned to Shanghai, right? I heard from Awen that you were investigating the kidnapping case from fifteen years ago. Coincidentally, I have a university classmate working in the Ministry of Public Security, so I asked him to help me gather some information. Inside is the confession of the kidnapper who survived back then. Perhaps you’d like to take a look.”

As Wei Chen looked at the document in his hand, his gaze grew deep.

After learning that Chen Li was the young boy from back then, he began investigating the kidnapping case. However, perhaps because someone wanted to keep this kidnapping case forever sealed, no matter how much Wei Chen investigated, when it came to crucial moments, the investigators would apologize and say they couldn’t continue the investigation.

“My classmate mentioned that obtaining this information was quite difficult, as if someone didn’t want anyone to know about this matter,” Wei Hua added, confirming Wei Chen’s thoughts. It was indeed challenging for a senior official in the Ministry of Public Security to obtain this information. What hidden secrets were there about the kidnapping case fifteen years ago?

“This matter, I’ve been investigating for a long time, but when it reached a certain point, the leads were blocked, and many people were afraid to continue their investigation,” Wei Chen said without opening the file. He simply gently caressed the surface of the document folder, his gaze deep.

“So, do you think your kidnapping years ago wasn’t a coincidence? It was deliberate? Maybe someone was orchestrating it from behind?” Wei Hua asked, not looking at the retrieved information. After all, it involved Wei Chen’s privacy. Hearing Wei Chen’s words now, he realized the kidnapping case back then was far from simple.

“Perhaps,” Wei Chen said. “Thank you for providing me with this important information.”

“I’ve said it before, between us brothers, there’s no need for thanks,” Wei Hua said with a smile.

Afterward, the two of them came out of the room. Wei Chen bid farewell and left with Chen Li. Sheng Jiaqi didn’t issue an eviction order to Wei Hua. Wei Hua, pretending not to know that Sheng Jiaqi still wasn’t fond of him, shamelessly stayed at Sheng Jiaqi’s place.

Sheng Jiaqi didn’t reveal what he was thinking. Surprisingly, he acted like he didn’t see Wei Hua’s actions. He allowed Wei Hua to stay for a few days in such a dignified manner.

Sheng Jiaqi’s attitude relaxed a bit, which Wei Hua and Cookie noticed. Both of them knew that though Sheng Jiaqi hadn’t explicitly accepted Wei Hua, they believed that soon Wei Hua and Cookie would be together openly.

After leaving Sheng’s mansion, Wei Chen and Chen Li didn’t go home directly. Instead, they drove to a glasses shop in the city center to get lenses for Wei Chen’s glasses.

After a thorough examination, Wei Chen realized that his eyesight had indeed deteriorated significantly, and there was some astigmatism. No wonder he had been finding it hard to read documents clearly lately.

Because of this, when reading documents, Wei Chen would subconsciously squint. Wei Chen didn’t notice it himself, but Chen Li did. Without saying a word, he immediately had a pair of frames made for Wei Chen, waiting for the lenses to be fitted.

When the two of them came out of the eyewear shop, Wei Chen already had a pair of glasses perched on his nose bridge. With the glasses on, Wei Chen didn’t look as sharp as before, but he exuded a restrained temperament, making him even more attractive.

The eyewear shop was located inside a shopping mall. They were about to take the escalator downstairs when they encountered an acquaintance on the escalator going up.

What kind of feeling was it to bring a mistress to go shopping in a mall and then have your son run into you face-to-face?

If someone were to ask Wei Zhenxiong at this moment, he wouldn’t be able to describe what he was feeling. But most of it was embarrassment.

The escalator moved slowly, and Wei Chen’s gaze lingered on Wei Zhenxiong for a second and then moved away, not even looking at the woman holding onto his father.

As they passed by each other, Wei Chen uttered emotionlessly, “Father,” just as a matter of politeness.

On the contrary, the mistress looked at Wei Chen in surprise, and then noticed Wei Chen and Chen Li holding hands. She immediately exclaimed, “Is this your son? How come he’s gay? What a p*rvert!”

The statement wasn’t very loud, but it wasn’t deliberately hushed either. Wei Chen heard it clearly, and so did the others on the elevator. Some people expressed agreement, but a majority turned their disdainful gazes toward the mistress.

Even though the same-sex marriage law had been in effect for several years, there were still people calling homosexuality p*rverted?

The mistress might have grown accustomed to such stares, straightened her chest, and moved closer to Wei Zhenxiong.

Wei Zhenxiong emerged from the initial embarrassment and quickly turned around to call out to Wei Chen, “Wei Chen.” Then he turned and went down the escalator against its movement.

The mistress didn’t anticipate Wei Zhenxiong’s actions. She stumbled and almost fell on the elevator. She was about to complain, but was fiercely glared at by Wei Zhenxiong. She had to grit her teeth and follow Wei Zhenxiong off the elevator.

Wei Chen was caught up by Wei Zhenxiong and stopped to look at him.

“Wei Chen, since we’ve run into each other today, let’s have a meal together,” Wei Zhenxiong said, but his gaze was on Chen Li.

Chen Li didn’t have much impression of Wei Zhenxiong, but he keenly sensed the malice emanating from Wei Zhenxiong. He lowered his head, looking at his own toes, subconsciously moving closer to Wei Chen, his body tensing up.

“I have something to do, it’s not convenient,” Wei Chen felt the defensiveness from Chen Li and directly refused.

Wei Zhenxiong, however, seemed to ignore it and said, “So, this is Chen Li, right? I’ve been in the capital for a while, and Wei Chen hasn’t brought you to meet me. We didn’t properly get to know each other when we were in Shanghai. I haven’t had a meal with you yet.”

On the surface, Wei Zhenxiong’s words seemed fine, but intelligent people could immediately sense that he was subtly trying to sow discord.

Wei Zhenxiong was Wei Chen’s father, and being here for so long, Wei Chen hadn’t introduced his partner to him. If someone who didn’t understand this father-son relationship heard it, they would think Wei Chen didn’t value his partner, or else he would have brought them to meet his father.

Even the mistress on the side understood the meaning behind these words and couldn’t help but chuckle. Mr. Wei was publicly embarrassing his son’s little lover!

However, Chen Li didn’t understand the implications. He thought Wei Zhenxiong was blaming Wei Chen and said, “You’ve been in the capital for so long, but I haven’t seen you at Achen’s place!” Chen Li’s meaning was simple: if you blame Achen for not going to see you, why didn’t you come to see Achen?

Wei Zhenxiong was left speechless by Chen Li’s response. In fact, if he didn’t know that the Chen family wanted Chen Li to return, and he wanted to maintain a good relationship with the Chen family, how could he have remembered his son Wei Chen in the capital?

It was precisely because of this mindset that he didn’t know how to respond at the moment.

Wei Chen couldn’t help but ruffle Chen Li’s hair. When he looked at Wei Zhenxiong again, his gaze turned dark. “I have something to do, we’ll leave first.”

Perhaps not wanting Wei Chen to just leave like this, Wei Zhenxiong urgently said, “Your mother asked me to ask you why you’re not answering her calls.”

Wei Chen stopped and glanced at the mistress holding Wei Zhenxiong’s hand, letting out a meaningful sneer. Although his expression was devoid of emotion, Wei Zhenxiong felt uneasy from Wei Chen’s sneer. He could only scowl and watch Wei Chen walk away.

“Why is your son so rude?” complained the mistress, who had been ignored the entire time. She thought that Mr. Wei’s son would have a big argument with Mr. Wei because of her, but she was completely overlooked. Except for that last ambiguous glance, the young man didn’t even look at her properly.

It was as if being Mr. Wei’s mistress was an insignificant matter, not worth getting angry at for his mother or blaming his irresponsible father. It was like being a bystander, watching others’ stories with a cold heart.

“What kind of manners do you expect from a wild seed?” Wei Zhenxiong retorted coldly, and the enthusiasm for shopping was gone as he headed towards the exit.

This response surprised the mistress. No wonder. Just now, she had felt that Mr. Wei didn’t have a good attitude toward his son. Apparently, he hadn’t cared whether the child was his or not, having been cuckolded before and not even knowing if the son was truly his.

It made sense that Mr. Wei’s son didn’t show any emotion toward her. He was probably used to it. Mr. Wei and his wife were likely doing their own things.

Rich people, they really knew how to play!

The mistress soon imagined a brilliant drama of a wealthy family and believed that this was exactly how it would unfold. Suddenly, her mind became active.

Since Mr. Wei and his wife were already doing their own things, should her existence be more open and not secretive like now?

Mr. Wei would return to the city in a few days, and she should go along. After all, Mr. Wei was wealthy, looked good, and was generous. She didn’t want to give up such a sugar daddy.

Wei Zhenxiong didn’t know what was going on in the mistress’s mind. If he knew, even if this mistress were stunning and had won his heart, he would immediately sever any relationship with her!

Having an affair with a mistress was one thing, but letting the family know was another.

Because when he married Fang Yun, there was a sword hanging over his head. If Fang Yun found out about his affair, that sword would fall and cut off his carefully arranged life over the years.

This was something Wei Zhenxiong absolutely didn’t want to see.

However, the reason this mistress could stay by Wei Zhenxiong’s side for so long was her deep thinking. She never showed her ambitions on her face and even used foolishness to disguise herself, achieving her desired goals.

By the time Wei Zhenxiong saw clearly the true face of the mistress whom he considered most caring, it was already too late.

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