Chapter 200 – Equity Transfer

Before Wei Hua could react, Cookie took the initiative and kissed Wei Hua’s lips. This was one of the rare occasions Cookie took the initiative, surprising Wei Hua.

After the surprise, Wei Hua responded with more passion and heat.

At the height of the emotion, at an age when passion ran high, many things were naturally beyond control. However, Wei Hua managed to restrain himself at the last moment.

He kissed Cookie’s lips and then lay beside Cookie, breathing heavily, slowly calming the restlessness within him.

Cookie looked at Wei Hua in confusion and asked, “Why… stop?” His desires had been aroused, and he thought he might lose control at this moment.

Cookie’s face turned a light red, unsure if it was due to the flush of desire or shyness. His eyes had a watery gleam. At this moment, Cookie looked like a tempting delicacy emitting an enticing aroma, and Wei Hua was like a hungry traveler who hadn’t eaten for days, eager to feast.

But Wei Hua refrained. Instead, he covered Cookie’s eyes with his hand, as if not looking at Cookie this way would prevent him from succumbing. His voice was hoarse, “Don’t look at me like this; I’m afraid I can’t hold back.”

“Why?” Cookie didn’t remove Wei Hua’s hand, his heart filled with confusion.

Wei Hua took a deep breath, forcing himself to quell the heat within him. He said, “I want to respect you and also respect your father.”

Yes, this was why Wei Hua stopped at this critical moment.

At present, when Sheng Jiaqi had not fully acknowledged his relationship with Cookie, being together with Cookie wasn’t entirely open and straightforward. Therefore, he wouldn’t do anything inappropriate. It was respect for Sheng Jiaqi and even more respect for Cookie.

Cookie understood Wei Hua’s intentions. He remained silent, lying quietly next to Wei Hua. Finally, he said, “I’ll go to my room.”

Wei Hua nodded. “Okay, I’ll walk you there.”

Cookie got up, straightened the clothes that had been tousled, and said, “No need, it’s just upstairs.”

Even though Cookie said so, Wei Hua still got up to escort Cookie upstairs. At Cookie’s door, Wei Hua passionately kissed Cookie against the door, then hugged him tightly. He whispered in Cookie’s ear, “Consider this as owing me once.”

Wei Hua thought Cookie would refuse, but to his surprise, Cookie nodded lightly and then pushed him out, slamming the door shut. Wei Hua was left outside, silly, holding onto Cookie’s lips that still carried Cookie’s warmth.

“Ahem…” A cough interrupted Wei Hua’s daze. He looked towards the sound and saw Sheng Jiaqi standing at his room’s doorway, glaring at him angrily.

Wei Hua quickly wiped the silly smile off his face, stifled a yawn, and said, “So tired, why am I so tired?” With that, he dashed back to his room downstairs.

Sheng Jiaqi watched Wei Hua’s departing figure, and his mouth involuntarily curved up slightly. He knew what had just happened with Cookie. Two young men in the passionate early stages of a relationship sharing a room—Sheng Jiaqi had already figured out what might transpire.

To be honest, Sheng Jiaqi wasn’t thrilled with this speculation. After all, Cookie was his son, and he hadn’t acknowledged the relationship between his son and Wei Hua. If they engaged in such behavior in his house before he acknowledged their relationship, Wei Hua probably wouldn’t value his son much.

However, Sheng Jiaqi was somewhat surprised by the outcome. Wei Hua unexpectedly sent back the ripe opportunity. Was he truly a person who could resist temptation like Liu Xiahui, or was it because he cherished Cookie in his heart that he sent him back?

Sheng Jiaqi believed in the latter, so he was quite satisfied with Wei Hua’s action.

Sheng Jiaqi realized he was smiling, snorted, suppressed the smile, and turned back to his room.

Wei Hua had done well this time, but he wasn’t willing to agree to the matter between Wei Hua and his son so easily.

Tonight was destined to be sleepless. After Cookie returned to his room, he tossed and turned, with Wei Hua’s figure dominating his mind. The corners of his mouth couldn’t help but turn upwards. Wei Hua’s care and attention made Cookie very happy.

Cookie knew why his father had asked Wei Hua this question today. Firstly, his father was testing Wei Hua to see where he placed Cookie in his heart. Secondly, his father was reluctant because, after all, Cookie was his only son, and from childhood to adulthood, Cookie hadn’t spent much time away from Sheng Jiaqi.

If Cookie and Wei Hua ended up together, in his father’s eyes, they would have to leave this house. Not everyone could endure the outside gossip.

So his father was reluctant, and he felt awkward about their relationship. Even though he knew Wei Hua was innocent in the events of the past, he couldn’t help but test and keep Wei Hua at a distance.

However, the answer they received from Wei Hua surprised both Cookie and Sheng Jiaqi.

They hadn’t expected Wei Hua to agree to live in the Sheng family’s house. In other words, regardless of how people might gossip about him outside, Wei Hua wouldn’t care.

Or perhaps…

Cookie couldn’t help but think, had Wei Hua already prepared to live in the Sheng family’s house after being with him? So when his father asked him this question, he gave such a straightforward answer.

The more he thought about it, the more sleep eluded Cookie. He felt his heart being filled with sweetness, and even his breath seemed to carry a sweet aroma.

One night of tossing and turning eventually led to the dawn.

Cookie also didn’t know what time he fell asleep. By the time everyone was awake and gathered at the dining table, Cookie was still asleep.

However, Cookie often slept until he woke up naturally, and Sheng Jiaqi didn’t send anyone to wake him up.

After breakfast, Wei Chen and Chen Li bid farewell and went back home. However, Wei Chen was stopped by Wei Hua, and the two went to the guest room where Wei Hua was staying.

“Last night, I got drunk and couldn’t give you the birthday present in time. I’m sorry,” Wei Hua said as he took out two file pouches and handed them to Wei Chen.

Wei Chen took the file pouches handed over by Wei Hua and said, “It’s the same whenever.”

Seeing that Wei Chen showed no intention of opening them, Wei Hua asked, “Aren’t you going to take a look?”

Following Wei Hua’s suggestion, Wei Chen opened one of the file pouches. When he saw the contents, he looked at Wei Hua in surprise, “Equity transfer documents?”

Yes, the first gift Wei Hua gave to Wei Chen was a 13% equity stake in the Wei family’s business in Beijing. It’s important to note that most of the equity in the Wei family’s business in the capital was controlled by Grandfather Wei. The shares held by other shareholders were quite scattered, so obtaining 13% was no small feat for Wei Hua.

“Yeah, take a look. If it’s okay, sign it.” Wei Hua handed over 13% of the equity he had spent half a year obtaining to Wei Chen, without a hint of regret in his eyes.

But Wei Chen didn’t sign it, he just asked, “Why are you giving this to me?”

“In fact, I don’t plan to stay with the Wei family. I planned to start my own business when I returned to the country. However, unexpectedly, Grandfather asked me to temporarily take over the Wei family business in the capital. My plans for starting a business have to be put on hold for now.” Wei Hua explained, “Originally, I planned that once the Wei family business was on track, I would resign immediately. However, now I’ve changed my plan.”

Wei Hua looked at Wei Chen and continued, “I don’t know where you found out about the Chen family’s intentions against our Wei family and the fact that they have already taken action. So, as a member of the Wei family, I must do something. That’s why I’ll continue working at Wei Corporation. The reason I’m transferring the equity to you is that I suspect you will resist the Chen family in the future. Having more Wei family equity in your hands will reduce the possibility of a backfire. It also happened to be your birthday yesterday, so I’m giving these as a birthday present. Don’t reject the gift from your elder brother; it’s an understated gift.”

With these words, Wei Hua flashed a carefree and confident smile, just like the image Wei Chen remembered. Even when faced with the most difficult times in the previous life, Wei Hua had a carefree smile, as if everything could be easily resolved.

This kind of smile was what Wei Chen had envied in his previous life, but now Wei Chen was moved by Wei Hua’s smile. He couldn’t help but pat Wei Hua’s shoulder and said solemnly, “Thank you.”

“What’s there to thank your brother for? Sign the equity transfer document quickly.” Wei Hua felt the mix of emotions surging in Wei Chen’s heart, although he didn’t know the reason, he saw the seriousness in Wei Chen’s eyes.

Wei Chen didn’t decline further; he took a pen and signed his name on the equity transfer document.

“In fact, I still have 20% of Wei Corporation’s shares,” Wei Chen confessed to Wei Hua after signing his name.

This 20% of the shares comprised 5% from Grandfather Wei and 15% from Wei Chen’s own operations. Adding the 13% Wei Hua gave him, Wei Chen now held 33% of the shares of Wei Corporation in Beijing. He was the second-largest shareholder after Grandfather Wei, who owned 42%, making Wei Chen the second largest shareholder in Wei Corporation.

“I had guessed,” Wei Hua didn’t show surprise.

In fact, when he secretly acquired these shares, he found about 20% of the shares were in the hands of a mysterious person. He had suspected it was Wei Chen, and it turned out to be true.

That was Wei Chen, a person with an expressionless face. Others could never fathom his inner thoughts. Even the people living in the Wei family, apart from Wei Wei who was still young, himself, Wei Yan, and Wei Chen, among them, Wei Chen had always been the most shrewd in his thoughts since he was young, and his personality was more stable than theirs. That’s why he was personally nurtured by Grandfather Wei and treated as the heir of the Wei family from a young age.

However, Wei Hua and Wei Yan had never been jealous of this, because Wei Chen was truly outstanding—so outstanding that it was impossible to be envious. Even under Wei Chen’s aura, Wei Hua never harbored thoughts of competing with Wei Chen for the family inheritance. Wei Hua thought that Wei Yan probably didn’t have such thoughts either, or else he wouldn’t have roamed around every year, using his attitude to convey to everyone in the Wei family that he had no intention of taking over the family business.

In the eyes of outsiders, the three brothers of the Wei family didn’t have a very good relationship, and in recent years, many people even spread rumors in front of them, hoping to sow discord among the three brothers.

However, no one knew that the three brothers had an unspoken understanding among themselves. They never explicitly discussed matters, but they followed the rules in their hearts. They managed to coexist peacefully and even, when disasters struck, they could quickly band together to defend against external threats.

After signing the equity transfer document, Wei Chen placed it back into the file pouch.

“Achen, if you encounter any problems later on, don’t forget about me. After all, I am still a member of the Wei family,” Wei Hua suddenly put away his smile and said solemnly.

The Chen family was a behemoth. If they really wanted to deal with the Wei family, it would be a disaster for the Wei family. Wei Hua was worried that when the time came, Wei Chen might push them out of the vortex for their safety. That’s why he suddenly said this.

“Rest assured, we are a family. We stand together through life and death,” Wei Chen responded firmly to Wei Hua’s earnest gaze.

“Good, we are family. We stand together through life and death!” Wei Hua clenched his fist and raised it, and seeing this, Wei Chen also clenched his fist and bumped it against Wei Hua’s.

He, Wei Chen, would never let the tragedy of his previous life repeat itself!

Wei Hua withdrew his hand, and as if suddenly remembering something, he said to Wei Chen, “By the way, Achen, I already informed Grandfather about the collaboration with the Chen family.”

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Lui Xiahui was a man of eminent virtue, and is said on one occasion to have a lady in this lap without the slightest imputation on his moral character.

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