Chapter 199 – Late Night Conversation

Wei Hua was awakened in the middle of the night by a pressing need to urinate. The aftermath of drinking too much was a slightly dizzy head upon waking. He pinched his forehead, slipped on his slippers, and headed out.

The guest room was on the ground floor, and the bathroom was outside the room. After Wei Hua quickly relieved himself with slippers on, he turned back towards his room. However, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed someone sitting in the living room.

Wei Hua was startled, and the remaining traces of alcohol immediately disappeared. He composed himself and carefully observed the person’s back. He soon realized that the person sitting in the living room was his future father-in-law. A sigh of relief that Wei Hua had been holding in his heart finally eased out. He didn’t return to the room but instead walked towards the living room.

At this moment, Sheng Jiaqi didn’t seem to be in any particular mood, and the lights in the living room were off. However, the moonlight tonight was bright, shining through the window and gently illuminating the room.

Wei Hua walked to the switch and turned on the lights, which suddenly blinded Sheng Jiaqi’s eyes. He shielded his eyes with his hand and then looked towards the switch, wanting to see who had turned on the lights.

As he looked, his eyes met Wei Hua’s smiling gaze.

“Uncle Sheng, why are you still up so late?” Wei Hua asked with a smile as he walked towards the sofa.

“Sit down,” Sheng Jiaqi instructed Wei Hua to sit, his face lacking the usual smiling demeanor and appearing quite serious.

Wei Hua obediently sat down, sensing that Sheng Jiaqi seemed prepared for a serious conversation.

“When did you meet Cookie? How long have you known each other?” Sheng Jiaqi asked, staring into Wei Hua’s eyes.

“We’ve known each other for about five or six years,” Wei Hua said, recalling, “It was my senior year of college, and Xiao Qiq–” Wei Hua started to say “Xiao Qi Qi,” but immediately realized that he was facing his future father-in-law, and it wouldn’t be appropriate to use such a nickname. So he quickly corrected himself, “uh.. Xiao Qi and I met at our university.”

Cookie also attended Q University. Originally, he had applied to a prestigious military academy for the college entrance exam, but there were some issues during the assessment, causing him to miss the opportunity to attend that military academy. Of course, Wei Hua was unaware of this.

Wei Hua and Cookie met at Q University during a club activity. There was a conflict between members of two departments during the event, and it seemed like a fight was about to break out. Cookie, as a bystander, watched the conflict unfold.

At the most tense moment, Wei Hua, the student council president, appeared. It’s not clear what magic he possessed, but with a few simple words, he managed to turn the situation around and resolve the conflict between the two department heads.

This was their first encounter. Wei Hua only glanced at Cookie and didn’t feel much, but Cookie had already imprinted Wei Hua’s image in his heart.

Later, when they met again, it was during a joint event between Q University and another university, and the event was held at Cookie’s Blues Cafe.

The two met for the second time at the Blues Cafe. Later on, Wei Hua seemed to develop a liking for the coffee taste at the cafe, so he would frequent it from time to time.

Over time, Wei Hua and Cookie became familiar with each other. However, it was merely a relationship between a cafe owner and a regular customer, at least in Wei Hua’s eyes.

But Cookie, through repeated interactions, developed feelings for Wei Hua.

Until Wei Hua left China to study in the United States, Cookie never expressed his feelings for Wei Hua.

No, perhaps he already did. In the midst of that reckless night, in Wei Hua’s lack of clear consciousness, he confessed, and naturally received no response.

In reality, the Blues Cafe was just a product of Cookie’s trendy phase. Originally, he intended to close down the cafe, but because Wei Hua started coming there frequently, he continued to keep the cafe running.

However, Wei Hua was unaware of all this. In his mind, his relationship with Cookie before going abroad was merely that of alumni from the same university. To put it deeper, it was just a relationship between a cafe owner and a regular customer, someone he could chat with when he went to the Blues Cafe.

“Is it really as you said? Before you went abroad, your relationship with Cookie was just acquaintances?” Sheng Jiaqi’s gaze remained fixed on Wei Hua’s eyes, and when he asked this question, his gaze became sharp.

Wei Hua nodded. “It’s roughly that kind of relationship.” Wei Hua was somewhat puzzled; he didn’t know why Sheng Jiaqi was asking this question. Was this question so important regarding his relationship with Cookie?

Wei Hua had his doubts but didn’t ask them out loud, maintaining a calm demeanor.

“What about Little Biscuit? How do you view the presence of Little Biscuit? Or, how do you view Cookie’s past with Little Biscuit, the child?” Sheng Jiaqi didn’t linger too long on the previous question but directly addressed the key issue – Little Biscuit.

Since Wei Hua wanted to be with Cookie, he must pay attention to Cookie’s son, Little Biscuit. As Little Biscuit’s grandfather, Sheng Jiaqi would never allow his grandson to suffer even a bit.

After hearing Sheng Jiaqi’s question, Wei Hua understood it this way. These questions had answers in Wei Hua’s mind when he wanted to pursue Cookie.

“Both Xiao Qi and I are men, and we’re destined to not have children in our lifetime. Little Biscuit is our only child. As for Xiao Qi’s past with Little Biscuit, it’s all in the past. It’s not meaningful to discuss it again,” Wei Hua answered sincerely. These were his heartfelt words and intentions.

Sheng Jiaqi didn’t comment on this statement, but he already had the answer he wanted in his mind. It seemed that Wei Hua truly didn’t know that Little Biscuit was his son, just as Cookie had mentioned. He had no memory of that night back then.

Cookie didn’t lie to him; Sheng Jiaqi believed that. The young man before him wouldn’t lie to him.

Sheng Jiaqi had some thoughts in his mind. After looking at Wei Hua for a while, he asked another question.

“You know, I only have Cookie as my child. If…of course, I’m saying ‘if’! If I agree for you to be with Cookie, would you be willing to move in with us?” With these words, Sheng Jiaqi leaned back on the sofa, waiting for Wei Hua’s answer.

In reality, when two men marry, the dynamics aren’t as clear-cut as in a heterosexual marriage. But due to Sheng Jiaqi’s higher status, if Wei Hua and Cookie were to be together and move into the Sheng family, many things would change. There would be gossip and speculation about Wei Hua.

So, Sheng Jiaqi was eager to know if Wei Hua would accept this condition. He wanted to see whether Wei Hua valued his pride or his son more.

“It doesn’t matter where we live, as long as I can be with Xiao Qi,” Wei Hua replied. There was a hint of hesitation during this conversation, and he wasn’t sure why.

But Sheng Jiaqi caught onto this slight hesitation. “You hesitated just now. Can you tell me what you were thinking during that hesitation?”

Wei Hua didn’t hide anything. “I hesitated about whether you, Uncle Sheng, would adapt to my presence.”

“Why do you think that?” Sheng Jiaqi was puzzled.

“Since you already dislike me so much now, if I can’t help but show affection to Xiao Qi in front of you, will you find it even more unbearable?” Wei Hua spoke boldly, a serious expression on his face but with a playful glint in his eyes.

The somewhat serious atmosphere was shattered by Wei Hua’s words. Sheng Jiaqi suddenly didn’t know how to respond to Wei Hua’s statement and could only wave his hand and stand up. “I’m tired, you should go to bed too.”

Wei Hua turned to Sheng Jiaqi and said, “Uncle Sheng, does that mean you agree to me being with Xiao Qi?”

“I just said ‘if’!” Sheng Jiaqi immediately responded, not relenting. “If you keep talking, I’ll kick you out right now, no matter what time it is.”

Once the conversation ended, Sheng Jiaqi quickly left. Wei Hua stood behind Sheng Jiaqi, grinning foolishly. He could feel a shift in Sheng Jiaqi’s attitude and believed that before long, he and Cookie could openly be together in Sheng Jiaqi’s home.

Wei Hua watched Sheng Jiaqi’s departing figure and thought to himself, “Xiao Qiqi’s awkward personality is probably inherited from Uncle Sheng.”

Still grinning foolishly, Wei Hua returned to his guest room. He lay down on the bed but couldn’t fall asleep no matter what he tried.

He took out his phone and sent a message to Cookie, a message that contained only an emoji with sunglasses and a cigarette.

​[The most handsome tree in the world: proud/]

Wei Hua thought Cookie was already asleep, and this emoji was just his way of expressing how excited he was at the moment, needing to convey his current feelings to Cookie.

To his surprise, not long after he sent the message, Wei Hua received a message from Cookie.

​[Cookie: I heard what you just said to my dad.]

[The most handsome tree in the world: Shocked/shocked/shocked/]

[The most handsome tree in the world: Why haven’t you slept yet? Go to bed, what time is it now?] After the initial shock, Wei Hua started worrying about Cookie. It wasn’t good for his health to be up so late.

[Cookie: After we get together, are you really willing to live in my house?] Cookie didn’t answer Wei Hua’s question directly but asked the same question Sheng Jiaqi had. However, he wasn’t testing anything; he just genuinely wanted to know the answer.

[The most handsome tree in the world: Still the same, where you are, I’m there.]

[Cookie: I understand, please open the door.]

After seeing this message, Wei Hua’s phone fell onto the bed. He had no time to be surprised. He didn’t even wear slippers and hurried to open the door.

As soon as the door opened, Wei Hua saw Cookie standing at his door in pajamas.

“Xiao Qiqi, you…” Wei Hua barely had a chance to speak before Cookie pounced on him, tightly embracing Wei Hua.

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