Chapter 198 – Birthday Gift

After the community gate access was removed, Wei Hua drove smoothly along the roads inside the community, quickly reaching the Wei family’s villa. After parking the car, Wei Hua and Cookie, along with Little Biscuit, went inside together.

Wei Hua held Little Biscuit, who was still cheerful before opening the door. As soon as the door to the villa opened, Little Biscuit pouted, clearly showing signs of being angry.

Usually, whenever Sheng Jiaqi was at home, Little Biscuit would come home and sweetly call Grandpa, then rush into Sheng Jiaqi’s arms like a cannonball, clinging to him and insisting on hugs and kisses from Sheng Jiaqi before calming down.

Today, not only did Little Biscuit not rush into Sheng Jiaqi’s arms, he didn’t even call Grandpa. He expressed his anger through actions.

At this moment, Sheng Jiaqi was welcoming Wei Chen and Chen Li. Seeing Cookie and Little Biscuit returning with the disliked Wei Hua, Sheng Jiaqi was not surprised. If the community gate outside could be concealed from his son, then his son wouldn’t be a world-class hacker. However, Sheng Jiaqi was Little Biscuit’s grandfather and understood him well. Looking at Little Biscuit’s expression, he knew that Little Biscuit was pretending to be angry.

Sheng Jiaqi stood up and walked to Little Biscuit, reaching out to hug him. Little Biscuit turned his head, refusing Sheng Jiaqi’s embrace.

Sheng Jiaqi immediately asked in confusion, “Little Biscuit, are you angry with Grandpa?”

Little Biscuit pouted and nodded heavily, “Grandpa is bad!”

“Why is Grandpa bad?” Sheng Jiaqi asked affectionately, holding Little Biscuit’s chubby hand.

“Grandpa won’t let me and Daddy come home, bad!” Little Biscuit didn’t mention Wei Hua at all; he was only angry that Sheng Jiaqi didn’t let him and Cookie come back, making his dissatisfaction clear without leaving a bad impression of Wei Hua in Sheng Jiaqi’s heart.

“Grandpa didn’t prevent Little Biscuit and Daddy from coming home. Grandpa just wanted to stop the weird person who was about to come home,” Sheng Jiaqi explained solemnly.

Little Biscuit thought for a moment and said seriously, “Okay, Grandpa, I forgive you. But you can’t make this mistake again next time, okay?”

Sheng Jiaqi reached out and hugged Little Biscuit into his arms. “Alright, I won’t make this kind of mistake next time.”

Little Biscuit pouted and gave Sheng Jiaqi a kiss on the face, crisply saying, “Grandpa!”

Sheng Jiaqi was amused by Little Biscuit’s “Grandpa” and he didn’t care about Little Biscuit’s intentions behind doing so.

Little Biscuit lay on Sheng Jiaqi’s shoulder and blinked at Wei Hua behind him.

Wei Hua gave Little Biscuit a thumbs-up.

Today, with what Sheng Jiaqi said, as long as he and Little Biscuit or Cookie were together in the future, this community would have no restrictions for him.

Wei Hua didn’t expect that with just a few words between Little Biscuit and Sheng Jiaqi, he would gain such a big benefit. Despite Sheng Jiaqi treating him as if he were invisible from the moment he entered, Wei Hua was still grateful.

Cookie watched the interaction between Little Biscuit and Wei Hua, feeling somewhat helpless. He glanced at the grandfather who had been tricked by his grandson and couldn’t help but think that in the days to come, things would probably be quite chaotic.

Wei Hua shrugged and didn’t fawn over Sheng Jiaqi. He had a feeling that Sheng Jiaqi didn’t genuinely disapprove of him being with Cookie. It seemed like there was some reason, intentionally leaving him hanging as if to punish him.

But Wei Hua could understand this feeling. After all, Cookie was raised by Sheng Jiaqi. Now, not only did he take him away, but he also took away Sheng Jiaqi’s most beloved grandson. It was normal for Sheng Jiaqi to have psychological difficulty accepting this.

In the end, he was the one who seduced his son and grandson away. Therefore, he should endure the awkward psychology of a father.

At this moment, the doorbell rang, and the two brothers from the Zhuge family came in. It was about time, and the Sheng family’s servants had already set the meal on the table.

Everyone sat around the table, with Wei Chen being the center of attention as today’s birthday star.

The attendees for this birthday dinner were not many, but they were all important people around Wei Chen and Chen Li. During the meal, Wei Chen received many toasts, but his alcohol tolerance was good, so besides feeling a bit dizzy, he remained clear-headed.

In this state, Wei Chen couldn’t possibly drive back, so Sheng Jiaqi took the opportunity to suggest that Wei Chen and Chen Li stay overnight.

Wei Hua also had quite a bit to drink, and his tolerance wasn’t as good as Wei Chen’s. By now, he was a little tipsy, and he saw people as double images.

Naturally, Wei Hua didn’t receive the same treatment as Wei Chen. Sheng Jiaqi wouldn’t ask him to stay, but he also didn’t tell him to leave. Cookie just assumed that Wei Hua would stay. When he was about to help the slightly tipsy Wei Hua to the guest room, Sheng Jiaqi stopped him.

“Have the butler help him upstairs.” Sheng Jiaqi didn’t want Wei Hua and Cookie to be alone.

Joke aside, Wei Hua was now clearly tipsy. Allowing his son and Wei Hua, both in the prime of their youth, to be alone—who knows what might happen?

“Alright.” Cookie naturally didn’t want to provoke the tiger. He agreed and handed Wei Hua over to the butler.

Zhuge Yu and Zhuge Feng, the two brothers, hadn’t drunk. After finishing the meal and giving Wei Chen gifts, they bid their farewells and left.

Both of them had gifted watches, identical in fact. It was evident they had jointly given Wei Chen a pair of couple’s watches, a well-known international brand. When Wei Chen saw the brand and design, he knew these watches were quite expensive.

Sheng Jiaqi also prepared a gift for Wei Chen, quite direct: a sports car from a certain international top brand. However, when it came to Wei Chen’s hands, there were two keys—a key to the sports car Sheng Jiaqi had given and another key with the brand logo “Max.”

“What’s this?” Wei Chen asked, looking at the extra key.

“This is a birthday gift Mr. Moray sent for you. He heard it was your birthday, so he entrusted me to deliver the gift to you,” Sheng Jiaqi explained. Since confirming the project with Max, Sheng Jiaqi had been discussing some cooperation details with Mr. Morey via email. When Mr. Moray heard that Wei Chen’s birthday was approaching, he prepared a supercar as a gift, the latest limited edition from Max, and its value was priceless.

At this moment, Sheng Jiaqi realized how highly Mr. Moray thought of Wei Chen from their interaction. They probably had become close friends. Otherwise, Mr. Moray wouldn’t easily give Wei Chen a limited edition supercar as a birthday gift. The price of this supercar was not cheap at all, and due to its limited edition, its value had skyrocketed. It wasn’t surprising that Mr. Moray signed such a long twenty-year contract with Wei Chen.

However, Sheng Jiaqi didn’t find it strange because it was Wei Chen. As long as it was Wei Chen, there would be infinite possibilities and endless surprises.

“Well, thank you,” Wei Chen thanked Sheng Jiaqi. This was the first birthday of his life. Faced with these valuable gifts that were handed to him, Wei Chen’s emotions were somewhat complex. Things he didn’t get at home, he had received now from his mentor and friends.

Perhaps, sometimes fate was quite strange. When you desperately tried to obtain certain things, the heavens always seemed to oppose you. However, when you started to let go, these things you once eagerly sought were presented before you. Wei Chen held the keys in his hands, and he sent an email to Mr. Moray in the United States, the first contact with Mr. Moray after bidding him farewell.

“Mr. Moray, I have received your gift and blessings. Thank you. —Wei Chen.” After sending the email, guided by Sheng Jiaqi’s servants, Wei Chen arrived at the guest room where he would spend the night.

Chen Li had come in before Wei Chen, and he was currently taking a shower. Wei Chen walked to the bed and took off his coat. On the bed, he noticed an exquisitely wrapped gift box.

Wei Chen picked up the gift box, and his gaze softened. He thought Chen Li didn’t know it was his birthday, but he didn’t expect Chen Li was aware and had even prepared a gift for him.

Wei Chen opened the gift box, and inside lay a pair of eyeglass frames. The design of the frames was simple, and they hadn’t been fitted with lenses yet. The frames reflected a faint metallic luster under the light.

Wei Chen had a slight degree of myopia, not too severe, so he didn’t wear glasses. However, recently, his degree had been worsening. He hadn’t realized that sometimes when he read documents or looked at the computer, his eyes would narrow slightly.

Chen Li noticed, but he didn’t know when he had prepared such eyeglass frames for Wei Chen.

Wei Chen couldn’t tell the material, but he knew that these eyeglass frames would definitely suit him.

A few minutes later, Chen Li came out, not wearing pajamas but Wei Chen’s shirt.

Wei Chen was more muscular and taller than Chen Li, so the shirt that fit Wei Chen perfectly was loose on Chen Li. The hem covered his entire thigh. Even so, this kind of attire on Chen Li was a challenge to Wei Chen’s patience.

“Achen, happy birthday,” Chen Li seemed unaware of the effect of his attire on Wei Chen, walking with a smiling face towards Wei Chen and taking the eyeglass frames from Wei Chen’s hand, putting them on for him.

Indeed, as Wei Chen thought, the eyeglass frames suited him very well. His originally sharp-featured face became even more three-dimensional due to the eyeglass frames. The cold and stern demeanor gained a touch of restraint, making him even more attractive.

Chen Li couldn’t help but say, “Achen, you look so handsome!”

However, Wei Chen didn’t pay attention to what Chen Li said at the moment because he had lost his ability to think. His whole being was occupied by Chen Li’s appearance.

The buttons of the shirt weren’t all done up, and the collar was already loose. With Chen Li’s lifting and lowering of his arm, the collar slid down, revealing Chen Li’s fair skin and delicate collarbones.

Wei Chen hugged Chen Li tightly, saying in a low, hoarse voice near Chen Li’s ear, “Li Li, is the only birthday gift you have for me just this eyeglass frame?” His voice was deep, husky, incredibly sexy.

“No,” Chen Li shook his head, very frankly, “There’s also me!”

As Chen Li spoke the last word, Wei Chen could no longer hold back, instantly transforming into a wolf.

Chen Li felt the storm of passion unleashed by Wei Chen on him and thought that what was portrayed in the comics was indeed correct. On a lover’s birthday, presenting oneself as a gift to the lover would surely drive them crazy.

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