Chapter 197 – Unable to Say It

“Okay, I won’t answer,” Wei Chen said, pulling the number directly into the blacklist.

Yes, as Chen Li had said, he didn’t want to answer this call. In his past life, he eagerly hoped that the owner of this phone number would call him once, but now he didn’t want to answer this call.

When they don’t need it, they put it aside and ignore it, and when they need it, they think that a few phone calls will casually get them back and help them accomplish what they want to accomplish.

Wei Chen is not an object, so he cannot agree with their mindset, even if they are his parents, it’s the same.

Yes, just now, the series of numbers displayed on Wei Chen’s phone belonged to his mother, Fang Yun.

No need to think, Wei Chen also knew why, on this special day, Fang Yun would call him, especially after Wei Zhenxiong had contacted him. Fang Yun’s purpose was clear.

Because he knew the purpose of Fang Yun’s sudden call, Wei Chen didn’t want to deal with Fang Yun.

Wei Chen tightly held Chen Li’s hand and said, “Let’s go up.” As the words fell, he opened the car door for Chen Li and let Chen Li get in the car first. He no longer felt any joy or sorrow inside.

Wei Chen thought that in the endless days to come, all his emotions should only come from Chen Li.

After fastening the seatbelt for Chen Li, Wei Chen lightly kissed Chen Li’s lips before getting into the driver’s seat and driving towards the housing complex where the Sheng family villa was located.


In Shanghai, Fang Yun frowned and put down her phone. She had never thought that Wei Chen would hang up her call. She looked at the screen of her phone in silence for a moment, and then comforted herself by saying that Wei Chen probably pressed it wrong, so he hung up. Then Fang Yun redialed Wei Chen’s number.

However, this time, not even the ringtone sounded, and the call was directly rejected. After a few attempts, Fang Yun finally realized that Wei Chen had blocked her phone number.

Wei Chen had blocked her number!

Fang Yun’s frown deepened, and a few crow’s feet appeared on her well-maintained face. She tightly gripped her phone, sitting motionless on the sofa, as if digesting this news.

She couldn’t believe it and dialed again. No miracle happened. The gentle female voice on the phone was telling her that her number had indeed been blocked by Wei Chen, her son!

For a moment, Fang Yun couldn’t describe what she was feeling. She knew very well why Wei Chen didn’t answer her call. It was a result of her own actions.

Before, she didn’t care about how Wei Chen thought, didn’t care about what kind of hurt he might endure, because she knew that no matter what, Wei Chen still yearned for a mother’s love in his heart. So, no matter how biased she was, no matter how she ignored him, she knew in her heart that Wei Chen still saw her as his mother.

But now, Fang Yun was unsure. So she started to panic. Had Wei Chen stopped wanting maternal love and her care from her?

Even though Fang Yun didn’t want to admit it, the fact was now brutally presented before her.

And the cause of this outcome was herself. It was Fang Yun who severed the mother-son relationship between her and Wei Chen!

“Ring, ring.”

The ringtone of the phone suddenly rang, breaking Fang Yun’s self-reproach. She thought it was Wei Chen returning, but when she saw the caller ID, a hint of desolation appeared in Fang Yun’s eyes.

But soon, Fang Yun suppressed all her emotions and calmly answered the call.


“I told you to call Wei Chen. Did you call him? Did you tell him what happened? How did he respond?” Wei Zhenxiong sounded anxious, and as soon as the call connected, a barrage of questions rushed at Fang Yun.

“He didn’t answer my call,” Fang Yun replied calmly at this moment, her voice devoid of any fluctuation.

“How could he not answer your call?” Wei Zhenxiong asked, his voice filled with agitation.

“You getting excited won’t change the fact. I’ve been blocked by him.”

“Why don’t you use a different phone to call?” Wei Zhenxiong asked.

“Do you think he wouldn’t figure it out?” Fang Yun sneered.

For a moment, Wei Zhenxiong was speechless. After a pause, he said, “Change your number and try calling him later.”

“Why don’t you call him yourself?” Fang Yun countered.

It seemed like Fang Yun’s question hit a nerve, and Wei Zhenxiong exploded, “If my call would work, would I damn well need you to call?” With that said, without giving Fang Yun time to respond, he angrily hung up the phone.

That’s when Fang Yun realized that Wei Chen had truly grown disheartened. The yearning for paternal and maternal love seemed to have genuinely vanished from Wei Chen’s heart.

Tears started falling, unexpectedly, filling her entire face in an instant.

She could feel that something had broken between her and Wei Chen.

She had once yearned to truly sever it, but when this day truly arrived, she felt as if her heart had been cut open, fresh and bleeding, painful, incredibly painful!

At this moment, a tissue was handed to Fang Yun. “Madam, wipe your tears.”

Fang Yun, with teary eyes, looked up and saw Housekeeper Zhang holding out a tissue to her. However, she didn’t take it. Instead, she angrily waved away the housekeeper’s hand, her eyes filled with hatred.

“If it weren’t for you, none of this would be happening now!” Fang Yun stared at Housekeeper Zhang, her tear-streaked face contorted with rage.

“Madam, I can only express my deep regrets for some things,” Zhang the housekeeper said calmly. While saying this, he slightly bowed to Fang Yun.

Wei Yan stood at the door, witnessing the conversation between Housekeeper Zhang and Fang Yun. His expression darkened. He had initially wanted to discuss the matters of the A Zone project with Grandfather Wei. However, he had lost his focus now. He didn’t even drive his car; he just ran out.

Wei Yan didn’t know how long he ran. It wasn’t until he felt like his feet were as heavy as lead and couldn’t be lifted anymore that he stopped.

He looked ahead, at the vast sea. Perhaps due to yesterday’s rain, the sea was shrouded in fog, making it impossible to see into the distance.

Just like his life—without a distant view, born with original sin, this life was lived to atone.

Wei Yan stood by the sea for a very long time. After the roiling emotions inside him gradually subsided, he took out his phone, found Wei Chen’s number, and thought of sending a text message. However, when he clicked to send, he hesitated. In the end, just like every year before, he didn’t send that message.

This day was Wei Chen’s birthday. But in Wei Yan’s heart, he felt that this day marked the beginning of Wei Chen’s days of suffering. He couldn’t say “Happy Birthday” no matter what.


Beijing, Sheng family villa.

Wei Hua’s car had just arrived at the entrance of the residential complex when the security guard stopped him. Even though the security guard had seen the young masters of the Sheng family in the car, he was still hesitant to allow them through.

Coincidentally, the security guard happened to be the one whom Wei Hua encountered when he came to see Cookie that day. It was late, and he decided to wait outside, and the security guard gave him a thin blanket.

“Why can’t I go in?” Wei Hua was puzzled when he was stopped.

The security guard looked uneasy. “Mr. Wei, I’m really sorry. Mr. Sheng absolutely won’t let you in, even if Young Master Sheng is in your car.”

“Mr. Sheng doesn’t want me to go in?” Wei Hua asked again, already knowing what was going on in his heart. His future father-in-law was still not pleased with him.

Wei Hua looked pitifully at Cookie and said, “I can only drop you and Little Biscuit off here. Remember to pass the gift I got for Wei Chen to him later.”

Cookie looked at Wei Hua’s pitiful look, feeling no sympathy at all, even finding it somewhat amusing. “Alright, you can get off now.”

“Get off?” Wei Hua looked at Cookie, even more pitiful now. “Xiao Qiqi, are you suggesting that you want to leave me here all alone? Xiao Qiqi, why are you so heartless!”

Then he said to Little Biscuit, “Little Biscuit, look how pitiful your Uncle Wei is. Now you’re the only one being nice to Uncle Wei. Tell me, should Uncle Wei get off the car now?”

Little Biscuit blinked and nodded, then giggled. It was clear he was joking with Wei Hua. Cookie couldn’t be bothered with Wei Hua, lowered his head, and continued to fiddle with his phone, doing who knows what.

A few seconds later, the sliding door at the entrance of the residential complex slowly opened to the surprised look of the security guard.

“What are you waiting for? Drive in!” Cookie calmly put away his phone and urged Wei Hua, who didn’t know whether to go in or not, “Such a pig teammate!”

Wei Hua immediately started the car and drove into the residential complex before the security guard could recover from his surprise.

But the security guard didn’t send anyone to chase them because Mr. Sheng had said, if Wei Hua’s car was stopped but still found a way to get in, there was no need to chase them.

The security guard thought about Mr. Sheng’s words and suddenly felt that Mr. Sheng was amazing! He hadn’t pressed the metal control gate’s switch just now, and they didn’t have an access card either. So how was it opened? Why was it so magical? How did the gate open?

This question lingered in the security guard’s mind until the shift change. When Wei Hua came out, the security guard specifically went up to ask why.

Wei Hua mysteriously said, “The heavens are helping me pursue my future wife!”

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Pig teammate or Pig-like teammate – a person on the team who is unbelievably noobish or lousy and causes more trouble than the opponents; “We fear not God-like rivals, but pig-like team members”

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