Chapter 479 – Meeting Junior Schoolmate Xie Guifang

Lu Xia didn’t know what to say when she heard this. She didn’t expect Ye Lin was still thinking about this, “But I’m not a professional. I only know the basics. I don’t know what to teach!”

At this moment, Yu Wan chimed in, “Lu Xia, don’t be modest. Your makeup is really good. Although I haven’t seen a professional one, I’ve seen other brides before. Aside from a bit of whiteness on the face and redness on the lips, yours is much better.”


Ye Nan nodded as well, “You don’t know, after my wedding, several relatives who were about to get married wanted to find you to do their makeup. But I knew you had to take care of the kids and probably didn’t have time, so I turned them down. Really, if you pursued this, you’d probably be making a fortune!”

Lu Xia chuckled, “It’s not that exaggerated!”

“Really, believe me. I’ve never seen anyone do it better than you. My cousin previously learned from a professional makeup artist, but when she did it, you saw what happened…”

Lu Xia was surprised when she heard this, “She already learned before?”

“Yeah, that’s why she wants to be your apprentice. Your skills are in a completely different league from theirs.”

Lu Xia realized after hearing these words. Apparently, her half-baked skills made her an expert in this era?

Later, she smiled and said, “I really don’t think I’m that amazing. But if your cousin really wants to learn, she can come to me. She doesn’t need to be my apprentice. It’s actually quite simple. She’ll probably learn quickly.”

Ye Nan smiled after hearing this, “As long as you agree. I’ll tell her when I get back. She’ll probably be overjoyed!”

Lu Xia chuckled.

Later, Lu Xia chatted with them for a bit more, packed up her things, and was ready to leave. The kids at home were too young, and she wasn’t very comfortable leaving them for too long. She was afraid they would be as pitifully crying as they were yesterday if she got back late.

But as she was waiting downstairs for Jiang Junmo, she unexpectedly saw someone.

The person also noticed her and walked over to her in excitement.

“Senior, what a coincidence! I was planning to find you after I finished packing, but didn’t expect to run into you. Long time no see, Senior Lu Xia!”

Lu Xia also smiled at her.

“Long time no see, Junior Xie Guifang!”

Yes, the person was Xie Guifang. After returning to her hometown for a year, she took the college entrance exam again and was admitted to Peking University for the second time!

When Lu Xia saw her here, she knew she had succeeded, and she was happy for her.


“Haha, thank you, Senior!”

Afterward, they chatted for a while, and Lu Xia learned that after Xie Guifang went back, because of the incident, it became widely known nationwide, and their county gained a reputation. The leadership changed, and the new leaders compensated her generously.

The people in the village also knew about her situation, and their attitude toward her changed.

Afterward, she received support from her family, focused on her studies at home, and successfully gained admission to the English department of Peking University for the second time.

After receiving her admission notice, the county also rewarded her generously.

Seeing her now, compared to before, it was like looking at two completely different people. She was full of vitality and hope for the future.

Lu Xia was truly happy for her.

So she said again, “Congratulations, after the bitterness comes the sweetness. Things will get better in the future!”

Xie Guifang nodded affirmatively, “I believe so, Senior!”

After that, they chatted for a few more sentences before parting ways.

When she saw Jiang Junmo, Lu Xia was still feeling a bit emotional. She told him about this incident.

Finally, she sighed, “It’s great, the matter finally has a perfect ending.”

Jiang Junmo smiled when he heard this, “Now you can rest assured. After going through this, she should get better and better.”

“Yeah, that’s right. It’s really good!”


Chapter 480 – Busy Life in Junior Year


The next day, Lu Xia told her roommates about the incident, and they were all happy for Xie Guifang when they found out.

Ye Nan even suggested, “I plan to interview her and write an article about it. Her case was so prominent back then, and many others were affected because of it. Now she has worked hard and made it to Peking University. It’s definitely a great story and will motivate others…”

Even Hu Cuihua said, “I also want to meet her. My case was discovered because of her. Speaking of which, I should thank her.”

Tan Yunfang sighed, “Although she went through a lot, the outcome is good. So, in the end, good things happen to good people. Thinking about Xie Yunyun’s fate…sigh, it’s all fate! People really shouldn’t do bad things!”

Thinking about Xie Yunyun, the others also sighed.

However, they didn’t dwell on it too much and were more joyous for Xie Guifang.

Later, Ye Nan did visit her, and the article she published caused quite a stir. But most people were happy for her, feeling a bit sorry for this resilient girl, and of course, there were many well-wishes.

A lot of people who read the newspaper wrote letters to Xie Guifang, filled with words of encouragement and praise, making her feel the care of many people.

Of course, these were things that happened later.

After the new semester started, Lu Xia became busy again.

In her junior year, the workload for her major increased, and the teachers’ expectations became higher.

After giving birth, Teacher Li started treating her and Chu Liangchen equally again. This semester, he assigned them many additional goals and tasks.

He asked Lu Xia beforehand if she could handle it, and Lu Xia gritted her teeth and accepted.

Even though she needed time to take care of the children now, she didn’t want to just scrape by in her studies.

Since she chose this, she had to do it well.

Teacher Li was very happy and encouraged her. He also gave Lu Xia some newly released foreign magazines to read when she had spare time.

However, because of this, Lu Xia became even more exhausted.

During lunchtime, she had to go home to feed the children, so she didn’t rest at school. Going back and forth between campus and home every day was very tiring.

After some time, the weight she gained during her postpartum recovery disappeared.

Jiang Junmo felt a little distressed for her when he saw this. He didn’t want her to go home at noon and wanted the children to drink formula, but she refused.

The children were just two months old, and breast milk was still the best. Since she couldn’t come back during the morning class, feeding once at noon was already very little. Even so, it still took a lot of effort to make the children accept it.

She didn’t want to neglect the children.

Jiang Junmo sighed and didn’t insist anymore.

But he was busy too. The design their group worked on was selected and became one of the final three candidates. They were now in the final competition, and time was running out.

If they were selected, they would be even busier afterward.

So now at noon, Lu Xia went home alone, without letting him come with her, so as to save trouble.

Jiang Junmo initially didn’t agree, but later Lu Xia told him that even if he went home, he wouldn’t be able to help much, so he relented.

However, his workload was no less than Lu Xia’s. After all, the children still slept with them at night.

They woke up every few hours.

Sometimes Lu Xia was too tired and couldn’t wake up, so Jiang Junmo got up and fed the children one by one, then made formula and put them to sleep, struggling before he could rest.

He was much more tired than Lu Xia.

But there was no way to let someone else take care of the children at night. After all, they hadn’t weaned yet, and it wasn’t convenient to breastfeed while sleeping with someone else.

So Lu Xia thought, this semester, they would be a bit tired, and they should let the children have breast milk for more than half a year. After that, they could wean them in the next semester.

This way, she wouldn’t feel so tired.

Overall, this semester was much busier than before, but she was content with it.

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