Chapter 477 – Opening of the Electronics Store

When the electronics store was about to open, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo took Kang Kang to see it.

Kang Kang had tanned another shade during his summer vacation.

In the over a month they hadn’t seen him, Lu Xia felt a bit guilty, especially with the attention being on the newborn siblings. She wanted to get closer to Kang Kang, so she took him along this time.

They all took a car directly to the street where the electronics store was located, right across from the department store. The location was very good and looked lively.

Perhaps because of relaxed policies and many people eager to catch up, quite a few shops had opened in the area. There were clothing stores, pastry shops, restaurants, and more…

And as soon as they got off the car, they saw Qi Xiao’s electronics store.

No way, who made the storefront really big? Not only was the entrance twice as wide as other stores, but the sign hanging above was not small either. However, at the moment, a red cloth was still hanging from it, indicating that it hadn’t opened yet.

When Lu Xia and the others arrived, the store hadn’t opened yet.

But there were already quite a few people waiting on the side of the road!

As soon as they arrived, Qi Xiao saw them and hurried over to greet them.

“You finally came; we’ve been waiting for you!”

“Isn’t the store supposed to open at ten?” Lu Xia raised her hand and checked her watch; it was only a little past nine. She thought they had come early.

Qi Xiao grinned, “That was the original plan, but the flyers had a great effect on publicity, and there are too many people, so I decided not to wait. We’ll open at 9:18; the number sounds nice.”

Lu Xia nodded, “Alright, is there anything we can help with?”

Qi Xiao waved his hand, “No need, just come in and take a look. You’re also the owners; owners shouldn’t be too busy. I’ve trained the staff; they’ll handle it.”


Qi Xiao said and went to attend to things. At 9:18, he brought out a plate of firecrackers and lit them at the entrance.

Amidst the crackling sounds, Qi Xiao gave a strong pull, and the red cloth hanging from the sign dropped, revealing the store’s name, “Zhengxiao Electronics.”

Then Qi Xiao shouted, “Open for business!”

Following that, the store door opened, and the store staff were already in place. The customers who had been waiting outside rushed in.

Lu Xia and the others also went in with the flow.

The location of this store was indeed quite large, but there weren’t many electronics displayed, so it wasn’t too crowded.

The store had two floors, and there was a wide variety of electronics.

Televisions, electric fans, refrigerators, washing machines, radios… There were even air conditioners and rice cookers.

It seemed that everything available in this era could be found here.

However, Lu Xia noticed that most of the types were quite outdated.

But during this time, they were considered the latest products.

Especially in the areas of televisions, refrigerators, and washing machines, there were quite a few people.

Seeing that Lu Xia seemed interested, Jiang Junmo asked, “Do you want to buy something?”

Lu Xia shook her head, “No, I don’t need any.”

At this point, Qi Xiao, who had finished his work, also chimed in, “If you want to buy something, let me know. I’ll give you the wholesale price, and since you’re a part-owner, you’ll get a share anyway.”

Lu Xia nodded, “Alright, then I’ll buy a television. However, no need for the wholesale price; just charge as you see fit. After all, I’ll get a share of the profit.”

Qi Xiao thought for a moment and didn’t refuse but offered her a discount. Lu Xia accepted it, paid at the counter, and they would deliver it to her home later. The service was quite thoughtful.

Other customers, not knowing she was also a co-owner, were getting anxious seeing someone buying so quickly.

After all, these items were constantly out of stock at the department store, and it was hard to find them. They were afraid they might run out, so they quickly lined up to pay as well.

In no time, the number of transactions in the store began to increase.


Chapter 478 – Encountering Su Man Again


Lu Xia didn’t expect that she still had this purpose and couldn’t help but laugh.

Beside her, Jiang Junmo saw this and asked, “Are you planning to buy again?”

“I’m buying for Grandpa.”

Afterward, Lu Xia thought about it. Grandpa was at home with nothing to do all day. Since Kang Kang was at school, he couldn’t keep him company all the time. Grandpa would probably get bored, so having a television at home would be nice.

Jiang Junmo actually guessed this, so he just smiled and didn’t say anything.

The two of them stayed for a while longer and saw that Qi Xiao was still busy. They greeted him and were about to leave.

Qi Xiao didn’t say anything either; he really couldn’t spare the time right now.

As a result, just as they walked out of the store, they ran into Su Man.

She seemed to have become more beautiful. She was wearing a tight-fitting long red dress, white high heels, and had a white pearl crossbody bag. Her hair was styled in loose waves, and she had makeup on her face with fiery red lips, resembling a modern lady.

When she saw them, she wasn’t surprised and greeted them with a smile.

“I heard from Qi Xiao that you also have an investment in this electronics store, so I thought I might see you here. Didn’t expect to actually run into you.”

Lu Xia also smiled at her, “Yes, I heard you opened a store nearby. I wanted to come take a look, but I didn’t expect to meet you here. You look stunning; I almost didn’t recognize you.”

Su Man smiled back, “You’re getting more beautiful too. But I don’t usually go to the store; there’s a store manager there. Even if you go, you probably wouldn’t run into me.”

After that, they chatted for a bit. Su Man talked about her business and mentioned that she had opened another branch. Lu Xia also mentioned that she had given birth to triplets.

After congratulating each other, they parted ways. They weren’t particularly close friends, and after returning to the city, they had even less interaction. They were just acquaintances.

It was good to know an acquaintance.

Afterward, Lu Xia visited her store. Aside from other things, Su Man’s taste was truly exceptional.

After giving birth to the children, Lu Xia had lost quite a bit of weight, but she was still more plump than before, so she bought a few new clothes.

Later, they went to the department store across the street and each bought new clothes for Jiang Junmo and Kang Kang.

It was not easy to take Kang Kang out, and after the shopping, Lu Xia originally planned to take him to a movie or go to a nearby park for a stroll. But then she thought about the few little ones waiting at home, so she had to go back.

The few little ones were crying when they got back.

It was really a sweet burden!

The next day, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo were going back to school.

In the morning, after feeding the children, she went back to school with Jiang Junmo.

It was the time for new students to enroll again, and they were now in their third year.

Lu Xia felt that time passed so quickly! They were already halfway through their university life.

When they arrived at the dormitory, she was the last one to come. Their roommates hadn’t changed much.

Except that Ye Nan seemed to have become gentler after getting married.

Everyone gathered and talked about the things from the break. Lu Xia noticed that Ye Nan seemed a bit hesitant when looking at her.

She asked in confusion, “What’s wrong?”

After hesitating for a moment, Ye Nan finally said, “It’s my cousin! She’s been wanting to ask me for your address. She wants to meet you.”

“Why does she want to meet me?” Lu Xia was puzzled.

Ye Nan hesitated for a moment, then said directly, “It’s because she saw the makeup you did for me last time. After that, for some reason, she’s been coming to me every day, asking me to introduce you to her. She wants to become your apprentice!”

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