Chapter 475 – Investment

After he left, Lu Xia thought for a moment and asked Jiang Junmo, “What do you think of Qi Xiao’s idea?”

Jiang Junmo glanced at her upon hearing the question. “How about you? Do you have thoughts?”

Lu Xia nodded. “Yeah, but I don’t plan to do it myself. What do you think about us investing in him?”


“Yeah, he’s short on funds right now. We could contribute some money, help him open the store, not get involved in the operations, but take a share of the profits.”

Lu Xia thought carefully. Neither she nor Jiang Junmo were cut out for business, and their future probably wouldn’t revolve around it. But who would complain about having extra money?

It’s said that in the 1980s, during this stage of economic development, one could make money doing anything. How could she pass up such a good opportunity?

Moreover, Qi Xiao seemed reliable, and he was Jiang Junmo’s brother, someone they knew well. They trusted him. If they invested in him, they could just wait to receive their share of the money.

Jiang Junmo smiled after hearing her thoughts. “Since you want to invest, I’ll mention it to Qi Xiao.”

Lu Xia looked at him, puzzled. “You agree just like that? Without expressing any opinions?”

Jiang Junmo shook his head. “In our family, you have the final say. All the money is with you. You decide what to do with it!”

Lu Xia was touched by his words and felt the responsibility not to betray his trust. “Thank you, Mo Mo. But don’t worry, I’ll set aside some. I won’t use all the money.”

“You deciding is good!”

Qi Xiao was particularly surprised when he learned that they were considering investing in his electronics business. He quickly came to their house.

“Sister-in-law, are you really decided on investing in me?”

Lu Xia nodded. “If you need, we’re considering investing some.”

Qi Xiao immediately nodded. “I need it, I really do! If you hadn’t brought it up, I was thinking of borrowing from loan sharks!”

Hearing this, Lu Xia smiled and said, “But a word of warning, for the investment, we’ll only provide the money, and we won’t interfere with anything else. But we will expect a share of the profits.”

“Of course, I understand all of that. Siblings should be clear about their dealings. We can sign a contract and give you shares when the time comes.”


Lu Xia was surprised at the mention of shares. Was that term in use already?

Seeing her surprise, Qi Xiao laughed and said, “This was something Su Man told me. That’s how foreigners call it.”

Since Su Man suggested it, Lu Xia understood, “Oh, she knows a lot.”

“Yeah, she does. She proposed this idea. If I don’t have enough money, I can find people to invest and give them shares later.”

Initially, I was a bit hesitant. After all, this is like a partnership in business. Choosing the right people for this is crucial, or it could be troublesome in the future. So, I didn’t make a decision right away.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, Brother Jiang and Sister-in-law, you both came, and we all had the same idea.”

Lu Xia smiled at this and asked about his current preparations. “How much more do you need now? What are your plans going forward?”

Qi Xiao immediately became serious and discussed his current preparations with her. Then he said, “I was a bit hesitant at first. If the funds weren’t enough, I thought of opening a smaller store. But if I had enough money, I’d open a larger one. I’ve already found a good location for the store. Just waiting for the funds to come in.”

Lu Xia listened carefully, asked about the store’s location and future plans, saw that he was well-prepared, and likely had advice from Su Man. His plans were quite forward-thinking compared to the present. They wouldn’t worry about not making money.

So, feeling reassured, they went ahead with the investment. They didn’t raise any further objections. Since they had said they wouldn’t get involved, they would let him take full control. They wouldn’t interfere.


Chapter 476: Minor Surgery


Of course, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo had quite a bit of money on hand, but most of it was the living allowance from Jiang Junmo’s parents and the savings from Grandpa Jiang. Lu Xia didn’t plan to invest all of it.

They invested a portion, and they didn’t ask for a significant share of the profits, considering they wouldn’t be involved in managing the business. Originally, they intended to ask for 10%.

However, Qi Xiao vehemently disagreed. After all, the investment Lu Xia was providing was almost the same as the money he had prepared.

He was ready to give them half…

But since Lu Xia and the others wouldn’t be involved in management and considering the exhaustion that comes with running the business later on, they couldn’t take that much. After a discussion, Lu Xia and the others settled for a 25% share of the profits.

After reaching an agreement, Qi Xiao brought in a lawyer to formalize the contract.

Once the contract was signed, he eagerly took the money and began preparing extensively.

On this side, Lu Xia was also very happy holding the contract.

Great, from now on, money would come in while we lay back!

Jiang Junmo, seeing her so happy, curiously asked, “Are you so sure he’ll make money?”

“Of course!” Lu Xia nodded confidently. “This era is the golden age, especially for business. As long as you have some ability, you won’t lose money. Besides, Qi Xiao looks reliable, and the electronics industry is in high demand. He’ll definitely make money.”

Jiang Junmo laughed helplessly at her enthusiasm. “Qi Xiao would be very happy if he knew you praised him like this.”

Lu Xia also smiled. “I trust him, or else I wouldn’t invest in him!”

Seeing her so happy, Jiang Junmo didn’t say much. He just thought that he should advise Qi Xiao more in the future to ensure that her investment didn’t go to waste. She would likely be very disappointed if it did.

Qi Xiao acted quickly, likely having prepared in advance. After getting the money, in less than half a month, the store was about to open.

Around this time, Lu Xia and the others were getting ready to start the new school year.

Grandpa Jiang and Kang Kang also returned from their summer retreat, and the family moved back to the big courtyard.

Yes, for the convenience of attending school, they decided to return to the big courtyard for their daily life.

However, this move was a bit more challenging. With three more children and a nanny, they had a lot more things to move. Fortunately, Xiao Yu helped, and they managed to move everything back in just two trips.

But before this move, something happened.

One day, before Grandpa and the others returned, Jiang Junmo went out early in the morning after breakfast. Lu Xia thought he was going to school to meet Zhou Yan and the others and didn’t inquire further.

Unexpectedly, around noon, he returned looking somewhat pale, and his walking posture seemed off.

Lu Xia was shocked to see him like this, thinking he might be sick. She immediately wanted to take him to the hospital, but Jiang Junmo declined.

It was only after asking that she found out he had gone to the hospital for a vasectomy!

Lu Xia was shocked upon learning this, freezing in place. She was astonished he had taken this step.

Her eyes welled up suddenly, not knowing what to say.

Then she became worried and choked out, “Why didn’t you… tell me?”

“I was afraid you’d worry,” Jiang Junmo patted her head. “Don’t worry, I asked the doctor. It’s a minor surgery, no need to stay in the hospital, and I’ll be fine in three or four days.”

Seeing him being so casual about it, Lu Xia felt even sadder.

“You should have let me accompany you.”

“I didn’t want you to worry.” Jiang Junmo patted her head. “Rest assured, I’m fine. And remember, we agreed on this before, no more children in the future. Other methods are not very safe. It’s better to be done with it.”

Lu Xia felt moved upon hearing this, knowing he was looking out for her. She wanted to say something, but she also knew they didn’t need to say these things between them.

In the end, she simply said, “Mo Mo, thank you.”

Jiang Junmo smiled but didn’t say anything. However, they both felt that at this moment, their hearts were closer to each other.

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