Chapter 473 – Ye Nan’s Wedding

The scene was filled with astonishment and admiration. Even the cousin who was hiding behind came over, exclaiming, “Wow, it looks really good! Much better than what I did!”

Upon hearing this, Ye Nan pushed her away and picked up a mirror to carefully examine her reflection. She asked in disbelief, “Is this really me? Am I this beautiful?”

Lu Xia heard this and laughed, “Rest assured, it’s you. You’re this beautiful bride!”

Ye Nan finally believed, “Oh my, Lu Xia, you’re amazing! I didn’t know you had this skill!”

Her cousin chimed in, “That’s right, sister, you did it so well. Can I be your apprentice? I want to learn from you!”

Lu Xia was speechless. She was about to refuse but then heard Ye Nan say, “Ye Lin, you still dare to say something here, leave now or I’ll tell Second Uncle about today’s incident.”

After hearing this, Ye Lin finally didn’t dare to speak and left with a resentful glance at Lu Xia.

Lu Xia found it amusing. Although she could tell Ye Lin had no ill intentions, she had no plans to take on an apprentice.

Then, she looked at Ye Nan and suggested, “How about I braid your hair a bit?”

“Can you do it with such short hair?”

Ye Nan was surprised. She had kept short hair for convenience. Originally, she thought of just tying a red flower on top for the occasion.

After hearing this, Lu Xia smiled, “I can give it a try.”

After all, in her previous life, she had seen many bloggers braiding short hair.

Ye Nan agreed immediately, “Sure, go ahead.”

Lu Xia stepped forward and divided Ye Nan’s hair into a 3:7 ratio, then braided two fishtail braids starting from the front and continuing to the back, tying them at the bottom with a red hairband.

With this new look, Ye Nan appeared much more gentle.

Even Yu Wan, who was standing beside, exclaimed, “It looks so good! Lu Xia, when I get married, can you do my makeup and braid my hair?”

Tan Yunfang, who was also present, smiled, “What’s this? Seeing Ye Nan looking so beautiful, do you also want to be a bride? No wonder everyone says the bride is the most beautiful. I believe it now.”

Lu Xia laughed upon hearing this, “Sure, when you get married, I’ll definitely make you the most beautiful bride!”

After Ye Nan finished getting ready and left, the relatives and friends at Ye’s house were all amazed to see her looking so beautiful. Knowing that her classmates helped her dress up, they all envied her.

After a short wait, the groom arrived.

This was the first time Lu Xia had seen Ye Nan’s fiancé. He looked good, with a tan complexion and a tall figure. When he smiled, he revealed a set of white teeth, giving off a sunny vibe. However, he walked with a slight limp, likely a sequela from a previous injury.

But looking at them, she could tell that they had moved on. That was what mattered.

When the groom came in and saw the beautiful Ye Nan, he was momentarily stunned. It wasn’t until everyone cheered that he snapped back to reality. Both of them blushed in embarrassment.

Then came the process of welcoming the bride. The couple kowtowed and paid respects to their parents, and then the bride was taken away.

Lu Xia also learned at this moment that the groom and Ye Nan were from the same compound.

However, they didn’t go straight there; they rode bicycles around the street before returning.

Lu Xia and the others left after attending the wedding and having dinner.

After returning, she thought about how happy Ye Nan looked today. She guessed that she would be happy in the future…


Chapter 474 – Electric Fan


The day after Ye Nan’s wedding, Lu Xia was resting at home when Qi Xiao came over.

In fact, Lu Xia had received a gift from Qi Xiao when she had just given birth, but at that time, he didn’t come in person, saying he was busy.

Unexpectedly, he suddenly came over this time, and he didn’t come empty-handed; he brought a large item with him.

An electric fan.

Yes, he had actually brought an electric fan for them!

Lu Xia was surprised; after all, in this era, electric fans were not cheap, nor were anything related to electronics.

During her postpartum period, Jiang Junmo had wanted to buy one for her because she sometimes felt hot. However, they never managed to buy one as they were in high demand, and the department store would be sold out as soon as they received a new shipment.

So, they had no choice.

Later, seeing her bored, Jiang Junmo wanted to buy her a television. However, when Lu Xia inquired about it, even a black-and-white TV cost nearly a thousand yuan. Since she had seen one before and found it uninteresting, she directly refused. There was no point; it was a waste!

However, Qi Xiao unexpectedly brought an electric fan.

Lu Xia initially thought that Jiang Junmo had asked him to buy it, but it wasn’t the case.

He had brought it for them on his own.

This thing would cost at least two to three hundred yuan. They couldn’t accept it, and Lu Xia refused several times. She even tried to pay for it, but all her attempts were rejected by Qi Xiao.

In the end, he said, “Old Jiang and I are brothers, and besides, I’m selling these now. One more or one less won’t make a difference. Just accept it.”

After he said that, Lu Xia couldn’t refuse anymore.

Jiang Junmo was curious about his venture into fan sales, asking, “When did you start selling these? Weren’t you selling electronic watches before?”

“I stopped selling those a long time ago. Beijing is not that big, and most of what can be sold has already been sold. Even if I get more, I can’t sell them anymore. So I thought about changing it up.

“A while ago, didn’t I go to the south? There are quite a few electrical appliances there, so I tried bringing some back. Surprisingly, they sold very well. I’m planning to do this in the future…”

Lu Xia nodded upon hearing this. It was indeed a good idea. Moreover, the country had already implemented policies allowing private buying and selling as well as private enterprises this year. They didn’t need to worry too much anymore.

However, Lu Xia thought that the current system and policies in this regard were not yet complete, so she suggested, “If you’re going to do this, it’s best to open a shop and get the business license and everything in order to be more formal. This way, you won’t have any issues if someone checks later.”

Qi Xiao laughed when he heard her, “Sister-in-law, Su Man said the same thing. She also suggested that I get the business license and do things more formally. So, recently, I’ve been looking for a shop. However, these electronics are of high value, and the costs are also high. I’m a bit hesitant if I have enough money to do this.”

Surprised by him mentioning Su Man, Lu Xia asked, “You still keep in touch with her?”

“Of course. She’s doing very well now. When the policy came out, she opened a clothing store on the street opposite the department store, and the clothes she sells are very popular!”

When Qi Xiao talked about her, his eyes carried admiration, as if there was something else as well.

Lu Xia was amazed upon hearing this. Su Man was indeed the female protagonist, she acted fast.

Then she thought of what Qi Xiao had just said, “I also think the electronics industry is a good one. Currently, no one is doing it, and if you open a store, I’m sure it’ll sell well.”

Qi Xiao sighed, “I know that too, but I’m still a bit short on funds. I’ll think about it some more.”

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