Chapter 471 – Everything Moving in a Positive Direction

Lu Xia didn’t expect to win someone over so quickly.

After they left, she informed Jiang Junmo of this matter, and he nodded in response. The next day, he told Zhou Yan about it.

Zhou Yan had no idea that his wife had such thoughts, no wonder she had been unhappy for so long.

He couldn’t say that his parents were wrong; after all, they had tried to understand. He could only say that the daughter-in-law he had chosen was not to their liking.

So, this could only prompt Jin He to try to change.

Now, he thought back to the previous day on their way back, when his wife had observed the situation on the streets carefully and asked him many questions. When they got back, she mentioned wanting to sell buns.

Initially, he didn’t think it was necessary. After all, doing business was too hard, and he didn’t want her to be so tired.

But now, he realized that this might be a good idea.

What his wife needed the most right now was to find something to do. Once she earned money and was no longer in her current state, his parents might also change their views.

So, he silently decided to inquire privately about business matters and provide ideas and strategies to help his wife.

Of course, he was also very grateful to Lu Xia. If it weren’t for her, he probably wouldn’t have noticed.

So, he patted Jiang Junmo on the shoulder without saying much, deciding to consider Jiang Junmo as a brother from now on.

It had to be said that the husband and wife had quite similar thoughts.

Later, Lu Xia heard about Jin He’s news from Jiang Junmo.

After inspecting the market with Zhou Yan and thinking that selling buns might be a good idea, she convinced her parents-in-law and obtained a small pushcart. Every day, she would wake up early to go out and sell buns.

Because she was good at it, the buns she made were very popular, and her business was doing exceptionally well. She had already increased the quantity.

Seeing how hard she was working, Mother Zhou occasionally helped with the cooking. Jin He would thank her by buying things for her mother-in-law with the money she earned. Gradually, the distance between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law lessened.

Everything was moving in a positive direction.

Lu Xia felt relieved and happy for Jin He after hearing this. It seemed like she was moving forward.

Time passed quickly, and the wedding date for Ye Nan was approaching.

Lu Xia had already agreed to attend her wedding. So, she decided to attend after the postpartum period. Jiang Junmo saw that she was taking good care of herself and didn’t object.

On the day before the wedding, Yu Wan came to find her, and they agreed to go together to prepare a gift for Ye Nan.

“Should we go see Tan Yunfang and the others too?” Yu Wan asked.

“Let’s go and see. What if she hasn’t prepared anything either?” Lu Xia suggested after giving it some thought.


So the two of them went to the small courtyard rented by Tan Yunfang.

When they arrived, they found Hu Cuihua was there too.

“How come you have time to come here?” Lu Xia was a little surprised to see her.

Hu Cuihua laughed mischievously at Lu Xia’s words. “Sister Yunfang found some work for me. We just came back after completing the task.”

Lu Xia understood upon hearing her words; Yunfang must have found some button-making work at the garment factory. This way, Hu Cuihua could earn some money.

When Tan Yunfang heard that they came to find her to buy a gift for Ye Nan, she smiled and said, “I’m all set. Hu Cuihua and I were doing some work at the garment factory. I met a warehouse supervisor and bought some cloth from her. Aunt Li knows how to make clothes, so I asked her to help make a set. Consider it a gift from both of us.”

Saying this, she took out the clothes to show them.

Surprisingly, the clothes were well made and had a good fit, suitable for Ye Nan.

Tan Yunfang probably knew that Hu Cuihua didn’t have much money, so she said it was a gift from both of them. After all, they shared a dormitory. If Hu Cuihua didn’t know about it, it would be fine, but if she knew and didn’t go, it wouldn’t be good.

This way, it would save her some money too.


Chapter 472 – Doing Makeup for Ye Nan


After checking the clothes they had prepared and listening to Tan Yunfang, who continued, “Tang Yuan has something urgent and can’t come back. However, she sent a gift over and asked me to help deliver it.”

Lu Xia looked at the brightly colored silk cloth; it was probably not cheap.

Although they got along well in their dorm, the three of them from the Literature Department were closer. This time, sending such a nice gift was probably to make up for not being able to come.

Lu Xia and the others liked it.

But since they had already prepared everything, the two of them didn’t plan to stay longer…

After agreeing on the time to visit Ye Nan’s house the next day, they went to the department store.

In fact, there were only a few suitable wedding gifts.

Since Tan Yunfang and the others had prepared clothes and silk, Lu Xia bought a pair of brightly colored embroidered red pillowcases.

Yu Wan also bought a pair of pillow towels in the same color.

After buying their items, they separated after browsing for a while.

The next day, Lu Xia got up early and went to Ye Nan’s house.

Ye Nan’s parents both worked in a machinery factory, so their house was located in the machinery factory compound.

By the time Lu Xia arrived, the other girls from their dormitory were already there.

After giving Ye Nan the gifts, they began to help her get ready.

They had come early, originally intending to see if there was anything they could help with.

However, Ye Nan’s family was very enthusiastic and didn’t need their assistance.

They were asked to enter the house and keep Ye Nan company.

As for Ye Nan’s makeup, she had found her cousin to do it. Initially, her cousin confidently claimed that she could do it well, but ended up applying so much white makeup on Ye Nan’s face that she looked like a ghost, and her lips were painted a bright red, resembling a gaping wound.

Not only Ye Nan herself, but even Lu Xia and the others found it hard to look at.

Ye Nan couldn’t stand it and immediately washed her face.

She firmly refused to let her cousin touch her face again!

However, none of the people present knew how to do makeup. Since Ye Nan’s cousin had been so confident earlier, they hadn’t thought of finding someone else.

Now they were at a loss.

Ye Nan glared at her cousin fiercely and decided not to let her touch her face, even if she didn’t apply makeup.

At this moment, Lu Xia suggested, “How about I give it a try?”

Ye Nan looked at her in surprise. “Lu Xia, do you know how to do makeup?”

Lu Xia nodded. “I know a little. It’s not professional, but it’s definitely better than not doing it.”

“That’s fine. You can do it. It just needs to be better than my sister’s,” Ye Nan said, glaring at her cousin again.

Her cousin shrank away nervously.

Lu Xia looked at the makeup products in front of her. To her surprise, there was a wide variety of them—face cream, powder, eyebrow pencil, blush, and mascara, to name a few.

With these products available, she felt more at ease.

There were no toners or moisturizers at the moment, so she directly applied a moisturizing snowflake cream. After it was absorbed, she applied a layer of brightening cream. After spreading it evenly, she applied a layer of powder.

Then, she started doing the eyebrows. Ye Nan already had a good eyebrow shape—strong and dark. She didn’t need much modification. Lu Xia just filled in the lighter areas.

Next was eyeshadow. Well, she wasn’t sure if it was eyeshadow or blush; both were in a shade of bright red, and there were no matte or shimmer options, so she assumed both could be used.

Lu Xia applied a bit in a simple manner. Not seeing an eyeliner pencil, she used the eyebrow pencil to draw the corners of the eyes, elongating them.

Since there was no eyelash curler, she heated a spoon and used it to curl the eyelashes, then applied mascara.

After that, she used the same red shade from the eyeshadow/blush to apply some blush. Finally, she took out the bright red lipstick and applied it to her lips.

She worked quickly. Before everyone could react, she finished skillfully.

After she finished, everyone was astonished.

“Goodness! It looks amazing!”

“Yeah, she’s like a different person!”

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