Chapter 196 – Wei Chen’s Birthday

After Wei Chen got off work, he went straight home. The arrival of Wei Zhenxiong seemed to have no effect on him.

When Wei Chen arrived home, Chen Li had already finished school and was practicing calligraphy in the study. As Wei Chen saw Chen Li’s shoes at the entrance, he knew that Chen Li was already home.

Perhaps because Chen Li was deeply engrossed in practicing calligraphy, he didn’t hear the sound of the door opening. Wei Chen went directly to the art studio to find Chen Li. Seeing Chen Li’s serious profile, Wei Chen felt himself calming down.

Wei Zhenxiong had his own reasons for approaching him, and Wei Chen couldn’t help but feel some resentment. However, after experiencing a lot in his previous life, Wei Chen had gained a more mature perspective. He managed to calm himself down, not dwelling on it and not hoping for anything more.

Wei Chen stood in the art studio for a while, and Chen Li finished practicing a piece of calligraphy. He then turned his gaze towards Wei Chen, seemingly the same as before but with a slightly vacant look. At this moment, it was as if he could see everything.

“Achen, you’re not happy,” Chen Li said straightforwardly, his tone filled with concern, devoid of curiosity.

“Yeah, I’m not happy,” Wei Chen didn’t deny it. He took a step forward and embraced Chen Li, burying his head in his neck, his warm breath cascading over.

Chen Li gently lifted his hand, patting Wei Chen’s back softly as if soothing a baby about to fall asleep. He didn’t say anything, but his actions provided the most powerful comfort to Wei Chen.

“Li Li, I feel a bit tired.” In front of Chen Li, Wei Chen revealed his truest self. He felt exhausted today, not physically, but mentally. It was an indescribable feeling that had lingered since he got off work, affecting his overall mood.

On the way back, he didn’t even realize when the traffic light turned green, and it took a car horn from behind to wake him up. He slapped his face, trying to gather his spirits to make it back home.

This weariness wasn’t solely brought by Wei Zhenxiong today; it was more about the burden he carried after his rebirth, knowing about the future developments. Wei Zhenxiong’s appearance today was just a catalyst.

This indescribable negative emotion was deeply buried in Wei Chen’s heart, making him feel increasingly exhausted and restless.

However, when he saw Chen Li upon returning, Wei Chen calmed down. The negative emotions were like a ball pricked by a needle, suddenly released. As he relaxed, a strong sense of fatigue surged over him.

“If you’re tired, just rest,” Chen Li continued his movements gently, soothing Wei Chen’s emotions. Then, as if he suddenly thought of something, he added, “I’ll always be here with you.”

This sentence, Chen Li said it very seriously, his eyes full of sincerity. He really wanted to be with Wei Chen forever, always.

“Alright, Li Li, you have to stay with me forever,” Wei Chen accepted Chen Li’s promise smoothly. In that moment, Wei Chen even felt that everything he was doing now or in the future seemed insignificant compared to this sentence.

Sometimes, Wei Chen thought that the most important thing about his rebirth was to walk together with Chen Li. Saving the Wei family was just something that happened along the way. As a descendant of the Wei family, he had a responsibility not to let the Wei family fail.

Being with Chen Li, perhaps even being together forever, was the true wish of his rebirth.

In the blink of an eye, Wei Chen’s birthday arrived.

This time, Wei Hua prepared the location for Wei Chen’s birthday party at Cookie’s coffee shop. A day in advance, Cookie and Wei Hua had already set up the coffee shop.

Of course, they knew Wei Chen didn’t like anything fancy, so they decorated the entire venue in a very fancy and vibrant manner, fully respecting Cookie’s opinion, making it playful.

The main color was blue, like the sea, filled with colorful marine creatures. There were many colorful ocean balls scattered on the ground. Upon entering the coffee shop, one’s feet would be buried in the “ocean.”

According to Wei Hua’s opinion, it wasn’t that Wei Chen didn’t like fancy things; he just hadn’t experienced them in his life. So, for Wei Chen’s birthday this time, he wanted him to experience a colorful fairy tale world. Who knows, he might fall in love with it?

Cookie couldn’t entirely agree with Wei Hua’s point of view but still helped with the decorations. Wei Chen was Wei Hua’s brother, so he went along with Wei Hua’s plans. After all, it wouldn’t affect him much.

On Wei Chen’s birthday, it happened to be a weekend. Wei Chen didn’t have to work, and Chen Li didn’t have school. Surprisingly, their biological clocks didn’t wake them up early today. After waking up naturally, they cuddled in bed for a long time before finally getting up from the bed.

They had breakfast and lunch together. After lunch, Wei Chen drove Chen Li to Cookie’s Blues Cafe.

Chen Li’s expression still seemed somewhat dazed, as if he didn’t realize today was Wei Chen’s birthday.

It wasn’t until they entered the coffee shop that, at the moment they opened the door, with a bang, numerous ribbons fell from above them. After the visual effect created by the ribbons dissipated, Wei Chen and Chen Li finally saw the decorations inside the coffee shop.

This was a world full of childlike innocence, a colorful world floating in the sky. They had just stepped into the store when countless ocean balls surged towards their feet.

To be honest, when Wei Chen saw this scene, he was a bit confused again, but he quickly recovered and walked through the world of ocean balls with a seemingly calm expression.

“Hahaha, Achen, happy birthday!” Wei Hua threw the paper tube left after spraying ribbons and said with a big smile,

“Happy birthday.” Cookie appeared with Wei Hua, revealing a smile.

“Happy birthday, Uncle Wei Chen,” Little Biscuit was held by Cookie. Due to the numerous ocean balls on the floor, if he stood up, the tiny him would be half submerged in the ocean balls, making it hard to walk.

“Thank you.” Wei Chen nodded at the family of three, warmly welcoming the first birthday he remembered since he came to life.

Suddenly, Wei Chen felt a warm sensation on his lips. It turned out Chen Li had tiptoed and lightly kissed his lips.

As their lips touched, Chen Li’s big eyes stared into Wei Chen’s, very focused, even more so than when he was drawing, displaying great concentration.

“Achen, happy birthday,” Chen Li said. It was the first time he had wished Wei Chen a happy birthday like this, and it was just the beginning. In every coming year, he wanted to say happy birthday to Wei Chen in person.

“Thank you.” Wei Chen’s gaze softened involuntarily. He reached out, pulling Chen Li into his embrace, holding him tightly.

He hoped that in countless future birthdays, Chen Li could be by his side.

It was a celebration. Though Wei Chen, this “old man,” couldn’t get too excited, under Wei Hua’s lead, he still ended up rolling around a bit in this coffee shop filled with ocean balls.

After a few interactions, Chen Li had become familiar with Little Biscuit. Now, they were playing hide and seek in the world of ocean balls. When they got tired of playing, the big and small figures sat in front of the TV, engrossed in watching cartoons. They could even discuss some plotlines.

“Little Biscuit gets along really well with Chen Li,” Wei Hua said, watching the figures of the big and small in front of the TV, speaking to Wei Chen beside him.

Wei Chen nodded in agreement. Up to now, besides himself, Little Biscuit was the person who quickly made Chen Li drop his guard and interact easily, perhaps because Little Biscuit was a child.

“So, do you plan to adopt a child with Chen Li? Perhaps spending time with a child would help Chen Li recover faster from his condition?” Wei Hua was inspired by Little Biscuit. Children are innocent and can help Chen Li; maybe it would be beneficial for him.

Wei Chen, however, shook his head. “I haven’t thought about it. Little Biscuit is different from regular children. Not all children have the emotional intelligence of Little Biscuit.”

Little Biscuit’s emotional intelligence was extraordinary, like he had a special ability. At such a young age, he knew how to interact with people and what approach to use. It was the right approach that allowed Chen Li to let his guard down and interact with Little Biscuit. Little Biscuit could do this, but it didn’t mean all children could.

At this stage, Wei Chen felt that he could only focus on taking care of Li Li wholeheartedly. If there were another child, he doubted he could handle it.

However, whether it was Wei Chen or Wei Hua suggesting this, they never anticipated that, someday in the future, not only would Wei Hua’s suggestion come true, but also because of the appearance of that child, Chen Li’s personality would take a direction that no one could predict.

The only difference from what Wei Hua said was that the child in the future was not adopted by Wei Chen and Chen Li. Instead, the child appeared in a mind-boggling way, with the closest and inseparable relationship with both Wei Chen and Chen Li.

And at this moment, the appearance of Little Biscuit had more or less influenced Chen Li.

A whole lively and warm atmosphere passed in just one afternoon under Wei Hua’s powerful methods.

In the evening, the servants from the Sheng family called to say that dinner was almost ready and asked them to come over.

As it turned out, Sheng Jiaqi learned that today was Wei Chen’s birthday and voluntarily decided to organize a birthday banquet for Wei Chen. So naturally, they had to change the location.

But before they set off, a small incident occurred. Wei Chen’s phone rang, and a familiar number appeared on the screen.

This call was so familiar to Wei Chen from his previous life that he could recite it backwards. He had hoped and looked forward to this call every day, even if just once. Wei Chen always felt comforted in his heart at the mere thought of this call.

However, in his previous life, until he died, Wei Chen never received this call, not even once. Not even a text message. However, this time when he saw the incoming call displayed on the screen, Wei Chen was not surprised at all. When Wei Zhenxiong came looking for him the day before yesterday, Wei Chen had already expected this call to come in.

Wei Chen was about to answer the call when a hand was faster than him and swiftly moved to decline the call.

Wei Chen looked up and met Chen Li’s eyes. Chen Li said earnestly, “Achen, if you don’t want to answer, then don’t.”

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