Chapter 195 – Father

At that moment, Wei Hua’s mood became somewhat heavy. He wasn’t naive; it’s just that with this discovery, he had already sensed many things, even considering Wei Chen and Chen Li’s marriage.

Could Wei Chen and Chen Li also be victims of the Chen family’s conspiracy?

“So, what about you and Chen Li?” With these thoughts, Wei Hua asked. He knew he probably shouldn’t ask this question because the feelings between Wei Chen and Chen Li were genuine.

Wei Hua thought Wei Chen might evade discussing this marriage, but to his surprise, Wei Chen calmly said, “Perhaps my marriage with Chen Li is one of the Chen family’s conspiracies. But to me, this marriage is not a conspiracy; it is what my heart desires.”

As for what conspiracy it was, Wei Chen didn’t say, and Wei Hua didn’t know if Wei Chen was already aware of this conspiracy or if he simply didn’t want to understand it.

Wei Hua didn’t ask further, temporarily putting aside this heavy topic and shifting to a different subject. “By the way, the day after tomorrow is your birthday. Do you have any plans?”

“Birthday?” Wei Chen repeated these two words, evidently not recalling his own birthday. Or rather, in his life, he had never had the concept of a birthday. Since he could remember, Wei Chen had never celebrated a birthday.

So, while a birthday was a special day for others, for Wei Chen, it was just an ordinary day.

Wei Hua also knew that Wei Chen hadn’t really celebrated a birthday, so when he realized Wei Chen’s birthday was approaching, he had already planned for it. He had even marked it on the calendars at home and at the office.

“Achen, come out then, and bring Chen Li. Cookie and I have prepared a birthday party for you,” Wei Hua didn’t plan to keep the surprise for the end. Of course, there was still a surprise meant for Wei Chen, one that he would surely like.

“Alright,” Wei Chen agreed after a brief thought.

“That’s settled then. I’ll send you the address later,” Wei Hua said.

Wei Chen nodded, “Hmm.”

“Well, let’s leave it at that. See you then.”

“See you then.”

With that, they both hung up the phone.

Wei Hua put away his phone and drove towards Cookie’s Blues Cafe.

The cafe was open, and Cookie was busy behind the counter. When he heard the wind chime at the entrance, he looked towards it, ready to greet the incoming customer. Upon seeing that it was Wei Hua, he lowered his head and continued with his tasks.

“Boss, a cup of coffee, and you can decide on the sugar and cream,” Wei Hua sat on a high stool at the counter, chin resting on his hand, watching Cookie without blinking and ordered a cup of coffee.

Cookie ignored him. She still had a few drinks pending and customers were waiting.

Wei Hua wasn’t in a hurry either. He rested his chin on his hand, watching Cookie’s delicate features, finding endless satisfaction in gazing at him.

Back in college, he used to frequent this café often. Why didn’t he find Cookie attractive back then? He must have been blind during those part-time gigs. Otherwise, he would have wooed Cookie back then. Now they were back, just like Chen Li and Wei Chen, all having obtained their marriage certificates.

Being the object of Wei Hua’s intense gaze made Cookie a little uncomfortable. He turned around and handed a glass of plain water to Wei Hua, putting it down a bit forcefully. “Drink water!”

However, Wei Hua didn’t want water. He said, “I want coffee.”

“If you don’t want water, then forget it,” Cookie directly refused. He had a gastroscopy yesterday due to stomach pain, so it was out of the question to give him coffee. Water was good enough.

Wei Hua hesitated for a moment, then took the glass and lightly sipped the plain water.

“Achen’s birthday is the day after tomorrow. We’ll have the birthday party here at the shop. Is that okay?” Wei Hua put down the glass and leaned in closer to Cookie, asking with a grin.

Cookie nodded decisively. “Okay.”

“Xiao Qiqi, come closer. I’ll tell you a secret,” Wei Hua wasn’t surprised by Cookie’s response and beckoned to Cookie with a crooked finger.

Cookie looked at Wei Hua suspiciously, obviously not trusting him more, but he still leaned in.

Seizing the chance, Wei Hua planted a kiss on Cookie’s lips, not hiding his amusement, and the sound wasn’t soft—customers in the shop had already turned to look.

Cookie immediately pushed Wei Hua away and pretended to lower his head to wash a cup.

Wei Hua laughed like a cat that had stolen cream, looking quite silly.

In the evening, it started to rain, pattering. The temperature, which had been a little higher, dropped considerably due to this rain. Wearing less, people felt a bit cold.

This kind of weather, fluctuating between warm and cold, was most conducive to catching a cold. When Wei Chen left in the morning, he had checked the weather forecast and stuffed an extra coat into Chen Li’s arms.

At this moment, Wei Chen was about to leave work and go home. However, the front desk called him, saying that someone was looking for him.

“Director Wei, there’s a Mr. Wei looking for you. He said he’s your father,” the front desk said.

“Let him come up,” Wei Chen was a little stunned when he heard the word “father,” and it felt somewhat unfamiliar. Still, he allowed Wei Zhenxiong to come up.

Of course, Wei Chen was somewhat puzzled. Why did Wei Zhenxiong suddenly come to find him?

It’s not surprising that Wei Chen had this thought. After all, this was the first time Wei Zhenxiong had come to find him after being in the capital for several months. If there wasn’t a specific reason, Wei Zhenxiong wouldn’t come to find him. Or rather, Wei Zhenxiong probably wouldn’t even remember who Wei Chen was.

Wei Chen thought somewhat sarcastically.

A few minutes later, Wei Chen left his office and met Wei Zhenxiong in the reception room.

“Wei Chen.” Wei Zhenxiong sat on the sofa. When he saw Wei Chen come in, he didn’t get up. He coldly called Wei Chen’s name.

“Father.” Wei Chen’s face showed no expression, but his gaze was icy, looking at Wei Zhenxiong as if he were looking at a stranger.

The father and son, one sitting and the other standing, after greeting each other, didn’t speak anymore. The atmosphere was very awkward, and there seemed to be an invisible wall between them, making both of them indifferent in their attitudes towards each other.

It was like a tug of war, whoever couldn’t bear it would be the first to speak and would lose.

In the end, Wei Zhenxiong couldn’t bear it. He cleared his throat and said, “The day after tomorrow is your birthday. Come out for a meal. Also, call Chen Li out. You’ve been married to him for so long, and I haven’t had a proper meal with him yet. It’s a good opportunity to get to know him formally.”

“I already have plans for that day,” Wei Chen decisively rejected, feeling somewhat mocking inside. Only Wei Zhenxiong would say something like this. He had been married to Chen Li for almost a year, and Wei Zhenxiong, as a father, just now suggested formally getting to know Chen Li. Where was he before?

But soon, Wei Chen realized Wei Zhenxiong’s purpose. Wei Zhenxiong didn’t come to find him because his birthday was approaching. His purpose this time was because of Chen Li. Thinking of the halted Wei family’s collaboration with the Chen family, Wei Chen immediately connected the dots.

So that’s it, that’s it!

At this moment, Wei Chen didn’t know what he felt. Although he had seen through life in the previous life and no longer had any extravagant hopes, his heart was not made of iron. It still had emotions.

Wei Zhenxiong didn’t notice the change in Wei Chen’s mind. Upon hearing Wei Chen’s refusal, he immediately turned stern and said, “Who do you have plans with? Don’t you even have time to have a meal with me?”

“You don’t need to know about this, father,” Wei Chen didn’t give Wei Zhenxiong any face and directly made a gesture of dismissal. “I’m about to finish work. Please leave, father.”

“Wei Chen!” Wei Zhenxiong roared. “If you still remember that I am your father, you should listen to me!”

“Do you know my phone number?” Wei Chen asked this question out of the blue.

Wei Zhenxiong was taken aback, and he couldn’t come up with an answer. If he knew Wei Chen’s phone number, he could have discussed this matter over the phone without the need to make the trip to Changfeng Group.

Seeing Wei Zhenxiong’s expression, Wei Chen understood. Without saying anything further, he took a step and left the meeting room. He told his secretary, “Please see Mr. Wei off.”

With that, he left without looking back.

Wei Zhenxiong was infuriated by Wei Chen, but he also knew that he was in someone else’s territory, so he didn’t lose his temper. However, when he left, he deliberately glanced at Wei Chen’s office, where the plaque at the door read “Director.”

It was then that Wei Zhenxiong realized that Wei Chen was already the director of Changfeng Group.

“Is Wei Chen your director?” Wei Zhenxiong asked the secretary who was escorting him.

The secretary nodded and spoke with admiration when mentioning Wei Chen, “Director Wei is the director of our Marketing Department and is temporarily acting as the Deputy General Manager as well.” However, she soon showed a look of surprise. “Aren’t you Director Wei’s father? How do you not know this?”

A hint of embarrassment flashed in Wei Zhenxiong’s eyes, and he said, “Wei Chen doesn’t discuss work matters at home. Can you tell me about it?”

The secretary didn’t doubt him and proceeded to share what she knew about Wei Chen’s accomplishments in the company, her eyes shining with admiration for Wei Chen.

Wei Zhenxiong, however, was secretly shocked. He had never intended to learn about Wei Chen. He had only asked the question earlier to break the awkward silence. However, the answers he received left him feeling uneasy.

He had always believed that without the Wei family’s support, Wei Chen, as a regular job seeker, would struggle at the bottom, utterly useless. Yet, the harsh reality slapped him in the face.

Was Wei Chen really so worthless? Even without the Wei family, his son had managed to thrive in other companies, just as well as during his time with the Wei family. While he was fuming over a project, Wei Chen had signed a multi-billion-dollar deal.

This contrast made Wei Zhenxiong far from proud of the person who had achieved such results, especially since that person was his own son. He felt a mix of jealousy and resentment. However, from the secretary’s words, Wei Zhenxiong also gathered that Wei Chen had an extensive network in Beijing.

As Wei Zhenxiong left, he squinted at the Changfeng Building. Right now, he needed connections, and Wei Chen had the contacts he desired.

His son, at least at this moment, was useful to him.

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