Chapter 467 – Sister Qiu’s Gifts

After hearing Lu Xia’s words, Jiang Junmo looked at his two sons enthusiastically drinking breast milk and hesitated before saying anything. Then he carefully fed formula milk to his daughter.

Perhaps realizing that crying was futile, the youngest daughter, feeling wronged, stopped crying and finally opened her mouth to eat.

Jiang Junmo finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Seeing this, Lu Xia rolled her eyes at him. Just as she expected, he was already becoming a daughter sl*ve.

In reality, the formula milk wasn’t difficult to drink at all, and it was prepared with spiritual spring water like the others. How come she couldn’t drink it? She was just too delicate.

A few days later, some friends of Jiang Junmo and Lu Xia began to visit them.

The first to arrive were Senior Brother Xu and his wife. Lu Xia was delighted to see Sister Qiu and hurriedly spoke, “Sister Qiu, you’re finally here. I’ve been so bored staying at home every day.”

Sister Qiu smiled upon seeing her and said, “This is how it is during the postpartum period. However, taking care of three children is indeed quite hard.”

Lu Xia nodded in agreement, “Yes, it’s really tough. Every time they cry, it’s like a trio performing a symphony. My head feels like it’s going to explode, but there’s nothing I can do. After all, they’re all my children.”

Seeing her like this, Sister Qiu laughed and said, “You really don’t know how fortunate you are, not knowing that others envy you. I’ve always wanted to have another baby for Xiao Tian to have a little brother or sister, but my health deteriorated after giving birth to him, and I haven’t been able to conceive again.”

Lu Xia noticed the tinge of sadness in her expression as she spoke about this, so she quickly changed the topic, “Speaking of which, why didn’t Xiao Tian come today? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him.”

Sister Qiu was only sad for a moment, after all, she had already come to terms with it. She knew that Lu Xia didn’t want to see her upset, so she went along with the conversation, explaining, “Xiao Tian went to his grandfather’s house. He went there as soon as the summer vacation started, saying he wanted to spend quality time with his grandfather. Actually, your Senior Brother Xu’s school also has a vacation, and my work is easy, so it’s easy to take leave. We’re also planning to go there in the next few days to accompany our old man; he hasn’t been in good health these past few years.”

Lu Xia listened attentively and expressed her concern. Then, she heard Sister Qiu continue, “We’ll be leaving the day after tomorrow. I don’t think we’ll be able to make it for your children’s full moon celebration. I’ll give you the gift for the full moon ceremony now.”

Saying that, she took out three delicate silver bracelets, obviously custom-made.

Lu Xia hurriedly declined, “Sister Qiu, please don’t be so polite. Although the policies have been relaxed, we haven’t really arranged a full moon celebration. They are rare triplets, and having another celebration might bring too much fortune.”

These were words from Grandpa Jiang. Luckily, Lu Xia also didn’t mind these things, and Jiang Junmo also wanted her to rest for a longer time, so they weren’t planning to go through all the trouble.

Of course, Grandpa Jiang had also prepared gifts for his great-grandsons and great-granddaughter. He had personally carved small jade pendants for them. Kang Kang also had one, it was sent to the countryside earlier. He was wearing it around his neck now.

Thinking about it, Sister Qiu smiled and said, “Whether we celebrate or not, it’s my gift to the children. Just accept it.”

After a back-and-forth, Lu Xia could only accept.

After they left, she discussed the matter with Jiang Junmo. After hearing about it, Jiang Junmo thought for a moment and said, “Then let’s accept it. I think Sister Qiu and Senior Brother Xu are still grateful for what happened in the countryside.”

Lu Xia thought the same way. Initially, she had returned the jade pendant Sister Qiu gave her, and since then, Senior Brother Xu and the others hadn’t mentioned it. It turns out they had planned to express their gratitude in a different way.

“Alright, then I’ll accept it. We can give it to them when they grow up,” Lu Xia said.


Chapter 468 – The New Nanny Arrives


Soon, the children reached one month old.

However, because Jiang Junmo wanted Lu Xia to rest for a while longer during her postpartum period, Lu Xia continued to live her life as usual without much change.

It was summer, so she didn’t abstain from bathing entirely, but she didn’t dare to wash too frequently. Jiang Junmo was always there to supervise, afraid that she wouldn’t take care of herself properly.

At this time, the nanny he had arranged for finally arrived and settled in.

The new nanny was about the same age as Aunt Wang, also from the countryside, but she looked considerably older than Aunt Wang.

Unfortunately, her luck wasn’t great. She lost her husband at a young age and never remarried. She had a tough time raising her child on her own, and tragically, her child also passed away unexpectedly.

Fortunately, her son left behind a grandson before he died. After her daughter-in-law remarried, she took custody of the grandson. In the past few years, she had been working as a nanny for a family in the city while her grandson stayed with relatives in the countryside.

It’s not that she didn’t want to keep her grandson with her. First, it was inconvenient for her to work while taking care of him. Second, her grandson had already started school, which required more financial support. By working as a nanny for a wealthy family, she could earn more money.

So every month, she would send some money to her relatives to help take care of him.

Now, the family she had been working for previously went abroad, and she was urgently looking for a new job. That’s when Jiang Junmo found her.

Lu Xia saw that she was cleaning very cleanly and was quite adept, so she allowed her to stay for a trial period.

She was to work with Aunt Wang, where Aunt Wang would handle cooking, and she would take care of the children.

Aunt Wang had known that there would be another nanny in the house for a while. Upon hearing about her similar experience, she sympathized and took care of her, and they got along quite well.

After a few days of trial, Lu Xia found that she was very patient with the children, so she felt at ease and decided to let her stay.

Of course, the children still slept with them at night, and they were only left with her care during the day. This made things a lot easier for both of them.

Finally, Jiang Junmo had some time to focus on his own work.

As mentioned before, their group’s design project hadn’t been completed yet. For the sake of this project, two of their group members from other provinces hadn’t gone home during the summer vacation.

They had made an appointment to try and complete the design during the summer vacation.

However, due to Lu Xia’s situation, Jiang Junmo needed to delay the start a little.

Everyone in the group understood this. After all, they all knew that Jiang Junmo was the soul of their group.

Jiang Junmo had also assigned tasks to everyone before the vacation. Some would visit the site for field investigations, while others would go to the library to gather information.

So by the time Jiang Junmo finished his tasks and returned to school, the preliminary preparations on their side were already done. They could start the design directly, and it didn’t cause any significant delays.

However, one day after Jiang Junmo returned from school, he told Lu Xia something.

“Zhou Yan and his wife will come to see you tomorrow.”

“Huh? Why are they coming?” Lu Xia was a bit surprised.

“I told him you had given birth, and then he suggested it. He wants you to help console his wife as well!” Jiang Junmo explained.

“His wife… Jin He, what happened to her?” Lu Xia inquired.

Jiang Junmo shook his head, “I don’t know the specifics. He might not know either. He just felt that recently, after he returned home, he noticed that his wife wasn’t very happy. He asked, but she didn’t say anything. That’s when he thought, since both of you are women, and she doesn’t really know anyone in the capital, he wanted to ask for your help.”

Lu Xia pondered for a moment and said thoughtfully, “Well, I’ll give it a try. I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to find out the reason.”

Jiang Junmo nodded, “Just do your best. After all, it’s their personal matter.”

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