Chapter 465 – Several Big Eaters

On the first night back at the small courtyard, Lu Xia felt somewhat relaxed. She thought she would get a good night’s sleep, but the little ones cried every few hours.

Because she ate well, Lu Xia had plenty of breast milk. However, with three children to feed, all of whom were small in size but had big appetites, her breast milk was simply not enough.

Every time, Jiang Junmo had to mix a lot of powdered milk to make sure they were full.

After this night, the couple endured the exhaustion.

They could only catch up on sleep during the day when the children were napping.

However, after a few days, both of them felt noticeably tired.

Seeing this, Lu Xia worried and said to Jiang Junmo, “We can manage during summer vacation, but once the school starts and we’re in our third year, with more specialized courses, it will be busy. I’m afraid we won’t have enough energy to take care of them. What about the children during the day when we’re at school? Aunt Wang has to cook, and she can’t handle all three of them. Grandpa is not young, and taking care of Kang Kang is already demanding enough; we can’t burden him with taking care of a few little ones as well.”

Jiang Junmo listened to her and smiled, “Don’t worry, I’ve already thought about this. I’ve asked someone, and in a few days, we’ll hire a nanny. With her and Aunt Wang together, we should be able to manage.”

Lu Xia hadn’t expected him to have thought of this already, but she was still worried. “Is it okay to openly hire a nanny now?”

“Rest assured, it’s all fine now. Plus, we have valid reasons for this, and it also creates more job opportunities. It should be okay.”

Lu Xia felt reassured after hearing this.

Lu Xia had only been in her postpartum confinement for a few days when Grandma Liu visited, bringing a lot of eggs.

Seeing her, Grandma Liu said, “Oh, you’ve had the baby! That’s great, you had three all at once. You, child, are really fortunate! I wanted to come see you a few days ago, but unexpectedly, my daughter-in-law is pregnant too and had some pregnancy complications. I’ve been taking care of her at home, and I came to see you as soon as she recovered.”

Lu Xia smiled at her words, “Congratulations, Grandma Liu. But it would have been enough for you to come by yourself; there’s no need to bring eggs. I have plenty.”

Grandma Liu waved her hand and smiled, “Take what I brought for you. I ate quite a bit of your food and eggs last year, and I didn’t say anything. I’ve also planted some vegetables and raised chickens in my yard this year, although not as many as you have, it’s enough for us to eat!”

Hearing her say this, Lu Xia didn’t insist further. She could just send some eggs back when Grandma Liu’s daughter-in-law gives birth.

Grandma Liu sat for a while and marveled at the triplets before leaving.

Since they only knew Grandma Liu and her family in this area, after she left, not many people came to visit. It was relatively quiet.

After staying here for more than ten days, Grandpa Jiang also planned to take Kang Kang to a cooler place for the summer.

Originally, he wasn’t planning to go this year, wanting to stay and accompany them. However, Lu Xia saw him getting bored here, especially after the people they knew in the area had left.

So, after some persuasion, Grandpa Jiang agreed. He thought that even if he stayed, he wouldn’t be able to help much, and they would have to take care of him. So, he decided to go for a summer retreat.

When he left, he took Kang Kang with him, fearing that they wouldn’t be able to handle so many children.

Lu Xia also worried that they might neglect Kang Kang in the midst of taking care of the younger ones, so she let him go along.

Kang Kang clearly missed his little friends from last year. He didn’t object much and spent a long time circling around his younger brothers and sister before he left, murmuring something unclear.


Chapter 466 – Names Decided


However, before Grandpa Jiang and the others left, they decided on the names for the triplets.

In fact, the names for the second and third child were not specifically chosen. The names that Grandpa Jiang chose when Kang Kang was born were quite good, and they felt it was a pity not to use them back then.

So, this time, Lu Xia directly chose those two names.

The second child was named Jiang Chen’an, and the third child was named Jiang Qichen.

Grandpa Jiang was very happy upon hearing this, as he had chosen the names for several children.

However, when it came to the fourth child, the only daughter of Jiang Junmo, he wanted to have a say in choosing the name too.

The grandfather and grandson refused to give in to each other, so it became a stalemate.

In the end, they decided that each of them would choose a name they were satisfied with and let Lu Xia make the final decision.

Grandpa chose “Jiang Qinglian,” also from the Book of Songs, describing a girl as pure and beautiful.

But Jiang Junmo disagreed; he felt the name was too old-fashioned and not fitting for his precious daughter.

“What do you plan to name her then?” Lu Xia asked.

Jiang Junmo thought for a moment and revealed the name he had prepared for a long time.

“Jiang Muxia.”

When this name was mentioned, Lu Xia was first stunned, then she blushed directly when she realized the implications of the name.

Then she glared at him fiercely!

The name was too straightforward. While she could accept the pun of naming the eldest son Jiang Luming, this one was a bit embarrassing.

Even Grandpa Jiang looked at him with a difficult expression upon hearing the name.

In this era, expressions of emotions were relatively subtle. Of course, Lu Xia couldn’t let the fourth child be named like this; otherwise, she probably wouldn’t be able to say the name every time.

Moreover, she didn’t like the name Grandpa had chosen either; it had a kind of “white lotus” fragrance to it.

So, after some thought, she suggested, “How about we name her Jiang Yezhen?”

Grandpa Jiang’s eyes brightened upon hearing this. “Fresh and vibrant, like the leaves of a peach. Not bad, not bad. Xiao Xia’s suggestion is good. Yezhen sounds better than Qinglian, and the origins of the names are the same as those of her older brothers. It’s very good; just by listening, you can tell they’re siblings!”

Jiang Junmo felt a bit disappointed, but he knew that Lu Xia didn’t agree with the previous name, so he nodded. “Let’s name her Yezhen then. Our precious daughter will be Zhen Zhen from now on!”

With the names decided, Grandpa Jiang and the others left.

After they left, the courtyard quieted down again.

The children grew quickly, and in no time, they had grown significantly.

When Jiang Junmo fed the children, he favored the fourth child, Zhen Zhen. Each time, he made sure she ate to her heart’s content before feeding the other two brothers. The second and third children would only eat half their fill and then have powdered milk.

Initially, the fourth child was reluctant to drink powdered milk.

Jiang Junmo saw her crying with red eyes, feeling a bit sorry for her, wanting to suggest to Lu Xia to let her have it.

However, Lu Xia gave him a stern look and directly refused, “No, we must treat the children equally. If we always prioritize her from a young age, making her think that everything must revolve around her, what will happen when she grows up?”

Jiang Junmo also understood this reasoning, but he couldn’t bear to see his daughter cry, so he helped explain, “She’s still young and doesn’t understand.”

Lu Xia furrowed her brows, “If she doesn’t understand, why is she crying? And even if she truly doesn’t understand, if we let her have what she wants whenever she’s not satisfied and then pamper her, the consequences might be even worse.

If we let her develop this habit, won’t she think that she can achieve her goals by crying whenever she’s not satisfied? That would be detrimental to her!

It’s only been less than a month and she’s already so demanding, it’s because you’ve spoiled her. Do you want your son to live in the shadow of parental favoritism in the future?”

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