Chapter 463 – Kang Kang’s Popularity

Ye Nan had been admiring the babies since she came in. At this moment, she sighed, saying, “It’s really nice. Seeing you having a baby, I envy you a bit.”

“You don’t have to envy me. You’ll have one soon too,” Lu Xia teased upon seeing her reaction.

Little did Lu Xia know, Ye Nan was not shy at all.

“I have the same plan. It’s perfect. I can have a child while I’m in school, and after graduation, I can focus on work without any interference,” Ye Nan said.

Lu Xia didn’t know what to say upon hearing her plan; she was thinking quite far ahead.

They chatted for a while, and then Tan Yunfang explained, “Hu Cuihua actually wanted to come and see you, but her exams are at a different time from ours in the first year. She has an exam today, so she couldn’t make it. She’s quite regretful!”

Lu Xia smiled, “Tell her not to worry; she’ll see me soon when the next semester starts.”

Then she asked, “Our results should be out soon. When do you plan to leave the school?”

Upon hearing this, Yu Wan spoke directly, “Our major results are already out. Congratulations, Lu Xia, you’re still in the top five.”

Lu Xia breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing this; although she was trailing a bit, her position hadn’t dropped significantly, which was good.

The summer plans of her roommates didn’t change much, except Tang Yuan who went back to Shanghai. The others stayed in the capital.

Then, Tang Yuan expressed a bit of disappointment, saying, “You’re all staying, so you can all attend Ye Nan’s wedding. I’m the only one who can’t.”

Upon seeing this, Yu Wan suggested, “Why don’t you come back early? After all, Ye Nan’s wedding will be over soon, and it’ll be almost time for school to start. Coming back a few days early won’t be a problem.”

Ye Nan’s wedding was in mid-August, not far from the start of the school year.

Tang Yuan hesitated after hearing this.

Ye Nan spoke, “If it’s convenient for you to come back, do so. If not, you can come back when school starts. In our dormitory, besides me, there are still many who aren’t married. We can attend the weddings of others next time together.”

Tang Yuan nodded after hearing this, “I understand. I’ll talk to my parents. If they allow me to come back early, I’ll be able to attend your wedding.”


Seeing her, they could tell she was a well-behaved girl who listened to her parents, so everyone understood.

While they were talking, Jiang Junmo came back, and following her was Kang Kang.

Grandpa Jiang had something to attend to today, so Kang Kang was brought over by Xiao Yu.

It was the first time the roommates saw Lu Xia’s eldest son.

They were all curious.

“Oh my, Lu Xia, your son is so handsome, looks a lot like you, and even more like Classmate Jiang.”

Kang Kang’s complexion had lightened a bit, following Lu Xia’s features. He had tanned during the summer last year, but he had become fair again during the winter. He hadn’t gone for a summer vacation with Grandpa yet and hadn’t run around in the bright sun, so he wasn’t as tan.

Additionally, he had delicate features, making him look much more attractive than other children at this moment.

No wonder the roommates were so amazed.

Kang Kang had just heard his dad saying that his mom’s classmates came to see her.

So at this moment, he wasn’t shy and smiled at them, saying, “Hello, aunts, I’m Kang Kang. Thank you for coming to see my mom!”

In a childish yet pretend-adult manner, Kang Kang instantly won the hearts of Lu Xia’s roommates.

Ye Nan went even further, saying, “I don’t care anymore, Lu Xia, I must have a cute baby like your son.”

Lu Xia proudly lifted her chin upon hearing this, “Well, that’s probably difficult. Kang Kang is the only one!”

“Ah, so adorable!”

Seeing him like this, the others were also very fond of him.

In an instant, Kang Kang won over the hearts of the roommates, surpassing the newborn brothers and sister who were still sleeping and only knew how to sleep.

Upon seeing this, Lu Xia smiled and shook her head.


Chapter 464 – Resting for the Month in the Small Courtyard


After the roommates left, Lu Xia looked at the things they had brought.

Some pastries and fruits, which seemed quite expensive. It was probably purchased by pooling money, including Hu Cuihua, who couldn’t make it today.

Lu Xia knew her roommates were all very nice, but she didn’t feel justified in accepting the gifts. She decided to bring them more food after returning to school, especially for Hu Cuihua, who was already struggling financially. She didn’t want her friends to “go broke” because of giving her gifts.

Lu Xia stayed in the hospital for three days after giving birth before being discharged.

In fact, she had stayed for quite a long time. After all, she had given birth to triplets, and both Jiang Junmo and the doctors were worried. They only allowed her to leave the hospital after making sure she was okay.

As usual, Xiao Yu came to pick her up in the car.

But this time, they didn’t go back to the main courtyard; they went straight to the small courtyard.

Yes, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo decided to do their month of postpartum recovery in the small courtyard.

Firstly, Lu Xia’s room in the main courtyard was not very convenient, being upstairs. Secondly, the small courtyard was cooler, likely due to the presence of a pond, and it was also peaceful, suitable for recuperation.

Moreover, there was a variety of vegetables here, making cooking easier.

Yes, in the spring of this year, Jiang Junmo and Lu Xia had planted vegetables in the small courtyard, and they had also raised quite a few chickens, all nourished with spiritual spring water.

In the fish pond, besides fancy carp, there were many other edible fish.

Furthermore, the grains grown in Lu Xia’s space were used as the main staple.

So they hardly needed to buy anything for cooking.

In short, everything here was very convenient.

Grandpa Jiang thought about it and agreed. He even moved to the small courtyard with Kang Kang, planning to stay with them for a while.

So when Lu Xia returned to the small courtyard by car, it was already very clean, and Aunt Wang had already prepared the meal for them.

Yes, Aunt Wang didn’t take a vacation back to her hometown this year.

Ever since Lu Xia found out that she was pregnant with three children, she knew that she and Jiang Junmo wouldn’t be able to handle it alone. Even if they could, they would likely be very tired.

So she had discussed with Aunt Wang in advance and asked her to stay and help with the cooking during this summer break. They would pay her double the salary.

Of course, Aunt Wang agreed. After all, since her son passed away and her daughter-in-law remarried, she had been taking care of the few grandchildren left behind by her son.

Although she had a well-paying job arranged by the government as a nanny, taking care of several children was still very tiring. Her husband couldn’t earn much by farming in their hometown.

Every time she went home on vacation, she could only spend time with her family and couldn’t help much.

This time, just cooking and taking care of the postpartum period for double the salary was already a great deal for her.

So she agreed immediately and moved over with them.

After Lu Xia returned, she stayed in the master bedroom, and the three babies she had just given birth to stayed with them. The crib that Jiang Junmo had arranged for someone to assemble was placed here. Fortunately, the room was big enough to fit.

Kang Kang stayed in the bedroom prepared by Lu Xia, and Grandpa Jiang stayed next to Kang Kang. Aunt Wang stayed in the guest room.

As for Aunt Jiang, she went back to the main courtyard, as she had to go back to work after Lu Xia was discharged.

She planned to come over occasionally when she wasn’t busy.

Before leaving, Lu Xia expressed her gratitude for taking care of her during this period. After all, both she and Jiang Junmo didn’t have parents—Jiang Junmo truly didn’t have any, and for Lu Xia, it was as good as not having any.

Aunt Jiang played the role of a mother for them, and her meticulous care during this period made Lu Xia feel a mother’s love from her. She was deeply moved by this attentive care.

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