Chapter 461 – The Children Are Healthy

Outside the delivery room, the anxious Jiang family finally saw the nurse bring the third child out.

Seeing that the third child was born successfully, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Jiang Junmo was too preoccupied to look at the third baby and hurriedly asked, “How is my wife?”

“She’s fine, she’ll be out in a moment.”

Upon hearing this, the others finally felt at ease.

The nurse noticed that their attention was on the mother and didn’t intend to show them the baby. She moved to take the baby away.

At this moment, Kang Kang suddenly asked, “Nurse, is this the little sister?”

The nurse holding the child was momentarily surprised, then smiled and answered him, “Yes, this is the little sister.”

Kang Kang finally breathed a sigh of relief. “That’s great, I have a little sister now!”

Jiang Junmo and Grandpa Jiang realized they had forgotten to ask about the gender.

Grandpa Jiang, who had just gained two more grandsons, was especially delighted. “Great, I have a granddaughter now too!”

Jiang Junmo also looked at the tiny baby and felt a softness in his heart.

He had a daughter now.

Not long after the child was taken away, Lu Xia was brought out. Seeing Lu Xia lying on the bed, exhausted and asleep, Jiang Junmo felt a pang of heartache.

He once again resolved that this would definitely be the last time.

When Lu Xia woke up, it was already in the afternoon, and the hospital room was quiet.

Jiang Junmo noticed as soon as she opened her eyes.

“You’re awake? How do you feel? Are you hungry?”

Lu Xia came to her senses and smiled at him. “I’m fine, much better after a good sleep. I’m actually a bit hungry.”

Upon hearing that she was hungry, Jiang Junmo got up and brought the food box from the bedside table.

“Then let’s eat first. Aunt Wang just brought it over, and it’s still warm.”

Lu Xia nodded and was helped by Jiang Junmo to sit up. She looked around the hospital room.

Suddenly, she felt nervous. “Where are the children? Why aren’t they here?”

Jiang Junmo smiled, “The children cried a bit, probably hungry. I was afraid it would disturb you, so I asked Fourth Sister and the others to take them next door to feed.”

Lu Xia looked at him with a bit of annoyance. Her children had just been born, and they were already being treated like this.

But she also knew that he was doing it to let her rest a bit, so she didn’t say anything.

So, she had her meal first.

After finishing her meal, the children were brought back by Fourth Sister and Aunt Jiang. Both of them were very happy to see her awake.

They asked her how she was feeling and were relieved when they heard she was fine.

Only then did Lu Xia look at the children.

All three of the children were so small and fragile, it broke her heart to see them.

Fourth Sister comforted her when she noticed Lu Xia’s concern. “It’s okay. The children have been examined by the doctor. Although they are a bit small in weight, they are developing well and are healthy. As long as we take good care of them, they will grow quickly.”

“Yeah!” Aunt Jiang added, “Xiao Xia, don’t worry. Even though these little ones are small, they are quite strong and eat a lot. You can tell they’ll grow well.”

Lu Xia felt relieved hearing their reassurances.

She asked, “Where’s Grandpa and Kang Kang?”

“They went back.” Jiang Junmo explained, “Since everything is fine on your side, I didn’t ask them to stay. Grandpa took Kang Kang back for a nap. I think they’ll come over again later.”

Lu Xia nodded. “Whether they come or not, it’s fine. I’ll be discharged in a couple of days anyway.”

Hearing this, Jiang Junmo smiled. “That won’t do. Kang Kang really likes his little siblings. He was reluctant to leave them when they left.”

Lu Xia also smiled, “As long as he likes them.”


Chapter 462 – Visit from Roommates


As expected, Kang Kang came in the afternoon, accompanied by Grandpa Jiang. After inquiring about Lu Xia’s condition, they sat down to watch the three children.

Kang Kang was particularly captivated, his eyes fixed on his younger siblings, lost in thought.

News of the birth of triplets at the hospital drew a lot of attention in the afternoon. Many people came to witness the event, including pregnant women from other wards who wanted to share in the joy.

At first, Lu Xia managed to engage with them, but as more people arrived, the noise grew louder, giving her a headache. Plus, the children were woken up by the commotion.

Jiang Junmo finally grew stern and used the excuse of her recent childbirth to usher them all out.

Later, he closed the door and asked the nurse to keep an eye on them. This kept further interruptions at bay, and Lu Xia finally felt some relief.

However, she couldn’t refuse those she knew.

The next day, close relatives and friends came to visit, including her sisters-in-law and their families, as well as friends from the neighborhood.

After all, giving birth to triplets was seen as an incredible stroke of luck, and everyone was envious. They all came to witness the spectacle.

People came and went, marveling at the three children.

After managing to deal with them all, Lu Xia was tired and didn’t want to move.

Unfortunately, at this moment, the three little ones woke up and started crying.

This was how it always went with the three children. When one cried, the other two would follow suit. It was like a competition, and the cries would echo one after another.

Jiang Junmo quickly picked up the fourth child and checked the diaper, while Aunt Jiang held the second child and tried to soothe him. Seeing this, Lu Xia picked up the remaining third child.

After checking, she found that the diaper was still clean, so they were probably hungry.

Jiang Junmo quickly went to prepare the formula.

Seeing this, Lu Xia said, “Bring her to me first, let me feed her. My milk came in a bit today, not much, but each can have a little.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Junmo handed the fourth child to her.

“Let our little daughter have some, those two stubborn boys just need formula.”

Seeing the biased father favoring the newborn daughter, Lu Xia didn’t say anything. She also felt a fondness for this youngest girl.

After all, they didn’t lack sons, and their daughter was the only girl.

Seeing this, Aunt Jiang also didn’t say anything and helped to feed the other two children with formula.

Because there were so many children, and Lu Xia had just given birth and needed rest, Aunt Jiang stayed overnight to help take care of them. This way, it wasn’t as exhausting for Jiang Junmo to handle all three children alone.

The next day, when she woke up, Aunt Wang had already brought their breakfast.

After Lu Xia had her breakfast and fed the children, her roommate came to visit.

Lu Xia was surprised to see her roommates, “Why have you all come?”

Tan Yunfang smiled at her and said, “We heard from Yu Wan that you should be giving birth these two days, so we thought we’d come and see. We didn’t expect to arrive just in time, and you’ve already given birth.”

Yu Wan added, “Yes, we didn’t expect this coincidence, catching you just before the break!”

Tang Yuan, beside them, was staring at the row of newborn babies, delighted. “Lu Xia, your babies are really adorable, so tiny.”

Lu Xia smiled at her words, “Wait until they start crying, and you won’t find them adorable anymore.”

Tan Yunfang smiled at her understanding of what she meant. Only those who had raised children knew that while they found other people’s babies adorable, it wasn’t easy when you raised your own. No matter how cute the child was, they would give you a headache at times.

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