Chapter 459 – Contractions

Later, Fourth Sister carefully asked about her situation before getting off work.

Seeing that she didn’t show any signs of going into labor yet, she told them she would go home and make dinner, and then bring it to them later.

Because Fourth Sister’s home was nearby, at noon, she saw Jiang Junmo buying lunch for Lu Xia at the state-owned restaurant.

She mentioned that she would go to her house later to make the food. While Lu Xia usually ate at the hospital cafeteria during lunchtime, going home to cook wasn’t much trouble, and when she finished cooking, she could bring the food conveniently.

However, Jiang Junmo declined because when Grandpa came in the afternoon, it had already been arranged that Aunt Wang would prepare and bring the food.

Aunt Wang’s cooking was delicious, definitely better than what she could make. Fourth Sister also knew this and didn’t insist.

In the evening, after Lu Xia had dinner, she went to sleep.

Jiang Junmo stayed to accompany her. Perhaps because Fourth Sister had made special arrangements for her through the back door, giving her a separate ward, so, at this moment, she was the only pregnant woman in the room, and it was considerably quiet. Jiang Junmo had a place to stay too.

As a result, she couldn’t sleep comfortably with her big belly. It was difficult to fall asleep, and when she finally managed to sleep until the early hours, she began to experience contractions.

At first, Lu Xia could bear the contractions; the intervals were quite long.

Later, the contractions became faster, and Lu Xia found it hard to bear. She began to involuntarily make sounds.

“Ah… Ugh…”

Jiang Junmo, who was sleeping lightly, immediately got up upon hearing her. He came over in the dark and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Lu Xia endured the pain and said, “The contractions in my stomach have started. I think I’ll probably give birth today.”

Jiang Junmo was startled upon hearing this and quickly turned on the lights. When he saw her pale face covered in sweat, he became extremely worried.

“How long have you been in pain? Why didn’t you call me? Wait for a moment, I’ll go find the doctor.”

Lu Xia was about to say it wasn’t necessary yet, as she estimated she still had to wait for a while before giving birth. But before she could speak, Jiang Junmo had already rushed out of the room.

In a short while, he called the on-duty doctor.

When the on-duty doctor saw Jiang Junmo rushing over, she was initially startled, thinking something had happened to Lu Xia, and felt worried.

After all, this was the younger brother and sister-in-law of Nurse Jiang, and she had been specifically instructed by the hospital director to take good care of her.

However, after she came over and examined Lu Xia, she breathed a sigh of relief.

“It’s okay, you’re about to give birth. It’s a normal phenomenon. However, you’ll have to wait a bit. If you’re in a hurry, you can get up and walk around. This is your second child; it should happen quite quickly.”

Lu Xia nodded after hearing this. Anyway, she couldn’t sleep now, so she let Jiang Junmo help her get up and walk around in the ward.

Perhaps knowing that she was about to come out, the babies in her belly were unusually active, kicking and moving, making Lu Xia very uncomfortable, but she gritted her teeth and persevered.

Resting and walking like this, she didn’t know how long had passed. Lu Xia felt her stomach getting heavier.

Seeing that it was already bright outside and the sounds of other wards getting up could be heard, Lu Xia felt a bit tired and also a bit hungry after all this commotion.

So, she said to Jiang Junmo, “I don’t know if the state-owned restaurant is open now. If it is, could you go and get some food for me? Aunt Wang probably won’t be able to come until it’s very bright outside, and I’m afraid I won’t have the strength to give birth if I don’t eat anything.”

Jiang Junmo had actually wanted to go a while ago, but he was worried about leaving her alone. Yet, he was also afraid she would get hungry. So, he had just thought of finding a nurse to help but then saw Fourth Sister coming, and she brought some food.

“I just asked Dr. Xu. She said you’re about to give birth. How do you feel now?”

Lu Xia nodded. “I feel like I’m about to give birth. It should be today.”

Fourth Sister, upon hearing this, was a bit worried. “Then hurry and eat something first; otherwise, you won’t have the strength to give birth.”

Lu Xia smiled when she heard Fourth Sister’s words. “Fourth Sister-in-law, you’ve come at just the right time. I was just about to ask Jiang Junmo to go out and buy me something to eat.”

Fourth Sister glared at Jiang Junmo upon hearing this. “Why didn’t you think of this earlier? In my opinion, you shouldn’t have refused my offer to stay and help take care of her last night. Otherwise, how could she handle this all alone?”

Jiang Junmo listened to Fourth Sister’s words, remained silent, and didn’t respond.


Chapter 460 – Birth of Triplets


After watching Lu Xia finish her meal, Fourth Sister went to start her shift.

Soon after she left, Lu Xia started feeling more and more pain in her stomach.

Jiang Junmo, seeing her discomfort, quickly called the doctor. When the doctor arrived and examined her, she was finally dilated to two centimeters. It was time for the delivery.

Upon seeing this, Lu Xia got up and continued walking.

Not long after, Grandpa Jiang arrived with Kang Kang. Even Aunt Jiang came this time.

Lu Xia was surprised and asked, “Why are you all here so early? Aunt, didn’t you go to work?”

Aunt Jiang smiled and explained, “Your fourth sister-in-law called and said you’re about to give birth. I happened to have taken a few days off yesterday and came to take care of you. Otherwise, with three children to deliver, Xiao Mo wouldn’t be able to manage alone.”

Touched by this, Lu Xia expressed her gratitude, “Thank you, Aunt.”

After a brief conversation, Lu Xia felt her stomach pains intensify. The doctor confirmed it was time to go to the delivery room.

So, Lu Xia was wheeled away.

Perhaps children are naturally fearful of hospitals. As Lu Xia was being wheeled away, she was surrounded by doctors and nurses in white coats. Kang Kang was visibly scared and crouched behind Grandpa Jiang, watching her carefully.

Lu Xia smiled at him and said, “Kang Kang, don’t worry. Mom will come out soon, and you’ll meet your little siblings.”

Kang Kang relaxed upon hearing this and encouraged her with a smile, “Mom, you can do it! Hurry and give birth to the little siblings!”

Lu Xia smiled and replied, “Alright.”

Giving birth a second time made Lu Xia more experienced. She was generally in good health, so she wasn’t too worried.

However, the doctor delivering her was noticeably worried. After all, a pregnant woman repeatedly emphasized by the director was no ordinary case. Moreover, it was a rare case of triplets. She had only delivered twins a few times before and this was her first time with triplets. It was natural to feel a bit nervous.

But the birth went smoothly. Lu Xia had only been inside for half an hour when her second son was born. Although he was small, weighing only four pounds and six ounces, he looked healthy and cried loudly.

Ten minutes later, her third son was born, slightly lighter than his older brother at four pounds and five ounces, but also healthy.

After the children were born, the nurse briefly showed them to Lu Xia and then took them away for a doctor’s examination due to their small size.

Lu Xia was exhausted, but even with a quick glance, she could tell that the children were indeed very small, and not as cute as Kang Kang was when he was born.

When she looked at her third son, wrinkled and red, she thought about how she needed to take good care of them. They were brothers, and their appearances shouldn’t vary too much.

Outside, the Jiang family was thrilled to see the two children being quickly brought out. They examined them carefully and asked Fourth Sister to accompany them to see the doctor for a check-up.

Originally, Fourth Sister intended to accompany Lu Xia into the delivery room, but Lu Xia felt a bit shy with familiar faces, so Fourth Sister stayed outside, taking care of the children. After all, although it was a big hospital, the safety of the children needed to be ensured.

Considering how smoothly the first two births went, they expected the third to be quick too.

But unexpectedly, the third baby was delicate and took its time. It seemed reluctant to come out, and when Lu Xia was exhausted, she finally managed to give birth to the little one.

Even the doctor sighed in relief.

Taking the child in her arms, the doctor smiled and said, “It’s a little girl. She’s a bit small, but looks good. I can tell she’ll grow up to be a little beauty!”

Hearing this, Lu Xia looked at the tiny girl, smaller than her brothers at only four pounds.

She couldn’t see what was so attractive about her as she looked wrinkled and small, but since the doctor said so, she believed the baby had potential.

Lu Xia finally felt relieved now that all the children were born. The delivery was done. She hadn’t slept well last night, and after a whole morning of tossing, Lu Xia was very tired.

Seeing that the children were fine, she finally relaxed. She closed her eyes and fell into a much-needed sleep.

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