Chapter 457 – Pointing Fingers

This matter involved the dean of the architecture school, as well as several school leaders and staff who were state officials. Even though the university wanted to keep it hidden, due to the large amount of money involved, it eventually had to be reported to the public security.

After the police investigated, they discovered that Dean Qiu’s ex-wife had taken all the money from their home before he encountered his problems initially. Then, after her second marriage ended in trouble, she took all the money he had hidden away.

So, by exploiting both of her ex-husbands, she had amassed a significant sum of money.

However, much of the money she acquired from her second husband was through illegal means.

The police had not found this earlier because she had hidden it all.

Now, she faced the consequences of her actions and was arrested for bribing school officials.

But leaving that aside, let’s talk about Qiu Wanyu. Although the school didn’t expel her out of respect for Dean Qiu, at his strong insistence, she was forced back into her original major. She resisted several times, but it was futile.

Even when she loudly declared at the dean’s office entrance that she would sever her relationship with her father, the dean remained unmoved.

So in the end, she had to resign herself to joining the Agriculture College.

However, because the first-year courses had already concluded, she was late in coming. Therefore, the Agriculture College decided to have her repeat a year and attend classes with the new first-year students in the next semester.

However, news of her situation had already spread in the school.

Because she had been so arrogant before, she had offended quite a few people. Now, they were beginning to retaliate, albeit by spreading rumors about her actions. Though it was just verbal accusations, rumors could be dangerous. She would likely experience the feeling of being gossiped about at the school.

It remains unknown if, when the next batch of freshmen arrives, they will let her off. However, Lu Xia estimated that it would be tough for her, and they wouldn’t make it easy.

Once her classmates find out about what she did, her university life will probably be difficult to endure.

As for the people who took money to help her, there were no specific results yet.

Because when Lu Xia heard about this, she was in the midst of final exams and had already completed two subjects.

After learning about Qiu Wanyu’s fate and Dean Qiu’s actions, Lu Xia finally breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that Dean Qiu was indeed as selfless as Jiang Junmo had described.

If that was the case, he probably wouldn’t make things difficult for Jiang Junmo.

Moreover, from the information that had leaked, it was evident that the catalyst for this incident was not revealed to be Jiang Junmo.

It seemed the dean didn’t disclose it, which was a relief.

That’s good.

Soon, the final exams would be over. There was only one subject left to be taken today. After this subject, they would have a three-day break once the results were released.

Lu Xia was very happy; the end was finally in sight!

However, when she woke up in the morning, she felt her stomach weighing her down.

Having gone through childbirth once, she understood that her due date was approaching.

So, before leaving, she took out the prepared maternity bag and placed it in the car. She then told Jiang Junmo, “Let’s go directly to the hospital after the exams!”

Jiang Junmo was taken aback at first upon hearing this, then he was startled. He quickly supported her and asked, “What’s wrong? Are you about to give birth?”

Hearing him say this, the others in the family were anxious and looked at her worriedly.

Seeing their reaction, Lu Xia hurriedly shook her head. “No, not yet. I just feel a bit heavy in my stomach. I think it’s getting close, probably either tomorrow or the day after.”

Aunt Jiang carefully asked about her feelings and checked her, and Lu Xia answered each question. Only then was she certain about her statement.

“It’s almost time. Xiao Xia is right. After the exams, let’s go early. You’re carrying triplets. It might be faster than a single pregnancy. We can’t wait until the last moment to go.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Junmo breathed a sigh of relief, but he still worried, “Do you still need to take the exam today? Sitting for so long, will it be too much for you?”

Lu Xia smiled and shook her head. “It’s okay, don’t worry. I’ve been through these days like this, and the invigilator knows my situation and takes good care of me.”

Hearing her say this, Jiang Junmo finally reluctantly felt at ease. Time was running out, and they had to set off for school.

Grandpa Jiang also instructed Xiao Yu to wait at the school gate instead of rushing back.

Kang Kang’s kindergarten had started their summer break early, so Grandpa Jiang had to stay at home with Kang Kang. Otherwise, he would have wanted to come along.


Chapter 458 – Heading to the Hospital After the Exam


After arriving at school, Jiang Junmo accompanied Lu Xia to the exam venue’s entrance, but she sent him away since he had to take his own exam.

Once Lu Xia entered the classroom, her classmates were impressed to see her with such a large belly still persisting in attending exams.

On the other hand, Yu Wan was particularly worried. Before the exam started, she came over and asked, “How are you feeling today? When do you think you’ll give birth?”

Lu Xia smiled and shook her head. “I’m okay. I think it’s getting close. After I finish the exam, I’ll go to the hospital in advance. I estimate I’ll give birth either tomorrow or the day after.”

“So soon!”

Yu Wan was taken aback by this, then looked at Lu Xia’s visibly large belly, also thinking it was probably going to happen soon.

She then asked which hospital she would be staying at and promised to visit her after she gave birth. After speaking, she went back to her seat as the exam began.

Today was the last subject of the exams.

These questions were not difficult for Lu Xia, but due to her large belly, it was inconvenient to write, so she wrote slowly.

Moreover, she couldn’t sit for a long time with her belly being so big, so during the exams, she obtained the teacher’s permission to sit separately in the front, facing the other students. This way, if she felt uncomfortable, she could stand up for a bit.

This arrangement didn’t disturb other students during the exam, and they couldn’t see each other’s papers, as the invigilator was right in front.

The teacher was aware of her situation, so they readily agreed.

During the challenging hour and a bit, Lu Xia managed to answer the questions.

After it ended, she breathed a sigh of relief; she had finally endured it!

Then, amidst the farewells from her classmates, Jiang Junmo arrived to pick her up.

She didn’t plan to go back to the dormitory. Since the late stages of her pregnancy, she had been picked up by Xiao Yu. She would also go home to rest at noon, so she hadn’t been back to the dormitory.

So, after leaving the school gate, they got into the car and headed straight to the hospital.

By the time they arrived at the hospital, Fourth Sister was already waiting there. Upon asking, they found out that Grandpa Jiang had called her in advance.

The doctor carefully examined her and confirmed it would be within the next couple of days. They advised her to be admitted directly to avoid any delays.

Lu Xia obediently stayed.

After arranging everything for her, Jiang Junmo went out to prepare lunch for her. He also asked Xiao Yu to go back and inform Grandpa and the others.

However, they didn’t expect that in the afternoon, Grandpa Jiang would come with Kang Kang.

After lunch, Lu Xia rested for a while. When she woke up, she asked Jiang Junmo to help her walk around the ward. However, they had only walked for a short while when Grandpa Jiang and Kang Kang arrived.

Lu Xia was surprised when she saw them. “Grandpa, why are you here?”

Grandpa Jiang smiled and explained, “I came to see how you’re doing. Kang Kang was also quite worried and kept asking if you had given birth.”

Upon hearing this, Kang Kang also asked, “Mommy, when are you going to give birth to my little brother or sister?”

Lu Xia smiled at him, “Mommy doesn’t know, but it’ll probably be in these two days. At home, you have to listen to Grandpa, okay?”

Kang Kang patted his chest and assured her, “Don’t worry, Mommy, I’ll definitely listen!”

After that, Grandpa Jiang stayed at the hospital for a while. Fourth Sister and her husband also came to see them after hearing about it. After a brief conversation with them, Grandpa Jiang knew that Lu Xia probably wouldn’t give birth today, so he took Kang Kang home.

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