Chapter 455 – Hating Iron for Not Becoming Steel

Dean Qiu was stunned upon hearing this. “What did you say?”

“Sorry, Dean. I know my words might sound harsh, but Qiu Wanyu, after I clearly rejected her multiple times, went to my pregnant wife, urging her to ab*rt the child and divorce me. I cannot accept this.

I plead with the dean to intervene, to ensure that Classmate Qiu won’t pester my wife and me in the future!”

The dean was silent for a long time after hearing his words.

Only now did he understand why Jiang Junmo had come to see him.

Removing someone from the group was only a secondary reason; the real purpose was something else.

And he finally understood why his daughter, a freshman, had joined the sophomore workgroup.

It turned out it wasn’t for learning but to pursue a man, a married man at that?

Thinking that this was his daughter, although they were not close, he couldn’t help but *hate iron for not becoming steel. Being criticized by his own student made him, the dean, somewhat unable to hold his head up high.

In the end, he just nodded, sighed, and said, “I understand. Leave this to me. You can go now.”

Jiang Junmo knew that the dean had understood, so he respectfully bowed and left.

Seeing his upright figure and excellent appearance, the dean knew why his daughter was interested.

Thinking about this, he felt a bit angry. This was a reflection on his ex-wife. How could she raise their daughter to be so shameless?

However, recalling Jiang Junmo’s words earlier, he wondered who helped his daughter get into the group in the first place.

Using connections in this way had always been strictly prohibited, and he hadn’t expected it to happen right under his nose. He decided he would thoroughly investigate…

On the other side, Lu Xia only heard about the incident from Jiang Junmo in the evening.

She looked at him somewhat worriedly and said, “Is what you did too direct?”

Going directly to the dean might ensure that the matter is dealt with, considering the dean’s face. However, the dean might also feel embarrassed that his daughter’s actions were exposed by one of his students. If he holds a grudge, it might not be good for Jiang Junmo in the future.

After all, he’s only in his second year, with two more years of school ahead.

Moreover, there’s the matter of job placement after graduation. If the dean tries to interfere in that aspect, it would be a problem. After all, besides the university president, the dean is the highest-ranking official directly impacting him.

Seeing her concern, Jiang Junmo knew what she was thinking.

So, he gave her a reassuring smile and said, “Don’t worry. It’ll be fine. I’ve gotten to know the dean’s personality quite well through our interactions over this period. He’s very fair and straightforward. Moreover, he doesn’t hold back. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have resisted his ex-wife’s persistence for so long and refused to remarry even with his daughter around.”

Lu Xia nodded reluctantly at his reassurance, but she still felt a bit worried.

She was afraid that the dean might only pretend to be understanding, but hold a grudge inside. That could make things difficult for Jiang Junmo.

However, now that the deed was done, worrying wouldn’t help. They would have to see how the dean handled the situation.

Next, it seemed that the dean had taken action. Qiu Wanyu didn’t bother Jiang Junmo again, and she withdrew from their study group.

Although the others didn’t know what had happened, they felt relieved. With her gone, they could finally focus on their work.

But with final exams approaching, everyone needed to find time to review. The time for designing blueprints was limited. Fortunately, there were still a few months left before the deadline, plus the summer break, so they could continue their work. They weren’t in a rush and planned to do their best on the exams before worrying about the project submission.


Chapter 456 – The Source of the Money


On Lu Xia’s end, it was the same.

Perhaps due to the tiring revision and the increasingly large belly, she had been experiencing frequent backaches and soreness.

Fortunately, there were hardly any classes at the moment. Sitting through an hour-long class would have been unbearable for her.

With the final exams approaching, Lu Xia’s belly showed no signs of labor, and she finally breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed she wouldn’t have to take any make-up exams.

However, during this time, a major event occurred at the school.

This matter was not directly related to Jiang Junmo.

Since he went to see the dean, the dean first had Qiu Wanyu’s name removed from the workgroup. Then, he called Qiu Wanyu to his office and scolded her.

Seeing that she was unrepentant, after work, he went to talk to his former wife, giving her a piece of his mind and asking her to keep their daughter from causing trouble at the school.

Qiu Wanyu was terrified of her mother. When her mother found out about her pursuit of Jiang Junmo, she was furious. She scolded Qiu Wanyu severely and gave her a leave of absence, allowing her to return to school only when she gave up her pursuit.

Back at the school, Dean Qiu started investigating who had inferred his intentions and pulled strings for his daughter.

However, the investigation led to a shocking discovery!

It turned out these people had not only helped Qiu Wanyu but were involved in many big and small matters!

From rearranging dormitory rooms if she didn’t like a particular roommate to secretly changing her major!

Yes, Dean Qiu only found out then that his daughter hadn’t been admitted to the Architecture Department of Peking University.

She had been transferred here under his name by these people.

Dean Qiu was furious upon hearing this!

He had always prided himself on being just, fair, and impartial. Never did he expect that his daughter had entered the university through backdoor means. Where could he show his face now?

After Dean Qiu found out, he immediately ordered a thorough investigation.

Then, he reported to the school president, “confessing.”

The school president was also surprised upon hearing this, but he knew the kind of person Dean Qiu was and was sure he wouldn’t do such a thing. After comforting him, he personally conducted an investigation.

Sure enough, they found something.

Several school leaders from different schools were involved.

And behind them was Dean Qiu’s former wife.

Under his name, she spent a significant amount of money to bribe the people in the schools.

She managed to move Qiu Wanyu, who had barely made it into Peking University’s Agriculture College’s Animal Husbandry program, to Peking University’s prestigious Architecture Department.

Furthermore, she occasionally sent gifts to these people, urging them to take better care of her daughter.

Of course, these people helped not just for the money but also for Dean Qiu, given that Qiu Wanyu was his daughter. Even though she was following her mother, the blood relation was still there.

So they believed there was some involvement from Dean Qiu as well.

Otherwise, how could a divorced woman have so much money?

When Dean Qiu heard their words, he was nearly overwhelmed with anger.

After hearing this, the school president sighed and patted his shoulder to reassure him. Then he explained the situation, assuring Dean Qiu that it was not his doing.

It turned out that after Dean Qiu returned from the rural area, the government compensated him. Combined with the salary from the university, he used almost all of it to help impoverished students.

He didn’t care about fame and fortune, so he asked the school to keep it a secret.

Now, he was left with just enough money for meals each month and led a frugal life.

So it was definitely not his doing.

Hearing him explain, everyone realized they had been deceived by his former wife.

But where could a divorced woman get so much money?

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to hate iron for not becoming steel; to feel resentful towards someone for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement 

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