Chapter 125 – Betrothal

The Song parents also worked in the fields to earn work points, and both of them were in good health.

Although Song Yi’s grandparents had passed away, they left behind a considerable legacy.

Song Yi’s grandfather had fought in Country R before sacrificing his life on the battlefield as a martyr. Song Yi’s grandmother, on the other hand, was a military doctor. They were from different places but met on the battlefield, fell in love, and later got married.

Song Yi’s grandmother gave birth to Song Yi’s father on the battlefield.

However, they were busy with the war and had no time to raise him. So, Father Song, still a baby at that time, was sent back to Song Yi’s grandfather’s hometown, the Qinghe Production Brigade.

From a young age, Father Song grew up among caring people in Qinghe.

Even though his parents weren’t around, and there were no other relatives in the Qinghe Production Brigade, everyone treated him well.

Nobody dared mistreat him, considering his parents were soldiers and war heroes.

Even after Father Song’s parents sacrificed their lives, and he became an orphan, the higher-ups took good care of him.

The pension left by his parents ensured a comfortable life for Father Song.

Now, even though many years have passed, the Song family in the Qinghe Production Brigade remains a prominent presence.

The reason Song Yi was chosen to be a military doctor was because: first, he often studied the medical skills left by his grandmother and had a solid foundation from self-study; second, it was because of the goodwill left by his grandparents.

The Song parents had good personalities, being honest, kind, and with strong principles, and they also protected their family.

This is why Wei Rou chose Song Yi.

Not only because of Song Yi himself but also because of the background of the Song family, the aura left by his grandparents’ generation makes the Song family invincible.

The Song parents were unaware of Song Yi’s relationship with Xu Fanghua before Song Yi returned.

When they confirmed their relationship, Song Yi had already been conscripted and soon joined the army.

The Song parents had actually been thinking about their son’s marriage matters all along. They planned to handle it promptly when their son returned from military service.

Unexpectedly, before they could bring it up, their son mentioned his relationship with Xu Fanghua and how she had waited for him for three years. He also expressed his intention to marry Xu Fanghua as soon as possible.

“Why did you only tell us about this now?”

“How could you let Fanghua wait for three years? For a girl, how many three years can she afford?”

“This betrothal is the right thing to do. Leave it to us, and we will arrange it for you soon.”

“Fanghua is good. Ayi, you’ve chosen a daughter-in-law that your mother likes.”

“… “

The Song parents were naturally pleased about Song Yi’s relationship with Xu Fanghua.

Xu Fanghua was a girl whom many families in the surrounding villages and towns wanted as their daughter-in-law.

She was a good girl, both in looks and abilities, and her family background was also good.

To marry Xu Fanghua as a daughter-in-law was undoubtedly a blessing for their old Song family ancestors.

“We must prepare well for the betrothal gifts and engagement ceremony. We can’t let Fanghua down.”

Seeing his parents busy with his wedding arrangements, Song Yi felt both shy and genuinely happy from the bottom of his heart.

Soon, the Song parents visited Xu’s family, and both sides confirmed the betrothal gifts, engagement, and wedding date.

The engagement was set three days later, while the wedding would take place in four months, after the autumn harvest.

Xu Aiguo and Zhang Ailian naturally agreed to everything.

Three days passed quickly, and Song Yi and Xu Fanghua officially became engaged.

The news of their engagement spread quickly.

After all, from today onward, Song Yi and Xu Fanghua were officially engaged.

This news spread instantly throughout the nearby production brigades, sparking intense discussions among everyone.

This was because these two protagonists were popular choices for daughter-in-law and son-in-law.

While Song Yi was in the army, matchmakers often came, saying there were girls interested in him. However, the Song parents, following Song Yi’s instructions, rejected all proposals.

Recently, when Song Yi returned and became the chief doctor at the county hospital, receiving a monthly salary, everyone became even more interested.

They had planned to send matchmakers to test the waters and arrange a marriage between their daughter and Song Yi.

However, Xu Fanghua got there first.

But since it was Xu Fanghua, they didn’t have many complaints.

This was because Xu Fanghua was also a sought-after daughter-in-law in the surrounding villages and towns.

The union of Xu Fanghua and Song Yi could be described as the pairing of two excellent and attractive individuals.

It seemed reasonable and fitting.

After the engagement, Xu Fanghua officially entered the stage of preparing for marriage.

Xu Jinning was somewhat worried. In four months, as the younger sister, what could she contribute to her sister’s bridal trousseau?

Xu Jinning felt that perhaps she needed to save some money and then think carefully.

The news of Song Yi and Xu Fanghua’s engagement naturally brought mixed feelings to those who heard it.

Among those feeling troubled were not only families who wanted Xu Fanghua or Song Yi as their son-in-law or daughter-in-law but also Wei Rou, who was naturally unwilling.

Wei Rou had originally hoped to marry Song Yi to escape from the Wei family and her mother. However, now she was constantly bothered by her mother.

Ever since the last incident, Mother Wei had been insistent on her marrying Yang Zhiwen.

She even went to the Yang family privately for a matchmaking proposal.

What was even more baffling was that both Yang Zhiwen and his family agreed.

But she didn’t want to marry Yang Zhiwen.

“Girl, let me tell you, your marriage with the Yang family is set, the date is fixed, and you must marry him then!” Mother Wei laid down the ultimatum, not allowing Wei Rou to refuse.

Angered, Wei Rou went to find Yang Zhiwen.

However, she received a response from Yang Zhiwen like this—

“I said before, if your plan fails, if I can’t marry Xu Fanghua, then I’ll take you as a substitute.”

“Your plan has failed now, and our situation has been seen by so many people. If you don’t marry me, who else do you want to marry? Is it that guy, Song Yi?”

“Wei Rou, people always have to pay the price for what they do.”

“And besides, what’s wrong with marrying me?”

“Of course, there’s something wrong, because you are—” Wei Rou almost blurted out that Yang Zhiwen was a eunuch, but thankfully stopped herself in time.

“Because I am what?” Yang Zhiwen squinted his eyes.

Wei Rou turned her head away from him. “It’s nothing. You’re right, I just like Song Yi. Xu Fanghua took away my Song Yi.”

Yang Zhiwen didn’t comment on what Wei Rou said.

However, if Song Yi were an ordinary person, Yang Zhiwen definitely wouldn’t let it go so easily.

But Song Yi and the Song family, even though his father is the village secretary of the Dahe Production Brigade, Yang Zhiwen didn’t dare to mess with them. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to keep his position.

So, Yang Zhiwen could only swallow his anger.

Also, the behavior of Xu Aiguo that night left a psychological shadow on him.

Now, he no longer liked Xu Fanghua, nor did he have any obsession with getting her.

Now, the only thing he thought about was: marrying Wei Rou!

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