Chapter 124 – Could Xie Tingyu also transmigrate if he died?

“So, is there anyone?” Xu Fanghua’s eyes were full of curiosity.



“Yes, really.” The original owner indeed did not have any crush, as for her, the people and things of the 21st century, from the moment she transmigrated, were destined to have no relation to her.

After all, she could never go back, and those people, whether good or bad, she could not see them anymore.

“Alright.” Although the little girl said there was no one, Xu Fanghua still had some doubts. Her intuition told her that the little girl must have someone but was unwilling to say.

Forget it, everyone has secrets, let the little girl keep hers.

If there is fate, they will meet in the future.

She didn’t know if it was because of that question that made Xu Jinning remember Xie Tingyu, but that night, Xu Jinning dreamt of Xie Tingyu.

The Xie Tingyu in the dream seemed different from the one she knew before.

The Xie Tingyu she knew before left the impression of being delicate, gentle, like a warm jade that needed care.

But the Xie Tingyu in the dream was like a sharp, blood-sucking sword, his face extremely cold, with no emotions in his eyes, like an emotionless robot.

In the dream, Xie Tingyu waited for her in the backyard for a long time, but she never arrived.

However, he kept waiting until the butler told him about her death from falling off the stairs.

Xie Tingyu immediately spat blood and then, regardless of everything, rushed to the Xu family and took her, who was already dead, away.

What happened after that was quite fantastical.

It’s quite strange that Xie Tingyu didn’t bury her but instead brought a master to continuously recite something by her bedside, along with various talismans…

Xie Tingyu also sent people to investigate her cause of death.

Soon, they retrieved surveillance footage showing her step-sister Xu Jinwen pushing her off the stairs.

He reported it to the police, gave them the video, and even sought help from his own lawyer to sue.

Naturally, Father Xu didn’t dare to confront Xie Tingyu.

Even though Xu Jinwen’s mother pleaded desperately, in the end, Xu Jinwen was sentenced to death.

Not only that, Xie Tingyu also suppressed Father Xu’s company until his divorce from Xu Jinwen’s mother before relenting.

By then, Father Xu’s company had shrunk to one-tenth of its original size, a severe blow indeed.

In the dream’s conclusion, it seemed like Xie Tingyu fell ill and died…

In the middle of the night, Xu Jinning woke up from the dream, sitting on the bed for a long time unable to snap out of it.

“Was that dream real…”

She could accept the earlier parts of the dream.


“How could Xie Tingyu die, how could he…” Xu Jinning murmured, unwilling to accept this possibility.

Even though Xie Tingyu had previously mentioned that doctors said his body could only hold on until he turned 18, Xu Jinning still hoped that such a good person like Xie Tingyu could live a long life.

And all those things Xie Tingyu did for her in the dream, were they real?

If they were real…

Xie Tingyu had feelings for her, but Xu Jinning couldn’t quite understand what kind of emotions they were. Were they that of very good friends, or something else…?

Xu Jinning wasn’t dumb, but she was a bit puzzled.

“Never mind, I won’t dwell on it. I probably won’t see Xie Tingyu again in this lifetime.” If there’s a chance, I’ll just ask then.

However, if she could transmigrate after death, could Xie Tingyu also transmigrate if he died?

Maybe one day, they’ll meet again.

But that thought was just fleeting.

Xu Jinning lay back in bed, tossing and turning for a long time before drifting back into a deep sleep.


Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, in a remote mountain production brigade, inside a cowshed…

A frail old man with white hair kept dampening a towel with water, wiping down his sick grandson’s body.

The grandson was around fifteen years old, his eyes tightly shut, cheeks flushed, lips pale, clearly not looking well.

“Xiaoyu, you have to hold on, you have to hold on. Grandpa only has you.”

“If you’re gone, grandpa will be all alone. What’s the point of living then?”


No matter how the old man spoke or cried out, the young boy showed no response, as if he were dead.

There was a moment when even the hand that the old man held lost its strength.

“Xiaoyu, Xiaoyu, don’t scare grandpa…”

The old man reached out to feel the boy’s breath, and the next moment, his hand froze, followed by uncontrollable trembling.

His face turned deathly pale, tears streaming down silently.

“Xiaoyu, how could you leave grandpa all alone…”

“Xiaoyu, my Xiaoyu…”

The old man held the boy’s body, tears flowing freely, his eyes devoid of light, as if he had lost all hope of living on.

Just as the old man was losing hope and had a resolve to follow his grandson…

A hoarse but familiar voice sounded by his ear.


It was only on the second utterance that the old man snapped out of it, seeing his grandson half-opening his eyes through tear-blurred vision.

“Xiaoyu, you’re awake…”

Just a moment ago, not sensing his breath, the old man thought his grandson had…

Though he didn’t understand why, since moments ago his grandson had no breath, but now he opened his eyes, it was still a relief that his grandson was alive.

At that moment, someone lifted the curtain of the cowshed and entered.

“Old Xie, I managed to get a fever-reducing medicine. Quick, give it to Xiaoyu.” It was an old man of similar age to the old man.

“Oh, good, fever-reducing medicine is good.”

The boy was fed the medicine, and the old man continued to wipe him down. Half an hour later, the boy’s high fever began to subside…


On the second day after returning home, Song Yi went to the county hospital to handle the transition and start working there.

To be honest, with Song Yi’s abilities, working at the county hospital was a bit of a waste, but it was his own choice.

If there’s an opportunity in the future, he can slowly climb up the ranks.

Upon joining the county hospital, Song Yi became the chief surgeon and also held the position of chief physician, essentially being the only one in the hospital with such qualifications.

When the county hospital learned about Song Yi’s abilities and background and that he was joining them, they were ecstatic.

Their small hospital in the county really needed skilled doctors.

With Song Yi, a surgeon, on board, patients with surgical needs could now receive timely treatment.

After completing the work transition, on the third day, Song Yi officially visited the Xu family and candidly talked to Xu Aiguo and Zhang Ailian about his relationship with Xu Fanghua. He also mentioned that he would arrange for his parents to come and propose soon.

Naturally, Xu Aiguo and Zhang Ailian agreed.

Xu Fanghua and Song Yi together were a perfect match, not just in appearance but also in their deep affection for each other.

Moreover, the Song family, including both Song Yi and his parents, were well-regarded.

Previously, Song Yi served as a military doctor in the army, and now transitioning back, he became the chief physician at the county hospital, ensuring a stable income for everyone.

The Song family had two children, one being Song Yi and the other being Song Ling, who was still in middle school.

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