Chapter 193 – Tacit Cooperation

In the dark of night, Cookie sat in front of the computer, surrounded by silence. Only the sound of fingers tapping on the keyboard echoed. Strings of code rapidly flashed across the computer screen, swiftly connecting with Fingal Moray’s computer.

At this moment, Fingal Moray was seated in front of his computer. For some unknown reason, sweat beads had formed on his forehead. The unknown was always the most frightening. The person on the other side of the computer was too mysterious, and he didn’t even know how much information the other person had about him. This made Fingal Moray nervous when facing the hacker on the other side of the computer.

“Hello, I’ve brought my daughter back. What about the information?” Fingal Moray typed the message, his hands trembling.

Soon, Cookie replied, quite aloof, “Noted.”

Fingal Moray wanted to ask for more information about his daughter, but a message suddenly appeared on the computer screen.

【The data has been completely destroyed. Confirming will make it irretrievable. Are you sure?】Without a second thought, Fingal Moray pressed the confirmation key. As the data was deleted, Fingal Moray felt a wave of relief.

Nevertheless, he still held deep respect and awe for the mysterious person on the other side of the computer. He was also worried. If this hacker could obtain the information he wanted, what about other hackers?

At this moment, Fingal Moray realized how vulnerable the information system’s firewall of the Moray family was.

As if sensing Fingal Moray’s thoughts, a message appeared on the computer screen once again.

【Rest assured, what I have deleted, apart from myself, no one else can recover. Of course, if your daughter appears in China again, then I can obtain your daughter’s information, and naturally, I can obtain yours.】Sitting in Fingal Moray’s current position, there was no way his hands could be clean; he couldn’t be truly innocent. Fingal Moray believed that as long as the other party was willing, his own leverage could easily be held by the other party.

Fingal Moray quickly replied, “Rest assured, Lena will never set foot in China’s territory.”

This was Fingal Moray’s promise to the hacker on the other side of the computer, and it was also a promise to himself. He wouldn’t let Lena easily leave the house. The mistakes Lena made should be borne by him.

Moreover, now that this leverage had been exposed, even though the hacker claimed to have destroyed the data, it was still a potential danger. Politely, he had to expose this danger himself and stage a tragic drama. Perhaps, for a moment, he would be drowned in criticism, but he believed that soon, someone would applaud him for his ignorance and righteous sacrifice.

The butterfly of history once again fluttered its wings, quietly veering off course.

In Wei Chen’s previous life, Fingal Moray was the strongest candidate for the US presidency. However, overnight, the scandal of his daughter Lena contracting HlV and engaging in intentional promiscuity was exposed. Even though Fingal Moray was unaware, he was rendered speechless. Overnight, Fingal Moray’s credibility plummeted, causing a rift between him and the US presidency.

In this life, Fingal Moray knew about Lena’s scandal in advance. At this point, there were still two years left until the US presidential elections. These two years were enough for him to defuse this crisis.

Furthermore, in this life, Fingal Moray, under the guise of atonement, established a foundation for HlV treatment. Over the two years, this foundation grew rapidly and helped many HlV patients. This earned Fingal Moray prestige among the public, further propelling him toward the position of the US president.

And now, this butterfly of history had just begun to spread its wings, but the trajectory of everything was already starting to change.

Fingal Moray was a businessman, but more importantly, a politician. He had already thought of ways to deal with the situation in a short period.

Of course, these were stories for another time.

At this moment, the hacker on the other side had already automatically severed the connection. Naturally, Fingal Moray couldn’t link up with this hacker again. However, he didn’t call the family’s information maintenance personnel.

Firstly, Fingal Moray was a cautious person. He couldn’t guarantee whether the hacker just now had left a trap, waiting for him to fall into. Secondly, since the other party could enter the Moray family’s system effortlessly twice, Fingal Moray knew that most of the family’s information maintenance personnel wouldn’t be able to trace the hacker’s tracks.

Since that was the case, he didn’t want to take any risks. He let this matter slide. Now, the urgent task was for him to plan how to play the bad hand in his possession, which could be easily seized as leverage at any time.

After Cookie severed contact with Fingal Moray, he naturally wouldn’t speculate on what Fingal Moray would do next. His desired objective had been achieved. Whatever Fingal Moray would do next had nothing to do with him.

On this side, just after Cookie closed the computer, a call from Wei Hua came in.

After massaging his slightly throbbing head, Cookie picked up the phone.

“Xiao Qiqi, Lena Moray has been brought back to the country,” Wei Hua said directly.

“I know,” Cookie nodded. However, he wasn’t curious about why Wei Hua would know about Lena being taken back to the United States. Perhaps, Cookie knew that Lena Moray could be brought back to the US this early, and Wei Hua was one of the orchestrators behind the scenes.

“So, Xiao Qiqi, we really have a telepathic connection!” Wei Hua couldn’t help but show off. Even though Cookie was just listening to Wei Hua’s voice, he could feel Wei Hua’s triumphant expression. His mouth must be wide open, showing off his white teeth, and even his eyebrows seemed to be raised in triumph.

Wasn’t it a telepathic connection? They didn’t even discuss it. Cookie was responsible for contacting and “informing” Fingal Moray to bring Lena back, while Wei Hua was responsible for finding Lena and holding her until Fingal Moray’s people came to take her back.

There was no room for error in this arrangement. They didn’t even consider anything beyond completing their respective tasks. Subconsciously, both of them believed that the other would complete the other half of the task.

Sure enough, both Wei Hua and Cookie didn’t disappoint each other. Without any discussion, they achieved a perfect coordination.

Because of this, Wei Hua was now acting so proud, and he was overjoyed inside.

Cookie didn’t say anything, just listened to Wei Hua’s endless chatter in his ear, going off on tangents without a main theme. Yet one was speaking with enthusiasm, and the other was listening with a slight smile.

It wasn’t until the night completely descended, the sky adorned with shiny stars, that the two reluctantly ended the call.

With a bedtime phone call, both of them had an exceptionally sweet sleep that night, with each other’s images filling their dreams.

Changfeng Group.

Early in the morning, a personnel announcement from Human Resources set the whole company abuzz.

However, after the initial surprise, everyone felt that these changes were justifiable, considering the significant contribution made silently to the company once again this time.

Yes, Wei Chen was promoted again, but it could also be said he wasn’t.

Wei Chen remained the director of the Marketing Department, but he gained an additional title – Deputy General Manager.

Yes, it was the position that Li Mingchang held.

Although there was a prefix in front of this Deputy General Manager – Acting, everyone in the company knew that with Wei Chen’s capabilities, one day, this prefix would completely disappear, even if Li Mingchang returned after being discharged from the hospital.

Moreover, whether Li Mingchang would be able to leave the hospital was still unknown!

Why did the company promote Wei Chen to the position shortly after Li Mingchang was hospitalized? It wasn’t because the position of Deputy General Manager was so crucial and should never be left vacant for a day. It was because Li Mingchang’s condition took a turn for the worse during this hospitalization.

Nobody knew that Li Mingchang got so infuriated that he had a stroke! He was still in the intensive care unit, and his condition was uncertain. On the contrary, Zhou Tongpeng only experienced a momentary fainting due to a sudden spike in blood pressure, woke up shortly after arriving at the hospital, and was still lingering there. Presumably, he felt embarrassed about the Max project and didn’t want to go back to Changfeng temporarily.

However, if Zhou Tongpeng were to return today and find out that Wei Chen had suddenly become the Deputy General Manager without his knowledge, no one knew how Zhou Tongpeng’s expression would change. Would he get so angry again that he’d faint?

In any case, Wei Chen had now become quite the prominent figure in the company, of course, he was already popular before.

But because even after learning about his promotion, Wei Chen maintained a nonchalant demeanor, those colleagues who had initially planned to tease Wei Chen suddenly shut their mouths and left in high spirits.

After seeing off the colleagues who came to congratulate him, Wei Chen sat back in his office chair. His gaze fell on the transfer order with several big red stamps covering it on his computer. He didn’t show any signs of happiness.

This was just the beginning, Wei Chen told himself.

The Chen family’s influence was intricate, and Changfeng Group was one of their factions. With Li Mingchang hospitalized, the turmoil here would undoubtedly attract the attention of the Chen family.

As expected, Wei Chen anticipated that he would continue to be the acting Deputy General Manager. Until shortly, a person, whose last name he didn’t know but was undoubtedly associated with the Chen family’s influence, would be parachuted into this position. As the acting Deputy General Manager, he would have to yield the position to this person.

When that person appeared, the hard battle within Changfeng Group would begin.

However, before this parachutist arrived, Wei Chen had some time to arrange things.

He, Wei Chen, wouldn’t just sit and take the hits. Since that person was coming, he might as well give them a big gift.

Wei Chen closed the page with the transfer order, and the pitch-black desktop reflected Wei Chen’s stern and expressionless face.

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