Chapter 192 – Chopped Chili Fish Head

Wei Chen thought more and more about Chen Li, feeling increasingly distressed for him. At the same time, a sense of pride surged within him.

His Li Li was getting more and more impressive, and doing better and better.

Wei Chen suppressed the impulse to embrace Chen Li at this moment, and went to the refrigerator to look for ingredients. Since Chen Li wanted to eat chopped chili fish head today, he was definitely going to make it for him.

However, after searching all the ingredients in the refrigerator, Wei Chen did not find any fish head, but he did find two bottles of chopped chili.

“Li Li, did you buy the fish head?” Wei Chen asked Chen Li in the living room.

“Fish head?” Chen Li was instantly lost in thought, then shook his head. “I think I didn’t buy it.” When he was picking up the fish head, someone accidentally bumped into him, and in his nervousness, the fish head fell, and he forgot to pick it up again.

“Achen, if there’s no fish head, we won’t eat.” Chen Li said this, but his face was filled with disappointment. He went to the supermarket alone today, wanting to challenge himself was one thing, but wanting to eat chopped chili fish head was another reason. Who knew he would end up not buying the fish head.

Wei Chen took off his apron and walked out of the kitchen. “Li Li, let’s go out and buy the fish head.”

“Okay.” Chen Li quickly got up from the sofa and held the hand extended by Wei Chen, his eyes shining.

The nearest supermarket to their residence was about a ten-minute walk away, so Wei Chen chose not to drive. Instead, he held Chen Li’s hand, and they walked hand in hand towards the supermarket.

At this time, it was mealtime, and there weren’t many people in the supermarket, just a few scattered ones. Wei Chen was afraid that Chen Li would get hungry, so they went straight to the fresh produce section, and soon found the fish head they needed.

After buying the fish head, the two of them paid and went straight home.

Chen Li wasn’t very hungry, so he followed Wei Chen into the kitchen and watched him skillfully prepare the fish head, chop the chili, and add other seasonings. Then, he steamed it.

After steaming the fish head, Wei Chen began to prepare the other ingredients.

He washed the ribs, blanched them, skimmed off the impurities, stir-fried garlic, scallion, and ginger in the pan, then poured in the ribs and stir-fried. After the aroma gradually seeped into the ribs, he poured in some cola, added a few pieces of star anise, turned to medium heat to reduce the sauce. Before long, the aroma of the meat mixed with the fragrance of the star anise spread throughout the kitchen.

Chen Li sniffed, and the fragrance unobstructedly went into his nose. His stomach, which wasn’t very hungry before, immediately started rumbling.

“Achen, I’m hungry.” He followed behind Wei Chen pitifully, but his gaze fell on the pot still emitting white smoke.

Shortly after, the aroma also began to emerge from the steamer. The spiciness of the chopped chili and the savory aroma of the fish head blended perfectly, accompanied by a hint of saltiness. His taste buds were instantly aroused, and his desire to eat grew stronger.

Wei Chen opened the steamer and lightly poked the fish head with chopsticks, finding that the fish meat easily came off the bones when cooked. He used heat-resistant gloves to take out the steamed fish and placed it on the counter. He heated the pan and poured the hot oil over the fish head. The vibrant chopped chili, when drizzled with the hot oil, immediately unfurled, releasing its salty and fragrant aroma, which was absorbed by the fish head.

In this way, a dish of chopped chili fish head was completed.

Chen Li’s gaze was fixed on the fish head, and he said to Wei Chen, “Shall I bring it out?”

“Careful, it’s hot,” Wei Chen said, knowing Chen Li’s thoughts, and handed Chen Li a pair of chopsticks when he put on the heat-resistant gloves.

Chen Li carried the chopped chili fish head out, placed it on the table, and couldn’t help but push aside the chopped chili, picked up a piece of fish head, blew on it gently, and then stuffed it into his mouth.

The skin of the flounder fish was smooth and tender, and the meat melted in the mouth. As it entered his mouth, the sweet and fresh taste of the fish blended perfectly with the salty and slightly spicy flavor of the chopped chili. It tantalized Chen Li’s taste buds. Despite the heat, he swallowed several mouthfuls, leaving a lingering taste in his mouth.

In just this short time, the ribs in the frying pan had almost finished simmering. After the water from the cola had evaporated, the syrup made from simmering over medium heat coated the ribs, making them shiny.

Wei Chen served the ribs, sprinkled them with a handful of green onions, and the appearance of the whole plate of ribs instantly improved.

The flavor of the star anise had fully come out, blending with the sweetness of the cola, stimulating the taste buds recklessly.

As Wei Chen brought out the cola ribs from the kitchen, Chen Li’s gaze shifted from the chopped chili fish head to the ribs. Holding chopsticks in his hand, he was eager to start.

Wei Chen didn’t stop Chen Li. After placing the cola ribs down, he went back into the kitchen again. Chen Li watched Wei Chen go into the kitchen and grabbed a piece of rib into his mouth, almost wanting to swallow his tongue.

Later, Wei Chen stir-fried a plate of vegetables, and the soup was a relatively light yam soup.

After these two dishes were served, dinner for the day was ready.

The rice had been soaked in water in the morning before going to work, covered with plastic wrap, and placed in the refrigerator, so the cooked rice was plump and inviting, making one’s appetite open wide at a glance.

Chen Li and Wei Chen finished all the rice in the rice cooker along with the dishes on the table. Not a single piece of food was left on the table, and even the bones of the chopped chili fish head turned into a delicacy.

Wei Chen got up to tidy up, while Chen Li lay on the chair, not wanting to move at all.

Wei Chen shook his head, went to the TV cabinet, took out a small medicine box, found some digestive pills, and took four triangular small pills. Then he walked to Chen Li’s side.

“Come on, eat it,” Wei Chen handed the pills to Chen Li, speaking gently.

Chen Li was obedient and immediately put the four small pills into his mouth. The pills were bitter with a hint of sweetness, not very tasty. Chen Li frowned but continued to chew and swallowed the pills.

When he swallowed the pills, he opened his mouth like a child to show Wei Chen, letting Wei Chen know that he had swallowed the pills.

Wei Chen walked over and rubbed Chen Li’s head, then leaned down and kissed Chen Li. His tongue swept around Chen Li’s mouth, tasting the bittersweet flavor of the pills. He didn’t find the pills, so Chen Li had indeed swallowed them.

“You’re such a good boy!” Wei Chen rubbed Chen Li’s head again, his eyes extremely gentle.

Even though Chen Li had taken the digestive pills, Wei Chen still took Chen Li for a walk downstairs to aid digestion.

The night was cool, and the elongated figures of the two as they walked hand in hand were illuminated by the moonlight. The cozy atmosphere merged with the moonlight.

On the same night, while it was warm and sweet here, in a bar in the capital, it was lively and colorful, filled with music and dance.

Lena was a rare beauty in the bar tonight. Although they couldn’t communicate verbally, her angelic face and devilish figure made her still fit in perfectly in this bar.

However, in the past few days, she hadn’t found a suitable prey, which made her a little unhappy.

But tonight, after Lena drank a glass of Bloody Mary, her gaze fell on a tall man. Both his facial features and physique were to her liking.

Lena knew that her restless body for the past few days could finally find relief tonight.

This man also noticed Lena and whistled at her, then walked over to her. What made Lena happy was that this tall man spoke English.

“Hi,” Lena greeted the man with charm and ordered a drink for him.

The man looked Lena up and down, then smiled playfully at Lena.

Lena, charmed by this smile, said only a few words. Her hands immediately clasped the man’s hand, and with a mouthful of wine, she tried to feed the man.

The man avoided Lena’s entanglement and leaned down to whisper in Lena’s ear. But upon closer inspection, the man had been keeping a distance from Lina all along, even when she tried to get close, the man subtly avoided her.

Clearly, Lena hadn’t noticed the man’s resistance towards her. After hearing what the man whispered, she nodded immediately.

She was hungry right now, and this man suited her taste. Besides, he had asked her out, so she naturally agreed.

Lena had a good tolerance for alcohol, and she wasn’t drunk at the moment. However, she behaved like a boneless person, constantly leaning towards the man. The man was also skilled, always avoiding her, and he didn’t let Lena notice anything amiss.

The man’s car was parked at the entrance. After he opened the car door for Lina and locked it once she got in, he stood outside and made a phone call.

“I’ve caught the person. I’ll leave the person at the usual place. Your people can come to pick them up.”

The voice coming from the other side of the phone was also sharp and clear.

Lena was getting impatient and tapped the car window, urging silently.

The man glanced at Lena, his eyes filled with disdain. However, when he sat in the car and locked eyes with Lena, there was infinite romance.

Lena was completely captivated and wanted to lean forward to hold the man’s neck and exchange something with him. Suddenly, everything went black before her eyes, and the next moment, she lost consciousness.

Only then did the man wipe away the expression of disgust on his face, started the car, and drove towards an outskirts factory in the capital.

When Lena woke up, it was already the next day.

She looked around at her surroundings, and the memories of the previous night had vanished from her mind. Before she could figure out what was happening, the door was pushed open from the outside, and several muscular men in black suits and sunglasses rushed in.

Quickly, Lena recognized these men as her father’s bodyguards. It seemed like they had come to take her back.

“Miss Lena, the boss wants us to take you back,” the leader of the bodyguards said.

“I’m not going back,” Lena replied, shaking her head. She was confident that they wouldn’t dare to force her.

“It’s not up to Miss Lena anymore,” the bodyguard said, and a tranquilizer dart shot out from his hand, hitting Lena right in the neck.

“How dare you!” Lena gritted her teeth, but after a few sways, she collapsed to the ground.

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Chopped Chili Fish Head and Cola Ribs

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