Chapter 191 – Went to the Supermarket

The meeting ended once again in chaos, and Wei Chen once again silenced those who doubted him with his outstanding performance, leaving those who wanted to see him fail with stunned expressions on their faces.

However, this time, no one felt disgruntled. At this moment, they had completely witnessed Wei Chen’s potential, not only in terms of his abilities but also his networking skills.

So, even though many people held different views from Wei Chen, for the next period, they shouldn’t clash with him. “Spring breeze” was the best way to describe Wei Chen’s current state of triumph.

But what made everyone feel that Wei Chen was even more powerful wasn’t his current sense of triumph, but his calm and low-profile demeanor.

Regardless of who was involved in such a big business deal, they probably couldn’t resist spreading the word. However, Wei Chen was different. If Sheng Jiaqi hadn’t let Wei Chen speak today, would they have known about this matter?

Just like now, when Li Mingchang and Zhou Tongpeng, who were attempting to suppress and surpass Wei Chen, ended up in the hospital, there was no hint of satisfaction or complacency on Wei Chen’s face. He still had a serious expression, and his eyes remained as cold as before, as if nothing had happened.

Such temperament was much more formidable than Wei Chen’s work abilities and networking skills.

Low-profile, composed, and quietly achieving great things!

Wei Chen was not easy to deal with!

Indeed, Zhou Tongpeng had suffered setbacks at the hands of Wei Chen several times, and he had been taken away by an ambulance twice. Although the last time had a significant element of feigning illness, what about this time? He had genuinely fainted from anger, and they were probably still trying to save him, so his fate remained uncertain!

Wei Chen naturally didn’t want to know what these people were thinking. After the meeting, he went straight back to his office.

The exclusive agency contract with Max was just the beginning, and there were many more things waiting for him to deal with. He couldn’t afford to concern himself with what others thought of him.

Because of the contract with Max, the entire Changfeng Group had plunged into a busy period. Everyone knew the importance of Max in the Chinese market and dared not slack off in the slightest.

Wei Chen was so busy that he worked through his lunch break and only had a quick meal before continuing with his work.

However, Wei Chen adhered to his principle of not working overtime. When it was time to leave, he waved his hand, and the entire marketing department left together.

Wei Chen had just reached the underground parking lot when he remembered that he hadn’t ridden his bike today. He returned to the first floor and planned to take a taxi to Q University. Just as Wei Chen’s steps stopped in front of Changfeng Group’s entrance, a bright red sports car appeared before him. The window rolled down, revealing a beautiful face.

It was Li Chu, the manager of the Human Resources Department.

“Director Wei, where are you headed? I can give you a ride,” Li Chu said with a smile.

Wei Chen shook his head and replied, “Thank you, Manager Li, but I’ll take a taxi myself.”

Li Chu wasn’t surprised when Wei Chen rejected her; she pushed her oversized sunglasses up to her forehead and teased, “Director Wei, there’s no need to be so cautious. I’ve lost interest in you already. I just need to discuss something with you.”

“Well, let’s talk here,” Wei Chen allowed Li Chu to jest but didn’t give any opportunity for misunderstandings.

Li Chu wore a slightly regretful expression and said, “Since that’s the case, I’ll keep it brief.” In her heart, she had grown to appreciate Wei Chen even more. It was rare to find someone who respected their partner so much in today’s world.

Wei Chen politely responded, “Please go ahead, Manager Li.”

“Do you know who Li Mingchang’s sister is?” Li Chu asked, but before Wei Chen could answer, she continued, “Li Mingchang’s sister is the second wife of the Chen family.”

The “second” in this context referred not to the younger generation of the Chen family but to the second son of the current head of the Chen family, Chen Shixian. In other words, Li Mingchang and the prestigious Chen family were connected through a marital relationship.

If you delved even deeper into it, Li Mingchang and Zhou Tongpeng both served the Chen family. Thus, in the power struggle within Changfeng Group, there were two significant factions—one supported by the Chen family and the other by the Sheng family. Because the Chen family currently didn’t have direct relatives in Changfeng Group, the Sheng family’s influence within the company was considerable.

In just a few words, Li Chu intended to convey this information, or else she wouldn’t have specifically discussed it with Wei Chen. Naturally, Wei Chen understood Li Chu’s meaning. She wanted to caution him to be wary of potential retaliation from Li Mingchang and Zhou Tongpeng. After all, if he harmed the fundamental interests of these two individuals within Changfeng Group, he would also be harming the Chen family’s fundamental interests. In such a case, when the Chen family intervened, Wei Chen wouldn’t find it easy to resist.

“Thank you for the reminder,” Wei Chen graciously accepted Li Chu’s goodwill. However, many things were clear to Wei Chen himself. When Wei Chen chose his side within the company, Sheng Jiaqi had already given him some advice.

To put it more plainly, the reason Wei Chen joined Changfeng Group and firmly aligned himself with Sheng Jiaqi’s faction was because of Sheng Jiaqi’s mentorship, but more importantly, he wanted a platform to gradually establish contact with the Chen family and gradually eliminate the Chen family’s influence.

Changfeng Group served as this platform.

Even if the Chen family’s influence within Changfeng Group wasn’t that strong, precisely because it wasn’t too formidable, Wei Chen could currently resist it. By gradually weakening the Chen family’s power and keeping them from paying too much attention to him, Wei Chen would buy himself time to become more powerful.

In this give-and-take, Wei Chen would eventually be able to counter the fatal damage the Chen family had inflicted on the Wei family in his previous life.

Seeing that Wei Chen didn’t show any surprise upon hearing this information, Li Chu realized that Wei Chen already knew who stood behind Zhou Tongpeng and Li Mingchang.

“Well, since you already know, just be careful,” Li Chu waved her hand at Wei Chen, about to leave. However, Wei Chen suddenly asked, “You’re Li Mingchang’s daughter, aren’t you?”

It wasn’t just because both of them shared the same last name, but also because of the similarity in their facial features.

However, Li Chu smirked and flashed a mocking smile. “Am I?” With those words, she started her car and drove away with a roar.

Was she Li Mingchang’s daughter? In terms of blood relations, she was.

Wei Chen didn’t dwell on the meaning of Li Chu’s words. Everyone had their own secrets, and it was even more so for an outsider.

Just then, a taxi passed by Wei Chen. He hailed it to a stop and was about to tell the driver his address at Q University when he received a message on his phone.

The message was from Chen Li.

[Achen, I’m already home. You don’t need to come to Q University to pick me up.]

“Driver, please go to XX Community,” Wei Chen swallowed the Q University address that was about to come out of his mouth and gave his home address instead.

Indeed, Chen Li had already returned home.

Chen Li only had two classes in the afternoon. After finishing these two classes, instead of going home, he went to Zhuge Yu’s art studio to paint.

Zhuge Yu had classes in the late afternoon, so he wasn’t at the studio. After finishing his own painting, Chen Li packed up and prepared to go home. As soon as he arrived at the parking shed and brought out his bicycle, he sensed that someone was following him from behind. However, Chen Li quickly identified the two people following him.

They were his classmates.

Chen Li guessed their intentions and didn’t show any signs of distress. He got on his bicycle, and just like in the morning, Chen Li was tense all the way home.

The two classmates behind him maintained a distance and escorted Chen Li all the way to him home. Only after they saw Chen Li enter his community did they ride their bikes away.

When Chen Li arrived home, it was just about the time Wei Chen finished work. He understood Wei Chen’s habits and knew that Wei Chen should be coming to pick him up at Q University. Just like in the morning, he secretly followed behind him to make sure he arrived home safely. To save Wei Chen from making a pointless trip, Chen Li sent him a text message. About half an hour after he sent the message, he heard the sound of the door opening at the entrance; Wei Chen had returned.

At the moment, Chen Li was sitting with his feet up, watching a children’s channel animated show. He was thoroughly engrossed, not so much in the content, but in the vibrant cartoon characters. Chen Li found these cartoons much more interesting than TV dramas or movies because the characters, whether humans or animals, had simple minds that he could easily relate to.

“Achen, you’re back,” Chen Li heard a noise and went to the door to welcome Wei Chen. They used to come back together, so standing there to greet Wei Chen made Chen Li feel somewhat novel.

Wei Chen, wearing slippers, walked into the house and embraced Chen Li warmly, giving him a passionate kiss. “How was your day?”

Hand in hand, Chen Li replied, “It was okay.”

Neither of them mentioned Wei Chen secretly following Chen Li to school in the morning. Some things were better left unsaid between them.

After changing into casual home attire, Wei Chen went into the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator and noticed that it was well-stocked, even more so than yesterday. It was obvious that some items had been added today. He looked puzzled for a moment and then glanced toward the door, meeting Chen Li’s inquisitive gaze.

“Li Li, did you go to the supermarket today?” Wei Chen asked.

Chen Li nodded vigorously. “Yes, I passed by the supermarket on the way back. I wanted to have spicy fish head for dinner today, so I went in.” His eyes sparkled, a look of seeking praise.

“You did great today, Li Li!” Wei Chen praised her. However, he knew that Chen Li’s words now sounded light, but when he entered the supermarket, he must have been pushing himself very hard.

The time Chen Li returned from school happened to coincide with the supermarket’s peak hours. Gathering the courage to enter the supermarket and buy what he wanted was a test for Chen Li. It was a test of his ability to interact with strangers in such a bustling environment. Wei Chen couldn’t help but wonder how Chen Li managed to suppress his nervousness and fear when coming into contact with strangers in the crowded supermarket.

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