Chapter 445 – Tan Yunfang’s Story

Time passed quickly, and a month had already gone by since the start of the school year. During this time, some exciting news came from Room 306.

Tan Yunfang’s story had finally been published by a magazine!

Ever since hearing from Ye Nan that she could earn money through writing, Tan Yunfang had never stopped writing. Initially, she had submitted numerous articles to various newspapers, but they were all rejected. She gradually realized that she wasn’t suited for writing formal newspaper articles. Her writing seemed too stiff, and she often relied on templates from other people, lacking personal ideas.

Perhaps that was why she had been rejected repeatedly.

As a result, she gave up on newspapers altogether and turned her attention to magazines. Surprisingly, she wasn’t immediately rejected this time. Although her articles as a newcomer didn’t meet the magazine’s standards, the editor saw potential in her storytelling.

After several rounds of editing and assistance from the editor, her article was finally accepted and published.

The story Tan Yunfang had written was based on her own experiences and was serialized. It was titled “Believing in Rainbows After Getting Soaked in Rain.”

The first chapter depicted the female protagonist’s life in a household that favored sons over daughters. She faced unfair treatment from destiny, and her hopes were gradually worn away, leading her to become subdued.

Later in the story, just when she thought life would continue predictably, two different paths appeared before her: marriage and going to the countryside. Without hesitation, she chose the latter, leaving behind her oppressive family with high hopes for a distant journey to the north. Little did she know that another deep pitfall awaited her.

As Lu Xia read the words, she was surprised. The entire article conveyed a sense of oppression, but it also brought out the protagonist’s yearning for life. It was contradictory, just like life itself.

Considering the title and Tan Yunfang’s own experiences, it was easy to guess that the first half of the story set this tone, while the second half would narrate her escape from the confines of marriage and her journey to university after the college entrance exam, which would surely be filled with sunshine.

Thinking about this, Lu Xia couldn’t help but admire her. She had written it so well!

The others in the dormitory shared the same sentiment.

“It’s written so well! I felt so uncomfortable reading it. I wanted to leave that home as soon as possible, but from the closing words of the first chapter, you could tell her life in the countryside wouldn’t be easy either. I worried for her,” Tang Yuan commented after reading.

Tan Yunfang felt a bit embarrassed by the praise. “Actually, my writing skills are just average. I’ve written several stories before, but the editors said they weren’t good enough, lacked genuine emotions. Later, one editor saw that I was quite persistent and told me that if I didn’t know how to express emotions in words, I should start by writing my own story. So, I picked up my pen and wrote about my own experiences.”

“As for what you read, aside from the name and some differences, most of it is based on my life. It’s just that I wasn’t as strong as the female protagonist in the story. I’ve had moments of breakdown more than once and moments of hope only to be abandoned. I can say that the attitude of the protagonist in the story is what I envied, but I didn’t achieve it at that time.”

Hearing this, the others couldn’t help but feel a great deal of sympathy for her.


Chapter 446 – Ye Nan Is Getting Married


Upon seeing this, Yu Wan spoke to comfort her, saying, “But what you’re doing now is already great. After all, they are your family, and it’s normal to have expectations. It’s not a mistake; it’s just human nature.”

“Yes,” Lu Xia nodded in agreement. “And every experience is a precious treasure. I believe that since you’ve portrayed the protagonist’s character this way, it indicates that if you were given the chance to go back, you would make some changes. Of course, without going through those experiences, you’d never know how to handle things.”

“That’s right!” Yu Wan concurred. “Moreover, it’s because of these experiences that you’ve written such a great story. It’s not in vain.”

Hearing this, Tan Yunfang smiled and said, “You’re right. The past is in the past, and it’s a part of my life. I shouldn’t regret it. It’s actually quite good. At the very least, these experiences have helped me understand how to live for myself.”

Seeing her looking so confident now, everyone felt genuinely happy for her.

Indeed, it takes going through storms to see a rainbow!

After Tan Yunfang’s good news had passed, the dormitory received another piece of good news.

Ye Nan was getting married!

They had heard about her engagement before, but she had mentioned that the wedding might wait until after graduation. Now, for some reason, she had suddenly decided otherwise.

During the past few weeks, she had taken a one-week leave of absence, and when she returned, she surprised them with this news. Everyone was quite taken aback.

They all began to ask her why she had made this decision.

To their surprise, Ye Nan, who had always been strong, had teary eyes as she replied, “My fiancé got injured and was discharged from the army. He felt he had no future and didn’t want to hold me back. He considered breaking off the engagement, but I disagreed. So, I thought it’s better to get married directly.”

Everyone was concerned when they heard this and asked her what had happened.

She explained that her fiancé was still in the hospital, but he had been saved. However, even after recovery, he might still have disabilities. The idea of marriage was currently her own.

Upon hearing this, everyone felt relieved. Ye Nan was a good person, and they didn’t want her to rush into marriage due to impulsiveness. They advised her not to hurry and told her to wait until her fiancé’s health had improved.

Ye Nan understood that she couldn’t rush things, but the idea of getting married hadn’t faded. She no longer stayed at the school dorm and instead spent her days at the hospital, visiting her fiancé. At night, she would go home to sleep.

Over time, perhaps because of her persistence, her fiancé’s attitude changed. He stopped feeling inferior and started to actively exercise. Currently, his recovery was progressing well, and Ye Nan finally started to smile again.

Seeing her happier, the others in the dormitory finally felt relieved. However, they couldn’t help but notice that she had lost some weight.

According to her, their wedding would likely take place during the summer vacation.

Two months after the start of the school year, Lu Xia’s belly had grown to nearly seven months, becoming even more prominent.

Walking had become quite inconvenient, especially when going down the stairs. Her large belly obstructed her view of the steps below, making her descend the stairs cautiously.

Since the area was crowded immediately after class, she usually waited for others to leave before attempting to descend. Initially, Yu Wan stayed behind to keep her company, but Lu Xia eventually felt uncomfortable with this, as they often arrived too late to find any decent food in the cafeteria. Moreover, Jiang Junmo also found the cafeteria food unappetizing, so he started preparing meals for her at home. As a result, she stopped having lunch with Yu Wan.

Now, every day after class, Lu Xia waited in the classroom until Jiang Junmo came to pick her up. He would then assist her in descending the stairs before they went to the cafeteria to have lunch together.

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