Chapter 443 – Triplets

Afterward, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo returned to the main courtyard.

During the journey, Jiang Junmo was quite anxious. Although Lu Xia’s pregnancy was only at five months, her belly had already grown to a size that made it appear as if she was almost ready to give birth. It was easy to imagine how challenging the coming months would be.

Jiang Junmo was starting to regret it, thinking about how Lu Xia would have to endure this for a few more months. He couldn’t help but worry.

Seeing his anxious expression, Lu Xia knew what he was thinking and reassured him, saying, “Don’t worry; I’ll take care of myself. Have you forgotten my abilities? I won’t have any problems.”

Hearing her mention her abilities, Jiang Junmo remembered her talent for making water taste better, and it seemed that the water also had a beneficial effect on health.

He felt relieved but still expressed his concerns, saying, “Your belly will only get bigger in the coming months. It’s only the beginning of the school year, and you’ll still have to attend classes for a few more months. It’s going to be tough!”

In the end, he couldn’t resist suggesting, “How about taking a leave of absence?”

Lu Xia thought about it but shook her head, saying, “No need. I haven’t felt too tired yet. I’ll see how it goes when I can’t bear it anymore.”

She knew her body well. After being nurtured by the spiritual spring water for so many years, she was exceptionally healthy. While pregnancy was challenging, she could endure it, and drinking some of the spiritual spring water when she felt uncomfortable made it manageable.

Jiang Junmo, seeing her determination, had no choice but to drop the idea.

On the day before the start of the school year, Jiang Junmo carefully took Lu Xia to school. Due to her large belly, he was worried that cycling might be difficult for her, so they opted to take a bus instead.

Of course, initially, Grandpa Jiang wanted Xiao Yu to drive them to school.

However, his suggestion was strongly rejected by Lu Xia.

Ever since they found out she was pregnant with triplets, not only Jiang Junmo but also Grandpa Jiang and Uncle and Aunt Jiang had been very concerned. They were afraid that her health might not withstand the pregnancy.

Fortunately, aside from being cautious when walking, Lu Xia didn’t show too many signs of distress. This reassured them to some extent.

Aunt Jiang even suggested that she visit a military hospital for another check-up, but Lu Xia declined. The People’s Hospital she had visited earlier was already one of the top hospitals in Beijing, and there was no need to go through more trouble.

After hearing her refusal, Aunt Jiang didn’t insist any further but did provide Lu Xia with plenty of advice and occasionally brought nutritional supplements for her.

Of course, Grandpa Jiang and Uncle Jiang also frequently brought various nutritional supplements home, fearing that Lu Xia might not be eating well.

Nowadays, though, Jiang Junmo had taken over most of her meals.

It wasn’t because Aunt Wang’s cooking wasn’t delicious; it was because Jiang Junmo secretly added the spiritual spring water that Lu Xia had prepared in advance to the food.

Earlier, it was mentioned that Lu Xia didn’t dare to directly add the spiritual spring water to the household’s water supply to avoid being discovered. So, she had to use cooking as a cover.

The dishes made with spiritual spring water naturally tasted better, and everyone at home thought Jiang Junmo was becoming an even better cook.

Therefore, whenever Jiang Junmo cooked, Lu Xia willingly gave way and helped on the side, hoping to learn a bit since she was earning money by working and couldn’t let the host do all the cooking.

Thinking ahead, in short, thanks to the collective efforts of the family, Lu Xia had gained quite a bit of weight.

With her enlarged belly and the radiant glow of motherhood, she looked different.

So, when her roommates saw her on the first day of school, they couldn’t help but be curious, especially about her belly.

“Why is your belly so big? Are you about to give birth?” Tan Yunfang exclaimed in astonishment.

Lu Xia shook her head, saying, “No, I’m just five months pregnant, but I’m expecting triplets, so my belly is a bit larger.”

“Wow, triplets!”

The others were equally surprised.

Yu Wan marveled, “You’re amazing!”

Tan Yunfang, who understood the hardships of pregnancy, sighed and said, “You’re going to have a tough time ahead!”

Lu Xia nodded and replied, “There’s no other way. I’ll have to endure it for a few more months.”

Her roommates, who were not married and had no experience with pregnancy, admired her and silently resolved to take better care of her in the future.


Chapter 444 – Teacher’s Concern


After the formal start of the school year, Lu Xia’s classmates were naturally curious about her showing up to class with a big belly. However, due to the gender differences, they felt a bit awkward to ask directly.

On the other hand, the class advisor, upon learning about her condition, expressed deep concern. He called her to his office and asked if she needed any assistance.

Lu Xia felt a bit embarrassed by his question and promptly declined his offer. The class advisor didn’t press further but emphasized the importance of being cautious. He had already informed the class monitor and told Lu Xia that she could seek help from him or other teachers whenever needed.

Seeing the class advisor’s understanding attitude, Lu Xia felt relieved.

Later, she went to see Teacher Li and explained that she wouldn’t be able to continue her translation work and the job at the travel agency for this semester.

In reality, Lu Xia thought she could manage the translation work, as it wasn’t too physically demanding. However, Jiang Junmo insisted that she shouldn’t overexert herself, and she didn’t want him to worry. So, she had to decline for the time being.

Teacher Li, upon hearing this, didn’t get angry. Instead, he expressed concern for Lu Xia’s health and reassured her that she could resume her work after giving birth.

Lu Xia felt guilty hearing Teacher Li’s understanding response. She had no words to describe how supportive Teacher Li had been. Not only did he help her find suitable part-time jobs that allowed her to earn while studying, but he also treated her as a promising talent and nurtured her by assigning additional tasks every semester.

Before coming here, Lu Xia had worried that she might disappoint Teacher Li’s expectations and make him angry. She never expected him to be so accommodating.

This made Lu Xia silently resolve to repay her kindness in the future.

After school, Jiang Junmo had been waiting downstairs for a while when Lu Xia finally arrived. He immediately asked about her day, and upon hearing that she was fine, he felt relieved.

Life gradually returned to normal, and after some time, Lu Xia’s classmates became more accustomed to her pregnancy. They no longer hesitated to approach her, and if they had any questions after class, they would seek her help. Everything seemed almost unchanged from before.

Her physical condition appeared to be good, and even Tan Yunfang remarked that she was well-nourished.

However, there were changes, at least for Lu Xia. Most notably, her growing belly made everything more inconvenient, and she frequently felt hungry, likely due to needing extra nutrients for the three babies.

Possibly because her enlarged belly compressed her stomach, she couldn’t eat much at once, and her food digested quickly. As a result, she often felt hungry shortly after having a meal.

In response, Jiang Junmo had to bring her a lot of pastries to snack on during breaks when she felt hungry. During this period, Lu Xia’s desk was never without pastries.

Even Yu Wan, seeing those expensive pastries that never repeated, praised Jiang Junmo for being exceptionally good to her.

However, what Lu Xia found most uncomfortable was the need to change positions while sleeping at night. She couldn’t do it herself, so she relied on Jiang Junmo’s help.

This meant that Jiang Junmo didn’t sleep well at night. He would often be awakened by her and had to assist her in turning over.

Although he didn’t find it troublesome, over time, he began to look visibly tired.

At the very least, during this period, Lu Xia gained some weight while Jiang Junmo appeared to have lost some.

This worried her greatly. After he made her a delicious chicken soup, she insisted on giving him a bowl and made him eat it, saying, “If you wear yourself out, how will you take care of me?”

Jiang Junmo reluctantly agreed and ate the soup.

Lu Xia finally felt at ease.

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  2. Aside from “lack of ambitions”, I found that LX actually more in line with “traditional virtue” for women compared to most of current CNs FL I’ve ever read.

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