Chapter 441 – Pregnancy Life

Afterward, the two of them carried bags and went to the hospital.

When they arrived, they went straight to the obstetrics and gynecology department. Since they didn’t inform anyone in advance, Fourth Sister was busy when they got there.

Lu Xia and the others didn’t disturb her and went directly to get a number. By the time the doctor finished, Fourth Sister had also finished her work.

When Fourth Sister saw them approaching, she was quite surprised and then looked at Lu Xia with some concern. “Why are you at the hospital? Is Xiao Xia okay?”

Lu Xia immediately shook her head and said, “She’s fine. We just felt that her belly is getting bigger, and we suspect it’s twins, so we came to check.”

Fourth Sister was delighted to hear this. “Really? Have you finished the examination? What did the doctor say?”

Lu Xia smiled and said, “The doctor is almost certain that it’s twins.”

Fourth Sister was very happy to hear this. “That’s great! Thank goodness. I didn’t expect you to be expecting two at once.”

After saying that, she became a bit worried and asked, “How have you been feeling lately? Is your health okay? Are you tired? Any discomfort in your body? Are you experiencing morning sickness?”

After hearing Fourth Sister’s series of questions, Lu Xia didn’t know where to start.

Jiang Junmo, who was beside her, said, “Don’t worry, Fourth Sister. I will take good care of Xia Xia.”

Fourth Sister then smiled and said, “Oh, I forgot about you. Indeed, you are the most attentive. With you around, I can rest assured.”

She then advised, “Xiao Xia is pregnant with twins, and childbirth can be physically demanding. You must take good care of her, give her good food, and ensure she gets proper nutrition.”

Jiang Junmo nodded obediently and said, “Don’t worry, Fourth Sister, I understand.”

Lu Xia also added, “Fourth Sister, rest assured, he’s very attentive. He spoils me.”

She felt a bit embarrassed after saying this.

But Fourth Sister laughed and said, “Spoiling you is the right thing to do. You’re going to be parents together, so he should treat you well.”

After chatting for a while, they saw that Fourth Sister was about to get busy again, so they gave her the mountain products they brought and prepared to leave.

Fourth Sister was very happy to receive the mountain products and didn’t hesitate to say, “Recently, our department got a new machine that can not only determine the gender of the fetus but also check if the baby has any defects. We don’t really care whether you have boys or girls, but since it’s twins, I suggest you come for a checkup after some time when the babies are a bit older.”

Upon hearing her words, Lu Xia guessed that she was talking about ultrasound. She didn’t expect it to be available so early. She nodded and said, “Alright, Fourth Sister-in-law, I understand.”

Seeing that Lu Xia didn’t object, Fourth Sister felt relieved. After all, many people were afraid of using machines that could directly see the babies inside the womb.

Meanwhile, back at home, Lu Xia began her pregnancy life.

To provide her and the babies with more nutrition, they started using the chickens they had in the backyard. Fortunately, these chickens had been well taken care of by Grandma Liu and were laying eggs regularly. They gave half of the eggs to Grandma Liu as feeding fee, and the rest were brought back by Jiang Junmo.

They not only consumed eggs but also occasionally slaughtered a chicken. Because they were worried that the eggs wouldn’t be enough, Jiang Junmo bought more chickens and expanded the poultry operation, with Grandma Liu helping to take care of them in exchange for eggs.

However, Lu Xia felt sorry for Jiang Junmo going back and forth to the backyard in the middle of winter, so she suggested they keep some chickens in the backyard.

Fortunately, Grandpa and the others don’t care.

The backyard wasn’t very large, less than ten square meters, and it already had two dogs. So, the chickens and dogs had to “coexist harmoniously” in the same area.

To prevent the dogs from stealing the chickens, Jiang Junmo set up a simple chicken coop for them.

This way, they could eat a chicken whenever they wanted without much hassle and saved a lot of time.

Other households in the compound saw what Jiang Junmo was doing and became curious or decided to follow suit. As a result, the compound was filled with the constant clucking of chickens.


Chapter 442 – Not Twins


In the blink of an eye, it was the Chinese New Year. This year, both Uncle and Aunt Jiang were not at home; one had been deployed to the military, and the other was on duty. Their cousins from Uncle’s family also didn’t return.

So, it was just the few of them celebrating the New Year at home. Despite the smaller gathering, it was still lively with Kang Kang, the child, around.

After New Year’s Eve, the first day of the lunar new year arrived, and the tradition of visiting relatives and friends began. However, due to Lu Xia’s pregnancy, she stayed home this year, while Jiang Junmo took Kang Kang to visit relatives and friends.

This included a visit to Jiang Junmo’s art teacher’s house and also to Senior Brother Xu’s place.

It was said that Sister Qiu was disappointed that Lu Xia didn’t come, but upon learning about her pregnancy, she understood.

As the school reopening approached, when Lu Xia was nearly five months pregnant, Jiang Junmo took her to the hospital once again.

This time, they used the advanced machine that Fourth Sister had mentioned earlier, which turned out to be the ultrasound that Lu Xia had guessed. They examined the babies inside her belly.

However, there was a little surprise during this examination.

As Lu Xia lay on the hospital bed next to the machine, she saw the doctor staring at the screen with a serious expression. This made her a bit worried. Could there be something wrong with the babies?

Just as she was about to ask, the doctor suddenly stood up and asked her to wait, then left the room.

Lu Xia was puzzled. What was going on?

She was considering going out to see when she felt a movement in her belly.

She lowered her head to look at the bump on her stomach that had been pushed up, deciding to wait for a moment. Then, the door opened again, and this time, besides the doctor who had been examining her earlier, another doctor entered.

The two doctors began another examination, and this time, it was more detailed. After carefully observing the images on the machine’s screen, they whispered to each other for a while. Finally, the second doctor exclaimed, “This is not just two children you’re carrying!”

“What?” Lu Xia was startled by their words. “Excuse me, doctors, what’s going on?”

The doctor who had been examining her before explained, “I noticed something unusual with the position of the babies in your belly during the previous examination, so I asked Dr. Sun to take a look. During this examination, we discovered that you’re not expecting twins; you’re actually carrying triplets!”


Even after leaving the examination room, Lu Xia was still in a bit of shock.

Jiang Junmo, who was waiting outside, was extremely anxious. He had seen the doctor come out of the room looking serious and had feared that something was wrong with her.

Seeing her come out, he hurriedly asked, “How is it? Is everything okay?”

Lu Xia hadn’t fully processed the information yet, and it took her a moment. When she saw his worried expression and heard him ask twice, she finally explained, “It’s fine. The doctor said I’m not expecting twins; it’s actually triplets!”

“What?!” Jiang Junmo was also shocked. “How is that possible?”

Afterward, he immediately asked with concern, “How do you feel now? Did the doctor say everything is okay?”

Lu Xia shook her head. “The doctor said it’s currently normal, but because there are so many babies, I’ll need to ensure I get more nutrition. They advised me to eat well.”

Jiang Junmo nodded and couldn’t help but ask the doctor again, including any additional precautions.

Because carrying triplets was quite rare, the news spread quickly in the obstetrics and gynecology department, and even Fourth Sister heard about it. She came to see Lu Xia and expressed her worries.

“Before, when I heard you were expecting twins, I thought it was good. But now, with triplets, I’m a bit concerned. With so many babies in your belly, what will it be like? You’re still going to school; it’s going to be tough!”

Lu Xia smiled after hearing this. She had processed the news and felt more surprised than worried about it.

So, she reassured Fourth Sister, “Don’t worry, Fourth Sister-in-law. I’ll take care of myself.”

Fourth Sister saw that she still looked healthy and wasn’t too anxious, so she nodded and said, “Alright, but don’t hesitate to come to the hospital for regular check-ups from now on.”


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