Chapter 439 – Not Going Back Home

Since Lu Xia became pregnant, coupled with the cold winter weather, she informed Teacher Li and Director Zhu that she would not continue working as a tour guide.

Coincidentally, the travel agency wasn’t very busy during the winter, so they didn’t need their services much.

However, she still took on translation work, but the workload had decreased, otherwise, Jiang Junmo wouldn’t have agreed to it.

So, she found herself with more free time now, which she used for studying.

Over the past year, as her classmates gained more knowledge, the gap between them and Lu Xia narrowed. This made her feel a bit anxious, so she devoted more time to studying as the end-of-term exams approached.

Fortunately, her rankings didn’t drop after the final exams.

She managed to conclude the semester perfectly.

Before the holiday break, as usual, Lu Xia and her roommates discussed their holiday plans.

Tang Yuan and Yu Wan were planning to spend the holidays in their hometown, just as they had done in previous years. Ye Nan was also going back home and would intern at the newspaper.

As for Tan Yunfang, she had no intention of returning to her hometown. Perhaps she had severed ties with her hometown entirely and decided to continue staying in the capital city.

She explained, “Aunt Li’s son won’t be coming home for the New Year, we’ll be celebrating the New Year with her since we’re also staying.”

No one questioned her further, but it was evident that she had a good relationship with her landlady.

Then there was Hu Cuihua, who had no plans to go back home either.

In her words, “The round trip bus ticket to my hometown costs almost as much as several months of my family’s income. I can’t bear to spend that much!”

Lu Xia and the others sighed upon hearing this. In the current era, travel was inconvenient, and bus tickets were costly for them. Those who could afford to go home once a year were considered relatively well-off. Many people had to wait until graduation to return home.

It was clear that Tang Yuan’s family, who returned home every holiday, had good financial conditions. However, no one delved into the matter further.

They did express concern for Hu Cuihua, though. “Be careful when living alone, and if it gets cold, make sure to keep warm. Don’t be too frugal, okay?”

Hu Cuihua smiled and nodded. “Don’t worry; I know. Besides, I’ve asked around, and many students are staying on campus. Nothing should happen.”

Hearing her optimistic response, everyone felt relieved.

Finally, Tan Yunfang said, “I live right across from the school. If you ever need anything while living alone or feel lonely during the New Year, come over. Or how about spending the New Year together?”

Hu Cuihua shook her head directly. “No need. I’ve already made plans to celebrate the New Year with some fellow townspeople.”

Hearing that she had other acquaintances around, everyone felt reassured.

They also gave Hu Cuihua several pieces of advice, just in case she encountered any issues outside of school or fell victim to scams. After she assured them that she understood, they left.

Once on vacation and back at home, Lu Xia had a lot of free time.

Since she was pregnant, they didn’t stay in their small courtyard this time. Additionally, it was quite cold in the winter, and Grandpa Jiang was at home, so they stayed in the main courtyard to keep him company.

As for Kang Kang, once he was on vacation, he started running around the main courtyard all day long. By now, he had become familiar with the other children in the compound and seldom stayed home. He either went out to play or took walks with Grandpa Jiang.

This left Lu Xia, who had initially wanted to spend quality time with him, barely seeing him.

She felt a bit frustrated.

One morning, after finishing breakfast, Lu Xia noticed that Kang Kang hadn’t left yet, so she looked at him expectantly and asked, “Kang Kang, do you want to stay at home with Mom today?”

Kang Kang gave her a puzzled look when he heard this. “Mom, isn’t Dad here to keep you company?”

Lu Xia was momentarily surprised by his response but continued, “But Mom wants Kang Kang to keep her company too!”


Chapter 440 – Being Called Childish by Kang Kang


As soon as Lu Xia finished speaking, she saw Kang Kang’s expression, which was difficult to put into words.

Then he said with a serious tone, “Mom, you’re already a grown-up, so why are you still acting so childish? I don’t know if it’s because you’ve been influenced by my younger siblings, but why does Mom, who is already so grown-up, need so many people to keep her company?”

Lu Xia’s face turned green upon hearing this, and she snapped irritably, “Enough, enough! Go, I don’t need you to accompany me!”

Kang Kang sighed again upon hearing this, shook his head, and said, “It’s okay. Dad told me that Mom’s emotions might change after getting pregnant, so I understand. Today, I’ll stay at home and accompany Mom.”

Lu Xia, with an expressionless face, glanced at him and said, “Well, thank you, but you don’t need to. I’m going to sleep now, you can go play by yourself.”

Kang Kang saw that she was about to go upstairs, so he nodded and said, “Okay, then I’ll go out to play. If Mom wants me to accompany her in the future, just let me know.”

After saying that, he happily ran off with his little legs.

At that moment, Lu Xia turned around and looked at his joyful figure, falling into silence.

Just then, Jiang Junmo came downstairs and, seeing Lu Xia standing in the middle of the stairs, curiously asked, “What’s wrong?”

Lu Xia came back to her senses and gave him an exasperated look, saying, “It’s nothing. Kang Kang just scolded me.”

Jiang Junmo laughed upon hearing this, “Oh? What did he say?”

Seeing his smile, Lu Xia glared at him again and finally said with a touch of grievance, “He said I’m childish!”


Jiang Junmo couldn’t help but laugh again, but seeing Lu Xia’s resentful look, he quickly put on a straight face.

He thought for a moment and asked, “Why did he say that?”

Lu Xia then recounted their conversation, and in the end, she said with a hint of frustration, “What did you say to Kang Kang that made him think that way?”

Jiang Junmo found it amusing and reassured her, “Kang Kang is growing up, becoming more sensible. If you want to get closer to him, just talk to him directly. Besides, he hasn’t distanced himself from you. Maybe it’s because I told him to be more careful around the house recently and not to upset you. That’s why he might be a bit hesitant to get close to you.”

“Is that so?” Lu Xia was puzzled.

“Of course, that’s the case. So, I’d say Kang Kang is very sensible.”

“But he’s only four years old!”

“Four years old isn’t too young. When I was four, I was already learning to write big characters with Grandpa!”

Lu Xia’s attention was immediately diverted upon hearing this. “Can you sit still at four?”

Jiang Junmo nodded naturally. “I had poor health when I was young, didn’t like to move around, so I could sit still.”

Lu Xia admired him and said, “Why didn’t Kang Kang inherit this trait from you? Look at him, he’s always out of the house, running around. I wonder who he takes after. Should I suggest that he starts learning to write big characters with Grandpa too?”

Jiang Junmo laughed and said, “You can try.”

But after thinking about it, Lu Xia shook her head and said, “Forget it, he’s still a child. Let him enjoy a few more years of childhood. When he grows up, he won’t have this much freedom.”

Hearing her words, Jiang Junmo knew she wasn’t upset anymore.

So, he suggested, “Didn’t we talk about going to the hospital during the break? It’s been snowing for the past few days, making it inconvenient to go out. How about we go today?”

Lu Xia thought for a moment and nodded. “Okay, let’s go today. Qingqing sent me some local specialties, and I’ll take some to Fourth Sister-in-law. We can send the rest to the other sisters when we have the time.”

Lu Xia had been in contact with Sun Shengnan and Shen Qingqing throughout the year.

Shen Qingqing, in particular, was attending a university in the same province and maintained regular contact with the village.

Probably because she was grateful for Lu Xia’s care and the books she had sent earlier, during the holiday break, she had sent Lu Xia a lot of local specialties and mentioned in her letter that they were purchased from the village.

Lu Xia was very touched by this and, hearing that Shen Qingqing wouldn’t be going home for the holidays and planned to spend New Year’s at school, sent her some specialties from Beijing in return.

Jiang Junmo nodded in agreement. “Okay, I’ll find a bag to pack them.”

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  1. I feel there’s a problem with how Jiang Junmo and the grandfather have distanced Kang Kang away from Lu Xia. Jiang Junmo wanting to have more alone time with Lu Xia, the grandfather hogging Kang Kang’s attention, to the point Lu Xia feels frustrated, but it’s all treated like her being upset is a joke. Kang Kang is a child who won’t know better and he’s taking his cues from his father and grandfather who both encourage him to spend time away from his mother. It doesn’t sound like Lu Xia spends any time being a mother to Kang Kang anymore and Jiang Junmo too is no longer parenting Kang Kang but doesn’t care. It’s a stark difference to how they were in the village and it’s getting unsettling.

    Thanks to the translator for the hard work!

    1. I think the same. In fact, every time I see the interaction between Kang Kang and Lu Xia I feel a little disgusted. It’s okay for children to play, but the child became very distant from his mother. I hope the relationship with the other babies is better, because so much indifference kills me.When Lu Xia wants to be a mother with her son, something always happens, someone takes Kang Kang away or he rejects her, what was going on in the author’s mind?I don’t understand.

      1. He is happy to learn art from his father, he is happy to go fishing and do everything with his grandfather, yet he scolds his mother whenever she tries to spend time with her. Then, the father and grandfather tell her it’s normal.
        It goes against every exemple of male sons we have seen in this story so far. It would be a bit more acceptable if he was already a teen but he is only four. It feels quite uncomfortable.

    2. It could be partly due to the time period, where four-years-old isn’t seen as that young anymore and they might also believe that boys shouldn’t be too sentimental, hence they don’t see anything wrong with his behavior of not being too close to his mother. Either way, I didn’t like his behavior at all and I think that Lu Xia should just directly ask her son why he doesn’t want to spend time with her and just tell him that misses him, so wants to spend some time with him.

      Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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