Chapter 190 – A Good Show

In the meeting room, most of the people had such thoughts, so they all turned their curious eyes to Wei Chen. They were thinking, ‘Director Wei, who has always been able to complete tasks perfectly, finally has a moment of embarrassment.’

Zhou Tongpeng smiled and said to Wei Chen, “Indeed, Director Wei, why don’t you tell us what you’ve gained this week? I heard that you didn’t come to work at all last week, a whole week wasted. Director Wei, you shouldn’t waste such a valuable week, both for the company and for yourself.”

Zhou Tongpeng’s sarcastic words did not anger Wei Chen or anyone from Wei Chen’s faction. They lowered their heads and suppressed their laughter, including Zhuge Feng.

At this moment, Zhou Tongpeng and his group were enjoying themselves, but Wei Chen’s slap on their faces would be painful.

Some people dare to show off things that are not yet settled, only to be slapped in the face by reality in the end.

One should be like Wei Chen, quietly making a fortune without making a sound, quietly sealing deals worth billions without anyone knowing.

After suppressing their laughter, these people raised their heads to watch the show, but their perspective on it was different from others.

Wei Chen didn’t care about the thoughts of anyone present. He calmly stood up, his voice low and steady, neither humble nor arrogant.

“I didn’t gain much this week, just signed a contract with Max’s chairman,” Wei Chen’s voice was plain, devoid of joy or sorrow, as if he were discussing something unimportant, like the weather.

However, for some people present, this statement was like a bolt from the blue, creating a huge ripple. All those who wanted to see Wei Chen embarrassed suddenly felt a burning sensation on their faces, as if a giant hand had slapped them.

Some even doubted their own ears. Did they mishear? How could Wei Chen possibly sign a contract with Max? Wasn’t Max’s Marketing Director always with Zhou Tongpeng and Li Mingchang? Wei Chen didn’t even have a chance to connect with Max’s Marketing Director! How did he manage to sign a contract with Max?

Could it be that he really went to the United States and directly approached Max’s headquarters to sign the contract? It seemed possible, because Wei Chen had just said that his contract was signed with Max’s chairman!

Many people looked at Wei Chen in disbelief; it was beyond their imagination.

Li Mingchang even slammed the table and questioned Wei Chen, “Impossible! Director Wei, don’t make up stories!” Mr. Tom had promised him that the contract would be signed with him. How could Wei Chen have obtained this contract?

Sheng Jiaqi frowned and reminded, “Deputy General Manager Li, control yourself.”

Only then did Li Mingchang realize that he had been too impulsive. He pretended to cough and forced a laugh, saying, “Director Wei, since you’ve already signed a contract with Max, why don’t you show it to us?”

This was Li Mingchang’s last-ditch struggle. It was clear to anyone with discerning eyes that if Wei Chen dared to mention this matter, then it was highly likely that he had indeed signed a contract with Max. Now, everyone was eager to see how Li Mingchang would handle this situation.

Even so, they couldn’t help but glance at Zhou Tongpeng. Indeed, at this moment, Zhou Tongpeng’s expression had turned as dark as the bottom of a pot. They had finally thought they had gained an advantage, but it turned out to be empty, as Wei Chen had even signed the contract ahead of them.

A little while ago, Zhou Tongpeng had been sarcastic, but now he was silent. He probably didn’t dare to speak.

In contrast, their attention returned to Wei Chen, feeling that Wei Chen’s mental strength was truly impressive. He remained humble in victory and resilient in defeat. At this moment, there was no hint of triumph on Wei Chen’s face. It was no wonder he could quietly secure such a massive project.

Wei Chen once again impressed these people and made them realize that this young man was not to be underestimated.

While everyone was still in amazement, the projector displayed a photocopy of the contract with Max, just as Li Mingchang had hoped. When everyone finished examining the document, there was almost a simultaneous gasp of surprise.

The contract was too perfect. Even if they examined it from Changfeng’s perspective, they couldn’t find any flaws. Astonishingly, when some people tried to look at it from Max’s perspective, they still couldn’t find any faults. It was simply incredible!

That was the thought in everyone’s mind at the moment. However, when they saw the duration of the contract, they were left speechless, and their gaze towards Wei Chen was like they were looking at a monster!

How had Wei Chen managed to persuade Max’s chairman to grant Changfeng the exclusive agency rights for Max in China for the next twenty years, giving them the biggest and most lucrative piece of the pie for such an extended period?

Li Mingchang slumped back into his chair, staring at the contract displayed on the projector. He felt as though something was blocking his throat, making it difficult to breathe. His throat even tasted slightly sweet and metallic, as if he were about to spew out a mouthful of blood.

Compared to Wei Chen’s contract, the one he had drafted seemed utterly inferior. It not only failed to create a win-win situation but also required Changfeng Group to give up a portion of its profits.

When the two contracts were compared, even Li Mingchang knew it was like comparing heaven and earth. This time, he had not only suffered a crushing defeat but also lost face.

Under the table, Zhou Tongpeng clenched his fists tightly. He had thought he had a duck in hand, but not only had it flown away, it had also ended up in the enemy’s mouth. Such a result felt like a giant slap on his face. His cheeks, even his gums, felt aching, and he had to hold his breath as if each breath was a knife cutting into his airway. He even had a faint taste of blood in his mouth.

However, soon, Zhou Tongpeng thought that these were all minor matters because he saw the date when Wei Chen and Max’s chairman, Fingal Moray, signed this contract—it was last Tuesday.

During this time, and even in the days following, he and Li Mingchang continued to be subservient in front of Max’s Marketing Director, Mr. Tom!

Mr. Tom had known in advance that Max would sign a contract with Changfeng, which is why when they went to see him off yesterday, he confidently guaranteed that Max’s contract would definitely be signed with Changfeng.

Mr. Tom’s intention was not to say that he would persuade Max’s top executives to sign the contract with Changfeng but that he already knew that Max and Changfeng had signed the contract.

It was for this reason that Mr. Tom had been so confident. After all, who would dare to make such a guarantee about something that had already been settled?

It wasn’t until now that Zhou Tongpeng realized he had been played by Max’s Marketing Director. He had treated him well, provided him with numerous benefits, and even allowed him to use his influence with the higher-ups, all the while not revealing that Max had already signed the contract. He had continued to deceive him and Li Mingchang!

It was as if they had treated him, Zhou Tongpeng, like a fool!

And Wei Chen already had the contract, so why hadn’t he disclosed it? Had he colluded with Mr. Tom to deceive him and Li Mingchang? It was quite the act! Truly impressive! Wei Chen, you’re truly impressive!

Zhou Tongpeng couldn’t catch his breath, his eyes rolled back, and he fell backward.

In the conference room, everyone heard a loud crash, and when they looked, Zhou Tongpeng had already collapsed on the floor. This time, it wasn’t a feigned fainting; he had genuinely passed out!

For a moment, the conference room was in chaos.

Amidst the chaos, someone still had the leisure to ask Wei Chen a question.

“Director Wei, you didn’t actually go to the United States specifically to negotiate this contract, did you?”

Wei Chen replied, “I was on a tourist trip to W Ancient Town and happened to meet Mr. Moray, the CEO of Max Group, so I had a conversation with him.” This was the truth, with no fabrication whatsoever.

Of course, others wouldn’t naturally believe it. They thought Wei Chen somehow got information about Mr. Moray’s whereabouts and purposely went to W Ancient Town.

A chance encounter? How could there be such a fortunate coincidence in the world?

However, this also demonstrated the strength of Wei Chen’s network. Someone with such connections and abilities undoubtedly had a limitless future ahead of them.

So, did they really want to oppose such a young individual with boundless potential?

The expressions on many people’s faces became subtle, and Li Mingchang noticed. At this moment, he was already extremely sensitive, and he couldn’t help but feel that when these people looked at Wei Chen, their eyes were filled with flattery, but when they looked at him, it was mixed with disdain and mockery!

Already feeling a surge of blood stuck in his throat, Li Mingchang couldn’t contain it anymore. Sure enough, in the next second, he felt a mouthful of blood filling his mouth. Then, just like Zhou Tongpeng, his eyes rolled back, and he fainted.

Li Mingchang followed behind Zhou Tongpeng in fainting. While everyone on the scene was rushing around in confusion, they couldn’t help but find it somewhat amusing.

It was clear that these two individuals had teamed up to suppress Wei Chen, but not only did they fail to suppress him, but they also ended up making Wei Chen faint. The key was that Wei Chen hadn’t done anything and hadn’t even intended to engage with them.

Li Mingchang and Zhou Tongpeng were like actors performing a solo act, vigorously leaping and bouncing around in front of Wei Chen. In the end, this solo act turned into a comedy, and they both landed in the hospital.

It was truly an entertaining show, a great show!

The ambulance arrived quickly, and the two unconscious individuals were taken to the hospital. Whether they could withstand the shock remained uncertain. However, this outcome seemed to be of their own making!

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