Chapter 194 – Termination of the Project

Wei’s family-owned enterprise was located in the capital city. They occupied a floor in a commercial building in the city center, making them a medium-sized enterprise. Of course, compared to Wei’s family business in Shanghai, the scale of Wei’s family business in Beijing was not considered very large.

Wei Zhenxiong stood at the door of the meeting room, straightened his clothes, and then walked proudly into the meeting room.

There was already someone waiting in the meeting room. This person was dressed in a flashy suit. The tailored suit perfectly complemented the person’s tall figure. The person had ordinary facial features, but there was a subtle air about them that added to their appearance. They wore gold-rimmed glasses on their nose, with a slight upward curve at the corner of their mouth, and a calm gaze. The overall impression this person gave was very pleasant.

Wei Zhenxiong entered the meeting room and immediately extended his hands to this person, saying, “Mr. Chen, welcome, welcome.”

The person referred to as Mr. Chen was named Chen Yunzeng, the most valued member of a collateral branch of the Chen family in Beijing. He was responsible for negotiating with Wei Zhenxiong, and the Chen family’s project was entrusted to Wei Zhenxiong, initiating a collaboration with Wei’s family business in the capital city.

Chen Yunzeng gently shook the hand extended by Wei Zhenxiong and said with a faint smile, “Mr. Wei, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“Thank you, Mr. Chen, for taking the time to come. Speaking here may not be convenient, would you like to go to my office?” Wei Zhenxiong said.

Chen Yunzeng nodded, “Mr. Wei, please lead the way.”

Wei Zhenxiong made a gesture of invitation and led Chen Yunzeng into his office.

Just as the door was closing, Wei Hua came out of the elevator and saw the two figures.

“The person who just went in with Mr. Wei, who is he?” Wei Hua walked over and asked the secretary standing at the door.

The secretary replied, “He is the general manager of the Chen Corporation, Chen Yunzeng.”

Wei Hua nodded and then returned to his office, but he was pondering over the name Chen Yunzeng.

Chen Yunzeng, a member of the Chen family…

The expression on Wei Hua’s face became somewhat meaningful.

Indeed, after about ten minutes, the door to Wei Hua’s office was knocked forcefully. The person knocking had great strength, and shortly after the knocking began, the person outside pushed the door open.

“General Manager Wei, I’m sorry, I couldn’t stop Mr. Wei,” the secretary said apologetically.

Bursting in was Wei Zhenxiong, his face now red, filled with anger. He went straight to Wei Hua, grabbed his collar, and exclaimed, “Why did you terminate the project with the Chen family? Do you know how much our company will lose by terminating this project at this time?”

Wei Hua waved to dismiss the fearful secretary, pushed away Wei Zhenxiong’s hand, straightened his collar, and did not get angry at Wei Zhenxiong’s actions. In fact, there was a faint smile on his face.

“Uncle, please calm down,” Wei Hua said, smiling as he guided Wei Zhenxiong to sit on the office sofa. “I’ll have the secretary prepare a cup of tea for you. This time it’s a good one, top-grade Da Hong Pao. I assure you, Uncle, you’ll be pleased!”

Wei Zhenxiong pulled Wei Hua’s hand away. “Don’t talk to me about these irrelevant matters. I just want to know why you terminated the project with the Chens. Wei Hua, you’re not young anymore. Why are you so reckless in your actions? Don’t you realize how much benefit collaborating with the Chen family can bring us? Wei Corporation wants to establish a strong foothold in the capital city as soon as possible, and cooperating with the Chen family is the quickest way. Don’t you know this?”

“Uncle, please calm down. I have another project to discuss, and the meeting time is approaching. I have to go!” Wei Hua didn’t pay much attention to Wei Zhenxiong’s questions. He tried to pacify Wei Zhenxiong and then hurriedly left, appearing quite urgent.

Wei Zhenxiong could only glare at Wei Hua’s departing figure, knowing that he couldn’t change Wei Hua’s decision regarding the Chen family project.

Wei Zhenxiong kicked the coffee table forcefully, feeling a sense of powerlessness. His authority within the company had gradually been undermined by Wei Hua, to the point where he felt like a figurehead. He couldn’t make many decisions anymore. Wei Hua had become the true power behind Wei Corporation in the capital city.

When did this all start? It began when they were wholeheartedly focused on the project with the Chen family.

He had thought that this time he could make a big move, but he hadn’t expected everything to go wrong. Even worse, the fire Wei Hua had started had consumed all his efforts over the past six months.

“Wei Hua, you are truly filial!” Wei Zhenxiong gritted his teeth. Just as he was about to leave, his gaze fell on a calendar on the desk, and he noticed a note on April 7th—Chen’s birthday.

Wei Zhenxiong naturally knew who this “Chen” referred to, but he couldn’t recall Wei Chen’s birthday. Throughout Wei Chen’s life, he had never celebrated his birthday.

But this time…

Wei Zhenxiong couldn’t help but remember what Chen Qing had mentioned a few days ago, about the Chen family wanting Chen Li to return home.

With the sudden termination of the project, they had offended the Chen family. Perhaps sending Chen Li home might be a way to make amends. Wei Zhenxiong took note of the date, April 7th, on the calendar.

After leaving the company, Wei Hua called Wei Chen. Soon, Wei Chen answered the phone.

Wei Hua didn’t waste any time and said directly, “I’ve terminated the collaboration project with the Chens, but I still don’t understand why it had to be terminated. Regardless of the Chen family’s connections, the project itself would have brought significant benefits to Wei Corporation.”

This was Wei Hua’s initial confusion when Wei Chen first mentioned terminating the project. Despite his doubts, Wei Hua had followed Wei Chen’s instructions without hesitation, even though it had resulted in significant losses. He believed in Wei Chen.

“The project may seem fine on the surface,” Wei Chen replied, “but if you carefully examine the terms of the contract, you’ll find something amiss.”

In the previous life, he had agreed to marry Chen Li in exchange for the opportunity to stay in Shanghai. Just like this life, his father had brought him back to work at Wei Corporation in the capital city. All the events followed the same trajectory except for one crucial difference: in this life, Wei Chen had advised Wei Hua to terminate the project with the Chens.

In the previous life, this project did indeed bring immense benefits to Wei Corporation in the early stages. However, in the later stages, this project also inflicted fatal damage on Wei Corporation in the capital city. Wei Zhenxiong even came close to being imprisoned because of this project. The downfall of the Wei family in the previous life began with this project, so in this life, Wei Chen must stop this project from continuing.

After listening to Wei Chen’s words, Wei Hua took out the contract terms with the Chen family and carefully examined them multiple times. The project involved the construction of a commercial center on a piece of land that Wei Hua found promising. However, this land had previously been under government control and was not listed for sale. Nevertheless, many real estate companies had set their sights on this piece of land.

This time, the Chen family had completely entrusted the development rights of this land to the Wei family, which felt like a windfall.

This was also the reason why Wei Zhenxiong was unwilling to give up on this project no matter what. Honestly, if it weren’t for Wei Chen’s advice, Wei Hua wouldn’t have given up on this project either.

Wei Hua carefully scrutinized the contract terms from start to finish, but he couldn’t find any issues. He was puzzled. Wei Chen hadn’t read these terms, so how did he know there was a problem?

Suddenly, Wei Hua’s gaze fell on the nature of the land.

Commercial land. There should be no major issue in building a commercial center.

However, Wei Hua felt something was off. A gut feeling told him there was definitely a problem.

He immediately called Cookie, asking him to look into the approved use of this land at the time of approval.

Sensing the urgency in Wei Hua’s voice, Cookie bypassed official channels and swiftly accessed the relevant department’s information database. He quickly found information about the land and relayed it to Wei Hua.

Upon receiving the results from Cookie, Wei Hua’s pupils contracted in shock and fear, filling his heart.

The approved use for this land was industrial, but the contract signed with the Chen family tricked Wei Corporation into believing it was commercial land.

Soon, Wei Hua spotted the trap.

Unauthorized change of land use might result in punishments of varying severity in the eyes of the law, but the likelihood of the government reclaiming this land was almost certain. In other words, once the government discovered this, all of Wei Corporation’s investments in this project would vanish into thin air. In more severe cases, it could even lead to legal disputes.

Wei Hua believed that with the Chen family’s capabilities, they could certainly control how the situation unfolded. This meant the timing of the government’s investigation and the land’s reclamation would be entirely in the Chen family’s hands.

Looking at the contract on his phone, Wei Hua couldn’t help but feel a bit dazed, but relief surged within him.

He was relieved they had terminated this project in time. Otherwise, once Wei Corporation had completed constructing the commercial center, instead of the prosperity they anticipated, they would face a legal battle.

Under the suppression of the Chen family, Wei Hua predicted that this matter would never be resolved easily. It might even lead to severe losses for Wei Corporation.

Thinking this, Wei Hua’s hand trembled slightly, and he called Wei Chen once again.

“Achen, I’ve figured it out. This is a trap set by the Chen family against our Wei family,” Wei Hua said, his tone slightly agitated.

“I know.” Compared to Wei Hua’s, Wei Chen’s tone remained calm.

“Achen, I don’t understand. Why would the Chen family target our Wei family?” Wei Hua was puzzled. To the Chen family in the capital city, the Wei family was just a small family in Shanghai. If there were any conflicts with the Chen family, it was only a slight competition with the Chen family in Shanghai. Could the Chen family want to target the Wei family just because of this slight competition?

However, Wei Chen on the other end of the phone didn’t answer. The reason why the Chen family wanted to bring about the downfall of the Wei family remained elusive, even after two lifetimes for Wei Chen.

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