Chapter 497 – Opening of the Beauty Salon

Before leaving, Lu Xia had invited her roommates and gave each of them a free trial card for the beauty salon, so they could experience it when they had time.

Only then did everyone know that she had actually opened a shop during this time!

Yu Wan was surprised and said, “Wow, you tell us after the shop is already opening. How much did you keep from us?”

Lu Xia explained with a smile, “I didn’t keep it a secret, and I didn’t open the shop alone. I partnered with someone and invested some money.”

Yu Wan nodded, “Well, it’s still considered your shop. I have to go and see. What does this beauty salon do? Can you become more beautiful by going there?”

Lu Xia smiled, “If you go there frequently, yes, but it’s unlikely for a one-step transformation.”

Yu Wan also smiled, “Got it. I’ll go check it out first. If the results are good, I’ll bring my mom along.”

Lu Xia nodded, “Thank you in advance for your promotion.”

However, only Yu Wan had the time to go to their dorm. Hu Cuihua wasn’t interested, Lu Xia had invited her because she felt it wouldn’t be good not to tell her.

Tan Yunfang was about to start her internship at the magazine tomorrow. Because her previous articles had been well received and she had published several more, she became familiar with the magazine.

She was curious about it and asked if she could intern during the holidays. The editor agreed, so she planned to give it a try.

As for Ye Nan, she was finally pregnant, but it was still early in the months. She was being cautious and wouldn’t dare to go to crowded places.

However, she told Lu Xia, “I’ll go after I have the baby. By then, I’ll also experience how to become beautiful.”

Lu Xia smiled and said, “Sure, we’ll wait for you.”

The next day, Lu Xia got up early, had breakfast, and tidied up before heading to the shop.

Grandpa Jiang and the others knew that her shop was about to open, and they had planned to help, but Lu Xia had refused.

Because the beauty salon was for women, she didn’t even let Jiang Junmo go.

After all, there wasn’t much he could do even if he went.

The employees in the shop arrived quite early that day.

Master Zhong had trained eight apprentices, and there were also three apprentices under Ye Lin. So, the shop had quite a few people, all of them being women. Some were already married, and some were young girls.

After careful consideration and understanding of each candidate, they chose those with good character and a solid and reliable personality.

The shop’s manager was Ye Lin, responsible for collecting payments, and the supervisor was Master Zhong, she handled the work-related matters and communication with customers, providing them with the best suitable service.

At this moment, everyone was doing their respective jobs, and everything was prepared.

Lu Xia didn’t wait for an auspicious time. Feeling the time was right, she set off firecrackers at the entrance, unveiled the covered sign, and officially opened the shop.

The beauty salon was named “XiaLin Beauty Salon.”

Originally, they had planned to name it “ZhongXiaLin Beauty Salon,” but Master Zhong had rejected the idea.

She said that someone hearing that name might think it was her own shop.

Because Master Zhong’s name was Zhong Lin.

So, they settled on “XiaLin.”

Although they had done some promotion before the opening, like distributing flyers, people still didn’t know much about the beauty salon. Also, it was early in the day, so not many customers came in after they opened.

The employees were a bit worried.

Ye Lin, however, remained calm and said, “It’s okay. I’ve already informed my mom, and she will bring her friends here today. Besides, most of the customers on the first day will be those with the experience cards. No need to rush.”

Lu Xia nodded, “For now, the most important thing is to build a good reputation. Take it step by step. As long as people come, experience our service, and find it good, we won’t have to worry about customers in the future.”

The others breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing this.


Chapter 498 – Qi Xiao Sends a Flower Basket


Just after reassuring the staff inside, Lu Xia heard someone calling her from outside.

Going out to look, it turned out to be Qi Xiao, followed by two people carrying what seemed like… a flower basket?

“Why are you here? Do you want to have a beauty treatment too?” Lu Xia joked when she saw him.

Qi Xiao quickly shook his head, “I can’t do that. I just planned to give you a flower basket for the opening, but the delivery got delayed. I heard the firecrackers just now. Why did you open so early? Didn’t you wait for an auspicious time?”

Lu Xia smiled and shook her head, “No, it’s different here from where you are. We’re not selling things; we’re selling skills. The auspicious time isn’t important for us.”

“But why did you think of sending me a flower basket? It’s winter, isn’t it hard to get fresh flowers?” Lu Xia asked.

“Indeed,” Qi Xiao said straightforwardly, “Isn’t it said that it’s a trend to send these for openings abroad? So, I ordered one. Don’t mention it; it’s quite a hassle to find fresh flowers in this cold winter.”

Lu Xia guessed he must have heard it from Su Man again, and without saying much, she said, “Alright, thank you. With these flowers, I think my shop will attract more people.”

Saying this, she helped place the flower basket at the entrance.

Because it was a beauty salon and mostly women were inside, Qi Xiao didn’t enter. He exchanged a few words with her at the entrance and then asked, “Is Old Jiang not here?”

Lu Xia shook her head, “I didn’t ask him to come. Even if he did, he wouldn’t be much help. It’s better for him to stay at home and take care of the children.”

Qi Xiao looked envious upon hearing this. “That’s great. You have sons and a daughter now. Seeing this makes me want to get married.”

“So, get married soon. You’re not that young anymore, and your family must be urging you, right?”

“I do want to,” Qi Xiao sighed, “but the other party doesn’t.”

After saying that, Qi Xiao didn’t continue. Lu Xia raised her eyebrows, but seeing he didn’t want to talk about it, she didn’t ask further.

“Alright, Sister-in-law, I’ll leave now. I’m usually in the shop; if you need anything, just come to the front and call me.”

Lu Xia nodded, “I’m usually not in the shop, but if there’s something, I’ll have our shop’s other manager find you.”

Qi Xiao glanced inside, saw Ye Lin, and nodded, “Alright, I got it. I’ll leave now. Goodbye.”


After Qi Xiao left, Lu Xia returned to the shop and heard Ye Lin’s curious question, “Sister Lu Xia, who was that person? Bringing flowers for you?”

“He didn’t bring them for me; it’s a flower basket for our shop. It’s a trend abroad to do this for shop openings. He’s a childhood friend of my husband. He owns an electronics store up ahead. If we need help in the future, we can ask him.”

“The large electronics store on the main street, is that his?”

Lu Xia nodded.

Then Ye Lin sighed, “He’s really impressive! Now everyone in the capital knows about that electronics store.”

Lu Xia smiled, “Don’t just envy others; strive to make our shop known to everyone in the capital too.”

Upon hearing this, Ye Lin immediately clenched her fist, “I’ll work hard!”

After a few more words, customers started coming into the shop.

As expected, on the first day, almost all of them were acquaintances.

Because they had given out many trial cards, it was mostly familiar faces coming to support, and they didn’t have to spend money anyway.

In fact, these people were quite curious about what the beauty salon was about. They had only heard that consistent treatments here could make them more beautiful.

So, they were quite eager.

Lu Xia warmly welcomed these people, hoping that they would have a good experience and come back again, or even help spread the word.

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