Chapter 499 – Su Man Also Comes

Yu Wan came in the morning and found the experience to be excellent.

Although she felt a bit shy at first when her body was being worked on, she immediately said she would bring her mother next time because of how comfortable and pleasant it was after the massage.

After seeing off Yu Wan, in the afternoon, Su Man also arrived.

Lu Xia was quite surprised to see her.

Su Man smiled at her and said, “Qi Xiao told me that your new shop is open, so I came to take a look.”

Lu Xia guessed it was Qi Xiao who informed her and immediately smiled, “Welcome, welcome. The first day of the opening offers free trials. You can try our services.”

“What services do you have?” Su Man nodded and asked.

She used to be a frequent visitor to high-end beauty salons in her previous life. She hadn’t visited one in this era, and she didn’t expect Lu Xia to open such a shop. The setup was somewhat similar to the beauty salons she had seen in her previous life.

She didn’t doubt that Lu Xia had also crossed over, after all, beauty salons were also present in foreign countries during this time.

However, she didn’t have much hope for the services and techniques.

Lu Xia, of course, knew that Su Man didn’t seem very interested. For someone like her who had experienced a lot, her expectations would be higher. Still, she provided her with a detailed introduction to the services offered at the shop.

Su Man didn’t hesitate after listening. She experienced both beauty treatments and body treatments.

Unexpectedly, after the experience, she felt quite good. The skills of the beauticians were comparable to the high-end beauty salons she had visited in her past life. Even the essential oils and beauty products used had a good scent. Having used such products frequently, she could tell that they weren’t mixed with low-quality substances, so she felt at ease using them.

And because makeup was removed during the beauty treatment, the shop also provided makeup services afterward, which she tried and was also done quite well.

Su Man was very satisfied. After coming out, she asked Lu Xia, only then did she find out that the artisans in their shop had an imperial craft inheritance.

No wonder!

Later, she learned that they offered card services here. Without hesitation, she purchased the highest value package, planning to come here regularly. After all, finding a good beauty salon in the country was not easy now, and she was not short of money, so she wanted to take good care of herself.

With a confirmed long-term customer, Lu Xia was very happy. After seeing her off, the others were also very happy.

Of course, on the first day, Su Man was the only one to purchase a card.

After experiencing the service, the others also felt it was good, but they found the card too expensive. After all, Lu Xia had positioned the beauty salon for the high-spending crowd, and the people who came today were mostly relatives and friends, whose conditions were not too good, so they probably wouldn’t be able to take out that much money at once.

Even the price for a single treatment here was not cheap for them.

However, everyone promised to help spread the word when they went back, and they said they would come again in the future.

In any case, the business on this first day was quite good.

After going back, Jiang Junmo inquired about the day’s situation and found that she was not disappointed, so she was relieved.

Later, Lu Xia went to the shop for a few days, and the beauty salon gradually got on track.

The number of customers increased gradually, and they were all from the high-spending crowd. The number of cardholders also increased.

This was thanks to Qi Xiao’s publicity. Not only did he help with promotion at home, but he also promoted in the shop. Those who could afford to buy electrical appliances were well-off families. If they heard about it, they would come in out of curiosity.

The first experience was not expensive, and if they felt the effect was good, they would come regularly. Gradually, more and more people came to the shop.

With the word of mouth getting better, the business improved, and Lu Xia was also relieved.

It must be said that the rapid rise in the popularity of the beauty salon was largely due to Qi Xiao. So, to thank him, Lu Xia took some time and, together with Jiang Junmo, treated him to a meal.


Chapter 500 – Qi Xiao Gets Pressured to Marry


This time, they didn’t go to the state-owned restaurant.

With the increase in private industries, there were now quite a few privately-owned restaurants in the capital. Lu Xia inquired about one with a good reputation and directly made a reservation there.

Upon arrival, they checked the restaurant’s environment and found it to be much better than the state-owned restaurant. They even had private rooms, and the service was very enthusiastic.

After Qi Xiao came in, he exclaimed, “Society is developing so fast. It seems like businesses are popping up everywhere in the blink of an eye.”

Lu Xia smiled at his words, “You should consider yourself lucky to be in such a good time.”

“Indeed, if it were like it was a few years ago, I wouldn’t know what to do.”

After chatting for a while, Jiang Junmo asked, “Is your family accepting of your work now?”

Qi Xiao proudly smiled, “Of course, before they used to say that I was unreliable and suggested finding a stable job. But now, seeing how well I’m doing, they don’t say anything anymore. My old man even told me to do my best and not be inconsistent. Can I be that kind of person? Before it was because I didn’t like that kind of work, but now this is what I want to do! “

Jiang Junmo nodded, “Then do it well.”

“I must. Can’t have you and sister-in-law losing money,” Qi Xiao said with a laugh.

Upon hearing this, Lu Xia laughed and finally mentioned the purpose of this meeting, “Thank you for helping with the promotion of the beauty salon during this period. Otherwise, the shop wouldn’t have gained such a good reputation so quickly.”

Qi Xiao smiled at her words, “Sister-in-law, you’re too kind. It was just a small favor.”

Lu Xia knew he didn’t want to be too formal, so she smiled and said, “A small favor or not, helping out is good. In any case, your kind gesture is appreciated.”

Jiang Junmo also patted his shoulder to show his appreciation, and then everyone didn’t mention it further.

When the dishes were served, Lu Xia took a few bites and found the taste to be good, and the prices were quite reasonable, comparable to the state-owned restaurant.

So, they all felt good eating there.

Later, Qi Xiao asked about Kang Kang and the kids, and then he casually talked about the recent pressure he faced from his family to get married.

Qi Xiao was the same age as Jiang Junmo. Their birthdays were just a few months apart, and now they were not young anymore. Jiang Junmo already had four children.

Everyone knew they were good buddies, so the difference was quite significant when compared. Qi Xiao still hadn’t found a partner yet.

His family must be anxious!

Speaking of this, Qi Xiao sighed helplessly, “My mom arranged three blind dates for me every week recently. If I don’t go, she comes to the shop to find me. There’s really no way. If it’s not a good match, she feels I’m not putting in effort. It’s just impossible to please her.”

Lu Xia laughed when she heard this, “Auntie probably does this for your own good. You’re not young anymore, and it’s time to find a partner.”

Qi Xiao’s expression dimmed slightly when he heard this and he sighed, “Am I unwilling to find someone? I also want a partner, want to get married and have children. It’s just that the person I like doesn’t like me back!”

Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo were both taken aback by this statement, and Lu Xia asked curiously, “Oh? So you like someone? Then what are you waiting for? Hurry up and confess!”

Saying that, she examined him carefully. Qi Xiao had strong features and a lively appearance. He looked like a reliable young man.

“You have both good looks and money. Pursuing someone should be easy, right?”

Qi Xiao sighed, “If only it were that simple. She doesn’t value these things. I’ve tried, but she gently rejected me. I think she probably doesn’t like me.”

With that last sentence, Qi Xiao’s disappointment was evident.

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