Chapter 501 – Cheng Family’s News

Lu Xia heard something at this point and suddenly thought of something.

“So the person you like… it’s Su Man, isn’t it?”

“Sister-in-law figured it out?”

Qi Xiao didn’t deny it. “Yes, she’s outstanding and a unique woman. It’s normal to like her. I just don’t know what kind of man she likes and what’s wrong with me that she doesn’t like…”

Lu Xia was somewhat surprised to hear him admit it but also somewhat expected it.

Sure enough, it was Su Man.

It wasn’t hard to guess, just like Qi Xiao said, for people of this era, Su Man was undoubtedly special, whether it was in personality or conduct. In addition to her outstanding appearance, it was completely normal to like her.

However, she didn’t answer Qi Xiao’s question.

Even though many people knew about Su Man and Gu Xiangnan’s relationship, Lu Xia had no intention of telling Qi Xiao.

Su Man didn’t mention it herself, and it wouldn’t be appropriate for them to reveal it.

But seeing Qi Xiao looking so uneasy, she gave Jiang Junmo a look to encourage him to advise Qi Xiao.

When Jiang Junmo received her message, he casually asked, “The appliance store has been doing well recently. What are your plans for the future? Are you thinking of opening branches?”

Lu Xia didn’t know what to say about his abrupt change of topic.

Fortunately, it was somewhat effective. Qi Xiao, upon hearing about business matters, put aside his romantic troubles and talked about his future plans…

When she got back that night, she discussed Qi Xiao and Su Man’s situation with Jiang Junmo again.

“Do you think they could be a couple?”

Jiang Junmo shook his head. “Not very likely.”

“Why do you say that? I think they match well. Su Man looks good and is capable, and Qi Xiao is the same. He comes from a good family and can be helpful. They also share common interests. They seem like a good match!”

But Jiang Junmo didn’t seem optimistic. “I don’t think Comrade Su would likely be interested in Axiao.”

“Why? Qi Xiao is your good friend, right? Don’t you think he’s good?” Lu Xia looked at him in confusion.

Jiang Junmo shook his head helplessly. “No, it’s just that I think Comrade Su would probably prefer someone more mature and stable. Axiao is good, but he can be quite immature at times. Moreover, I think Axiao’s feelings for Comrade Su right now are more of admiration, then attraction.”

Lu Xia didn’t expect him to discern so much. “But Qi Xiao seems really disappointed!”

“It’s okay, it will get better with time.” Jiang Junmo said nonchalantly. “He was like this after doing a job he didn’t like before. He’ll be fine once he comes to terms with it.”


However, speaking of Su Man, Lu Xia thought again about Gu Xiangnan and Cheng Yujiao.

It had been over two years since she returned to the city, and she hadn’t heard anything about them. She wondered how they were doing now.

Did Cheng Yujiao successfully marry Gu Xiangnan? Did Su Man meet Gu Xiangnan again?

Lu Xia was quite curious.

Soon, she heard about their situation from someone who came to Jiang’s house for New Year’s greetings.

However, the person didn’t go into details. In a casual conversation, they mentioned that the Cheng family was currently in a difficult situation. Their former friends had turned against them, and they were on the verge of financial ruin.

Although they didn’t specify it was Cheng Yujiao’s family, Lu Xia instinctively felt that it was probably them.

After all, according to the plot in the book she had almost forgotten, the Cheng family should have started to decline after Su Man’s return to the capital.

However, there had been a change in this life. Cheng Yujiao had been reborn, and Su Man’s relationship with Gu Xiangnan hadn’t followed the same trajectory as the book. They had broken up early.

So, these changes might have altered these events.


Chapter 502 – What Gu Xiangnan Did


However, Lu Xia felt that even if Cheng Yujiao had been reborn, the Cheng family would probably still have a difficult time.

After all, Cheng Yujiao didn’t seem to have the ability to turn things around. Instead of focusing on living a good life after being reborn, she was preoccupied with romantic relationships. Lu Xia found it frustrating to have a daughter like her.

She wondered how the subsequent events would unfold.

Lu Xia was quite curious, so that night, she discussed the matter with Jiang Junmo and asked him to find out more.

Knowing her penchant for gossip, Jiang Junmo looked at her helplessly but didn’t refuse.

They say that military and politics are closely related. Although the Jiang family’s connections were mainly in the military, they also had some political connections.

Moreover, considering the recent events involving the Cheng family, it didn’t take even three days for Jiang Junmo to gather information.

From the information he provided, combined with her own speculation, Lu Xia easily pieced together the sequence of events.

Though Cheng Yujiao wasn’t clever, she must have told her family about her rebirth upon returning to the city. The Cheng family had prepared in advance, so when the people they had sided with got into trouble in the first two years, the Cheng family distanced themselves.

They thought the matter would end there, but in the end, it was a downfall for both Cheng Yujiao and her family!

At this time, Gu Xiangnan returned to the city!

Regardless of Cheng family’s opposition, Cheng Yujiao still wanted to be with Gu Xiangnan, and surprisingly, Gu Xiangnan agreed…

However, he used the excuse of attending university, promising to marry her after graduation, to pacify Cheng Yujiao.

But Gu Xiangnan resented the Cheng family for threatening him and Cheng Yujiao for targeting Su Man. So, he secretly sided with the Cheng family’s enemy, all while making affectionate gestures toward Cheng Yujiao, extracting internal information from her.

He executed his plan and eventually brought down the Cheng family.

It took a total of two years.

Lu Xia didn’t know what to say after hearing all of this.

She could only say that Cheng Yujiao and the Cheng family were too audacious.

How could they think they could control Gu Xiangnan?

After all, he was the ‘male protagonist’ in the book. Although what happened at the educated youth spot made Lu Xia dislike this ‘male protagonist’ quite a bit, no matter what, he still had a certain aura as the ‘male protagonist.’

The Cheng family didn’t know about the events in the book, but didn’t they remember that they had threatened Gu Xiangnan before?

How could they believe that he would overlook past grievances and not care about it?

What a miscalculation!

They were probably reaping what they sowed to reach this point.

Thinking about this, Lu Xia asked Jiang Junmo, “So, it’s confirmed that Gu Xiangnan did this?”

Jiang Junmo nodded, “It’s likely led by the Gu family. Of course, there are people behind the scenes supporting the Gu family, but only the Gu family is visible.”

Frowning upon hearing this, Lu Xia asked, “Aren’t they afraid of retaliation from the Cheng family?”

Jiang Junmo shook his head, “The Cheng family currently has no significant support, which is why they fell so quickly. Before, they did have some backing, but after that person had trouble, the Cheng family not only didn’t assist but even kicked them while they were down. It was because of this incident that they managed to withdraw safely back then. However, such actions are viewed with disdain by others. So this time, when they encountered trouble, nobody helped them. The Gu family has always been on good terms with the Cheng family, so no one expected that it would be the Gu family to act and bring them down so swiftly, leaving them in ruins. Now everyone is guessing what the Cheng family must have done to make the Gu family hate them so much!”

Hearing this, Lu Xia sighed again. Everything was because of Cheng Yujiao.

“And Cheng Yujiao? Is she okay?” Lu Xia asked.

Seeing her inquire about this, Jiang Junmo had a complex expression. “I heard she went insane. After finding out it was Gu Xiangnan’s doing, she went to confront him. When she returned, she started babbling nonsense and acting crazy. There’s no one in the Cheng family taking care of her now. In the end, she was sent to a mental hospital by the Gu family. People still think it’s somewhat compassionate of the Gu family. After all, she was once Gu Xiangnan’s fiancée.”

Upon hearing Cheng Yujiao’s fate, Lu Xia couldn’t help but feel sorrowful. She had squandered such a good opportunity at a second chance in life.

It could only be said that she had played her good hand of cards so poorly.

Who knows if she regrets it now.

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