Chapter 503 – Weaning

Lu Xia had heard about Cheng Yujiao and Gu Xiangnan, and she let it pass.

She was quite curious whether Gu Xiangnan would look for Su Man afterwards.

But for now, she didn’t know.

The beauty salon took a few days off during the Lunar New Year and then resumed business.

Business was still booming.

Sometimes there were so many customers in the shop that they were a bit overwhelmed.

Ye Lin was happy collecting money every day and felt that her decision back then was correct. She silently resolved to continue working with Lu Xia in the future.

Afterward, Lu Xia occasionally visited. Once she saw that everything in the shop was running smoothly, she didn’t go as often. After all, they had agreed earlier that after the store was on track, Ye Lin would be in charge.

At this moment, she was busy weaning her children.

Yes, after persistently breastfeeding her children for half a year, Lu Xia finally decided to wean them.

All three children had big appetites, and her breast milk was running low. Moreover, with the back and forth trips due to school, she didn’t know how she had managed these past six months.

So this time, she was determined to wean them.

But these little rascals weren’t as easy to wean as Kang Kang was back then.

After a few days of crying and fussing, Lu Xia came up with various strategies to finally make them understand that she wasn’t going to breastfeed them anymore.

Watching the children cry heartbreakingly, Lu Xia almost gave in.

However, Jiang Junmo’s attitude this time was quite firm.

He understood Lu Xia’s hardships the most. Between the children and his spouse, he prioritized his spouse.

So even when his beloved youngest daughter was crying and feeling miserable, he didn’t soften his stance. He just silently picked her up and comforted her without compromising.

A few days later, the children probably realized that their tantrums were futile and finally accepted their fate, starting to obediently drink formula.

And Lu Xia finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Not to mention her, even the other people in the family felt relieved.

These past few days, the children cried so pitifully that they almost succumbed.

Fortunately, the outcome was good now.

Even Kang Kang felt relieved and then comforted his younger siblings one by one, promising to play with them once they grew up.

After weaning, Lu Xia gained some freedom. She didn’t have to rush back home to feed the children when going out.

After the school reopened, she devoted more time to her studies.

It was the second semester of her junior year, and the school’s courses had increased. Plus, after several years of studying, her classmates’ levels were gradually improving, and Lu Xia’s advantages were diminishing.

To stay ahead, she needed to spend more time studying.

Moreover, apart from this, their major required everyone to study an additional foreign language.

Lu Xia chose two: Japanese and French.

Choosing Japanese was mainly because she had studied it before. Although her proficiency was average, having a foundation made it easier to learn and improve.

As for French, it was something she had always wanted to learn. Now that she had the opportunity, she didn’t want to waste it. Besides, the previous knowledge could be considered a review. It was rare to go back to university, and she should learn something new.

However, this language was starting from scratch, requiring her to be more diligent.

As a result, she spent even more time on her studies every day.

Jiang Junmo was also busy this semester. Their courses increased, and there were more specialized subjects to cover.

Fortunately, they still lived at home, and they could see each other every day.

However, after returning home, besides eating and looking after the children, they had to study for a while before going to bed.

After some time, both of them felt a bit exhausted. During the weekend break, Lu Xia planned to take Jiang Junmo out to relax.

Now that she no longer needed to breastfeed, they didn’t have to rush home, so they could enjoy the day without worrying about time. They could have a good time.


Chapter 504 – Unexpected Encounter with Gu Xiangnan


Rarely having time to go out and enjoy, Lu Xia originally planned to bring Kang Kang along.

However, he declined, and Grandpa Jiang said he had other plans with Kang Kang, so they should go on their own.

Lu Xia didn’t know if Grandpa Jiang thought they were too tired during this time and wanted them to have a nice date, so he called Kang Kang away, thinking they indeed had plans.

So, only she and Jiang Junmo went out.

Actually, there wasn’t really a specific place for a date at this moment.

Although it was spring, it was still a bit cold outside, so they skipped places like parks and lakes.

They started by watching a movie.

Surprisingly, it was a romantic film. Although the quality of the movie was average, Lu Xia found it quite enjoyable.

After the movie, they went to a restaurant for a meal and then strolled around the streets.

With more and more businesses, the streets were lively, and there were many people coming and going.

Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo didn’t intend to buy anything, just casual browsing. Whenever they found a store they were interested in, they would go in and take a look.

However, as soon as they entered a clothing store, they encountered someone familiar.

“…Isn’t that Gu Xiangnan?”

Jiang Junmo looked in the direction mentioned and affirmed, “It’s him.”

They had just mentioned him a few days ago, and here they were, running into him so soon.

Lu Xia was considering whether to greet him since they had encountered him. But at this moment, another familiar person walked out from behind.

“Su Man?”

Su Man, upon seeing Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo at the entrance, completely ignored Gu Xiangnan, who was approaching, and walked straight toward them.

“You’re here? Are you here to buy clothes? Feel free to look around, I’ll give you a discount later.”

Lu Xia understood her meaning, “Is this store yours too? This is quite a coincidence. We just came in to have a look as we were passing by and didn’t expect it to be your store.”

Su Man smiled and explained, “This is my second branch. The clothes are newly arrived. Feel free to check if there’s anything you like.”

Lu Xia didn’t decline and said, “Alright, I’ll take a look.”

In the midst of their conversation, Gu Xiangnan, who had been facing away from them, also recognized them.

He greeted them after following Su Man and said, “Jiang Junmo, Comrade Lu Xia, I didn’t expect to run into you here. It’s been a long time. Are you both doing well now?”

Jiang Junmo greeted him in return and nodded, saying, “We’re doing well.”

However, Su Man seemed to have not seen him and continued to pull Lu Xia to introduce the new clothes in the store.

Though Lu Xia felt something was off between the two, she didn’t want to ask.

In the end, under Su Man’s enthusiasm, she bought two pieces of clothing, and of course, Su Man gave her a very favorable price.

Meanwhile, Jiang Junmo and Gu Xiangnan had been chatting, with Gu Xiangnan doing most of the talking, and Jiang Junmo occasionally responding.

Gu Xiangnan didn’t think much of it; after all, Jiang Junmo had always been this way.

When Lu Xia finished shopping and they were planning to leave, they heard Gu Xiangnan expressing envy, “I heard you already have four children? That’s great! How about we all get together another day?”

Lu Xia didn’t agree or refuse, smiling and saying, “Sure, let’s find a suitable time.”

Then, they waved goodbye to Su Man, and the two of them left.

Even after walking out of the store, they didn’t see any interaction between the two.

As if they didn’t know each other.

Or maybe Gu Xiangnan was just impulsive?

Lu Xia was actually quite curious. Since Gu Xiangnan came to see Su Man at this moment, he probably wanted to reconcile with her, right?

She wondered what Su Man was thinking.

Could the ‘female protagonist’ and ‘male protagonist’ be heading towards a happy ending?

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