BH (QT) 105 – The President (5)

Chapter 105 – The President (5)

Jian Yunxiu is fine now, which is good.

Yan Jing Ze relaxed and reluctantly let go of Jian Yunxiu’s hands: “I’ll wash my face, wash my hands, and then change my clothes. Are there any clean pajamas for me to change?” Jian Yunxiu’s cleanliness addiction is very serious. He felt that he had better wash himself up a bit, so maybe he could have more than just hugging and holding hands.

“There is.” Jian Yunxiu said: “I’ll go get it for you.”

    Yu Ye: “……” This Wang Shengchao really knows Jian Yunxiu well, Jian Yunxiu really can’t stand coming in from outside without changing his clothes.

    Jian Yunxiu went back to his room to get his clothes, Yu Ye looked at Yan Jing Ze.

“Wang Shengchao, I will call you Brother Wang from now on, I will take you to the guest bathroom to wash. Wait, do you want to take off your clothes first and then wash? Or wait for you to wash it clean. If Yunxiu sees you take your dirty clothes with your hands, he’ll be uncomfortable again. He usually doesn’t say anything and tries his best to endure it by himself, but you can see that he is uncomfortable…” Yu Ye was babbling and he could see that he knew Jian Yunxiu very well.

“Yes.” Without saying a word, Yan Jing Ze took off his outer pants and shirt, and together with the suit he had thrown on the floor before, folded it and put it on the shoe cabinet in the entrance.

In this way, he was left with only a pair of boxer shorts, revealing his well-defined body.

    Yu Ye looked enviously at the good figure of Yan Jing Ze.

    He had no good feeling about this first love named Wang Shengchao that Jian Yunxiu had been looking for.

According to Jian Yunxiu’s description, Wang Shengchao was a poor little black fatty who was bullied in junior high school. Such a person more than ten years later, who knows what he has become? But Jian Yunxiu is like an obsessed ghost and always remembered him.

He was especially afraid that someday an ugly man would come out and cheat Jian Yunxiu for money and sex.

But now that he really saw someone, he felt that this person was pretty good, he looked handsome and didn’t lack money, and he was willing to accommodate Jian Yunxiu’s cleanliness… Jian Yunxiu had a good vision.

“Brother Wang, although Yunxiu is going to get his clothes, he probably needs to wash his hands or something. Anyway, he won’t come out so quickly. You should wash first.” Yu Ye took Yan Jing Ze to the guest bathroom.

“Good.” Yan Jing Ze responded and added: “By the way, don’t call me Brother Wang, I changed my name, now it’s Yan Jing Ze.”

    Saying that, Yan Jing Ze turned back and took out a business card from his shirt pocket and gave it to Yu Ye.

    Yu Ye took the business card and saw the words “Yan Jing Ze” on it, as well as Yan Jing Ze’s position.

Yan’s father is particularly concerned about Yan Jing Ze, the son he had served and washed diapers. Not only did the company he gave to him for practice was very good, he even gave the shares of the head office. The title on the business card of Yan Jing Ze, there is a ‘Director of the Yan Family Head Office’ on it.

Yu Ye all looked confused: “Who is Yan Guoqi to you?”

    “He’s my Dad.” Yan Jing Ze smiled. The original owner’s father’s name was Yan Guoqi.

Yu Ye almost knelt. Who is Yan Guoqi? That is one of the National Fathers!

Jian Yunxiu was worried that his first boyfriend, no, his secret boyfriend, is having a bad life. That is why, even though he obviously had a cleanliness addiction, he forcibly resisted and went to various performances to earn money and save money to find Wang Shengchao early and help Wang Shengchao. But what is this?

This Wang Shengchao, his father is Yan Guoqi?

    Yu Ye was in a daze when he suddenly heard Jian Yunxiu’s disgruntled voice: “What are you doing?”

As soon as Yu Ye wanted to say that he hadn’t done anything, Jian Yunxiu strode over, spread his arms to block in front of Yan Jing Ze, and looked at himself with a puff of anger.

Yu Ye realized the problem – after Yan Jing Ze took off his clothes, he was now only wearing a pair of underwear!

He felt that he was a big man so it’s nothing, but Jian Yunxiu’s side… Switching to him, if his wife was seen wearing only with her underwear, he must be angry too!

“You go to the main bathroom to wash and change your clothes when you’re done.” Jian Yunxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze. He had indeed gone to wash his hands after he had just gone in.

He usually washes his hands very slowly, but thinking that there are people waiting outside, he speeds up his washing… As a result, surprisingly, once he comes out, he sees that Yan Jing Ze is wearing only a pair of shorts.

   This, this…

    Jian Yunxiu stood in front of Yu Ye and did not move.

   Yan Jing Ze smiled and responded, heading for the master bedroom. As for Jian Yunxiu, he followed behind Yan Jing Ze.

    Yu Ye: “……” Do you need to guard him like this? He is a straight man!

Jian Yunxiu’s house is also a three-bedroom, two-living room, and two-bathroom layout, but it is smaller than the house that the original owner gave Dong Qinglin to live in. The property certificate says 89 square meters but the set is only 70 square meters.

B City has a lot of land and money. It would be nice to have such a house, but for a person engaged in music, it seems a bit small.

  Jian Yunxiu put the piano in the living room and added a door between the living and dining room, which made a spacious piano room.

    And his master bedroom…

   Jian Yunxiu’s master bedroom is not large, with white walls and white floors. One of the walls has a row of hangers with white clothes hanging on it, and there is a musical instrument rack on the other wall, full of instruments such as violin and saxophone.

Jian Yunxiu is a pianist but he can also use other instruments.

     Yan Jing Ze noticed that there was no bed in this room.

     “This is your bedroom? Where do you sleep?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

     Jian Yunxiu said: “I sleep in the bay window.”

This master bedroom is actually quite small, with a small bay window, up to eighty centimeters wide, and Jian Yunxiu sleeps there?

     Yan Jing Ze looked at the folded quilt on the bay window, feeling distressed again.

“You quickly wash up.” Jian Yunxiu did not look at Yan Jing Ze and pointed to his bathroom.

When Yan Jing Ze went in, Jian Yunxiu introduced the toiletries inside, and then hurriedly left, closing the door.

The first thing he noticed was that when Jian Yunxiu walked away, his eyes darted around and his face was a little red.

    Looking at himself in the mirror, Yan Jing Ze raised his eyebrows.

    Jian Yunxiu should really like his body?

  In order to make Jian Yunxiu more comfortable, Yan Jing Ze took a special shower and scrubbed himself from head to tail once again.

After washing, he put on his own underwear and the nightshirt and pajama pants that Jian Yunxiu prepared for him.

    The pajamas are obviously Jian Yunxiu’s, as they are loose and not tight for him to wear.

    After picking up his pajamas and sniffing them, Yan Jing Ze was in a happy mood as he headed out.

    When Yan Jing Ze took a shower, Jian Yunxiu was talking to Yu Ye.

“Jian Yunxiu, do you know that Wang Shengchao is actually Yan Jing Ze, the son of Yan Guoqi?” Yu Ye asked.

Jian Yunxiu did not respond, the fingers on one of his hands tapped on the table. Yu Ye took a look and knew that he was tapping a light rhythm.

This week, Jian Yunxiu had been a little anxious, and the music he played was full of anger, but now it has changed all of a sudden.

“Yun Xiu, did you hear me?” Yu Ye asked again.

     Jian Yunxiu smiled: “I heard… I didn’t know before, but now I know.”

     “How are you still so calm after knowing?” Yu Ye asked.

     Jian Yunxiu looked at him uncertainly.

Yu Ye was a bit frantic and suddenly thought of something else: “Wait, do you know who Yan Guoqi is?”

    “Wang Shengchao’s father,” Jian Yunxiu answered.

    Yu Ye: “……”

Yu Ye took a deep breath and said, “Yan Guoqi is one of the leading tycoons in China! A wealthy man! How many assets are in the family… You wait for me to search in Baidu.”

Jian Yunxiu heard Yu Ye say that he wanted to search in Baidu, so he did not say anything. His fingers continued to play back and forth on the dining room table, played a while, and then stopped to think, and then continued to play.

    Yu Ye had just finished searching in Baidu when he saw Jian Yunxiu’s happy face.

“Jian Yunxiu,” Yu Ye yelled and put his phone in front of Jian Yunxiu, “Yan Guoqi is one of the top ten rich men in China, the top ten! Wang Shengchao’s family is so rich and capable, he could have come to you a long time ago, why only now? And your recent affair…”

Jian Yunxiu’s “dancing” hands on the dining table stopped all of a sudden and the smile on his face disappeared. He began to scratch back and forth with his nails on the table.

Yu Ye also realized that he had said something unpleasant, but he was afraid that Jian Yunxiu would be deceived: “We still have to ask questions later.”

  Jian Yunxiu nodded absent-mindedly.

    When Yan Jing Ze came out, he saw Jian Yunxiu looking at him with bleary eyes.

    “Yunxiu, what’s wrong?” Yan Jing Ze asked in a hurry, Jian Yunxiu seemed to be very sad.

Jian Yunxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze, his hand dropped from the table, and began to scrape the stool: “Those photos on the Internet are all fake.”

“I know that they are all fake. My family’s Yunxiu won’t do such a thing.” Yan Jing Ze noticed that Jian Yunxiu was a little uneasy and asked: “Can I hold you?”

Jian Yunxiu immediately plunged into Yan Jing Ze’s arms.

Yan Jing Ze hugged him tightly: “It is obvious that someone deliberately framed you. I came to you for this matter. Don’t worry, I will help you solve the matter.”

“Hmm.” Jian Yunxiu nodded and asked again, “Why didn’t you come earlier?”

  Yan Jing Ze tightened his heart: “I am sorry, I did not dare to come before, I think I do not deserve you. Today you are so happy to see me, I am also happy, and also uncomfortable… I should have come to you earlier. I thought I was just an ordinary middle school classmate of yours and I didn’t know that you always remembered me.”

“You are not an ordinary classmate, I like you,” Jian Yun said. He has always regretted not confessing his love back then and regretted it for more than ten years.

“I know, as soon as I saw you just now, I knew it. I like you, too. I didn’t know you liked me before, that’s why I didn’t dare to come to you, I’m sorry.” Yan Jing Ze grabbed Jian Yunxiu’s hand and gave him a kiss.

    He couldn’t believe that it was so easy for him to get into Jian Yunxiu’s house, so easy to confess his love, and so easy to kiss Jian Yunxiu!

    Yan Jing Ze kissed a few more times.

    Yu Ye: “……” He was a light bulb again!

But the last lump in his heart against Yan Jing Ze disappeared. Yes, these two people used to be ordinary classmates. Yan Jing Ze didn’t know that Jian Yunxiu liked him, it was normal to not find him.

As for now… Isn’t it because Jian Yunxiu had an accident, so he came? He was sticky with Jian Yunxiu as soon as he came. These two people are a match made in heaven.

Yu Ye felt that he had nothing more to say.

     No, he still has something to say: “How can Yunxiu solve this problem now, do you have a way?”

  It was only then that Yan Jing Ze thought of the main matter.

    “Yunxiu, Yu Ye and I are going to discuss things. Do you want to listen or do you want to go play the piano?”

Jian Yunxiu chose to play the piano. He left the dining room and went to the living room. After a while, the brisk and beautiful piano sound came out from there.

    The corners of Yan Jing Ze’s mouth couldn’t help but hook up.

  The original owner didn’t know anything about music and neither did he. But he liked the music and listening to it made it seem like honey was gushing out of his heart.

Unfortunately, although the music is good, the things they need to talk about are not so pleasant.

  “Did Yunxiu offend anyone?” Yan Jing Ze asked, and while asking, he opened his phone and tapped on Weibo.

The original owner has a number on it and his nickname is “Jingkou Yuyan”. It is Jian Yunxiu’s diehard fan or the kind that can throw money in particular.

Jian Yunxiu does not have a team to help him manage his fans. Fans are unorganized and undisciplined. Many fans came and left after a short while. There were not many left. And these fans basically paid attention to “Jingkou Yuyan”, after all, Jinkou Yuyan is too powerful!

For example, if Jian Yunxiu wants to hold a concert, he will only send one post on Weibo casually. Jinkou Yuyan will help forward it and also engage in a lottery to promote and buy hot searches, a one-stop service. Fans of Jian Yunxiu, can they still not pay attention to this person?

Not to mention this Jinkou Yuyan also seems to know a lot of inside information.

Sometimes Jian Yunxiu hasn’t come out for a long time, everyone asks Jinkou Yuyan, and Jinkou Yuyan says what Jian Yunxiu is actually doing… which is basically correct.

Yan Jing Ze boarded this account and found that many people sent him private messages. Most of these are Jian Yunxiu’s fans, asking him if those photos are real, and some people deliberately sent him photos, saying that the person he likes is a trash…

What’s worse, because the original owner has been patronizing Dong Qinglin these days, and he hasn’t helped Jian Yunxiu speak so that some people partied in his comments. “Even Jinkou Yuyan did not speak up. Jane Yunxiu, I’m afraid, is a piece of shit that can be used by all people.”

“Knowing people and not knowing the heart. I did not expect Jian Yunxiu to be this kind of person.”

    “Forty-something-year-old woman, he can also sleep with, Jian Yunxiu is simply…”

  “Aren’t his fans bragging that Jian Yunxiu is Jian Qishan’s son? Jian Qishan never admitted it, okay? I see, it was Jian Yunxiu who posted it for the hype.”

    ” Jinkou Yuyan also left the fandom, right? Haha!”


  Of course, in addition to the anti-fans, there are a few die-hard fans of Jian Yunxiu who left a message for Yan Jing Ze: “Sister, those photos are fake, right?”

    “Sister, you say something!”

    “Sister, Yunxiu explained, go forward it!”

    “The one in the photos must not be Yunxiu!”


Yan Jing Ze listened to the cheerful piano sound, looking at these, his heart is full of mixed feelings.

Yu Ye, however, was recounting: “Yunxiu will not take the initiative to offend people but there are quite a lot of people who do not like him. I have sent a clarification announcement, also contacted a lawyer to sue them for slander, but it seems useless… I also contacted a few fans but some did not reply… Wait, Jinkou Yuyan posted, she strongly supports Yunxiu! This girl is good!”

Everyone felt that Jinkou Yuyan was Jian Yunxiu’s Bai Fumei, a local tyrant fan.

     Yan Jing Ze looked at Yu Ye speechlessly: “It’s not a girl, this is me.”

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