Chapter 2 – Can this mobile phone connect to the Internet?

Time: Unknown

Location: Demon world, apparently in the boudoir of the Demon King… bah, the bedchamber

Characters: A group of strange-looking demons (seems to be the ministers), Myself (seems to be the Demon King)

The rest: Holding an old mobile phone in my hand

Incident: I was almost slaughtered and sold for money just now

Whether it’s the traversal itself or the terrible start after the traversal, Hill wants to scream and vent his emotions at this time. But compared to Sabie suddenly yelling in front of a bunch of people, even if no one was around Hill, he felt as if he couldn’t do such a dramatic act. So, he just ranted a few words in his heart and then tried hard to calm himself down completely.

First of all, this phone in his hand, it seems that this phone should be the culprit of his traversing. He has to open the screen and study it when no one is around. But now there seems to be no one in the room because they are all ghosts.

Next, he had to understand the background and find out whether he had crossed over by accident or as a result of planning – after all, it seemed to be a fantasy world with the Demon King appearing.

He definitely still wants to go back to the original world, so he must first investigate to see if he can go back directly. In case he opens the screen and finds that there is an option to [return to the real world] in the app… Although the experience of reading novels and watching TV tells him this is not that simple, there is always a glimmer of hope in him.

After thinking like this, Hill calmed down a bit and then he looked at his subordinates. Their appearance immediately made his mental construction a bit of a waste… Each and every one of them is too scary, right? Hill could not help but distort his expression.

Their looks are really terrifying, all kinds of strange shapes, and some look quite Cthulhu. Hill wants to cry without tears, can he apply for a different style of painting? Not necessarily the Japanese manga’s beautiful painting style of hell, but can they at least be a little normal?

The subordinates saw their noble and powerful Lord, Demon King, suddenly distort his expression, and they immediately became more terrified. What does this distorted expression mean? It represents the Lord Demon King will open a killing spree? This group of demons immediately filled their brains to the point where they were about to die of fear.

So, this is very awkward.

Hill looked at these demons and was almost scared to death.

The demons were also scared to death as they watched Hill’s frightened expression.

The two sides looked at each other and frightened each other for a long time. One of the demons boldly asked: “Your Majesty, Demon King, what are you thinking about?”

Hill couldn’t help but say, “All of you are really abominable.”

The group of demons became even more terrified.

Abominable! Lord Demon King said they were abominable! Did they really offend the Lord Demon King with their previous actions?

So, Hill saw the demons’ expressions become more hideous. One of them is covered in fire and the flames are fluttering wildly, and one is a ghost-like demon with his illusory legs and arms almost twisted together. Damn, yeah, this is too damn scary. SAN value dropping madly. You know, Hill has not seen many horror movies.

Thus, a new round of mutual harm began again.

This is the legendary gradual disintegration of thinking, right?

Hill calmed down after a while and said: “You all go down first, you stay.” He casually pointed to one of the less scary-looking ones and said.

The other demons saluted and some even gloated at the one being pointed at.

Hill noticed this. He felt that his thinking seemed to be a little off a while ago, but after all, he just arrived, so he still thought carefully and proceeded with caution.

After all those demons left, the demon who was left alone knelt down and folded his arms over his chest, “My king.” His voice reminded him of a winter rock, very cold and hard, but with the strange rhythm of the solstice wind. It’s fortunate that the languages are connected, to say the least.

Hill did not directly let him get up but examined this man who knelt to him.

This demon is a bit like a human, but the skin is dark with a little purple, the hair is white, and the ears are long and narrow. He looks a bit like an elf, but he has strong, streamlined muscles under his simple armor. Hill felt that the elves should be relatively slender. He hadn’t seen male elves with muscles on TV or in the novels. This was too contradictory.

Hill thought for a moment and said with deliberation, “A lot has happened to us recently.”

He didn’t dare to use words like “demon world” directly, what if they didn’t have the term “demon world” here?

“Yes, a lot of things have happened in our lower realms, My King. We need to compensate the church with a lot of money and materials, which is terrible,” the demon said.

There really is no such thing as the “demon world”. Hill praised his own caution and then said, “What do you think these recent events tell us about the world?”

The other party thought for a while and said, “Forgive me, My King.”

“Yes, I forgive you,” Hill said.

The other party said, “Our defeat in the war with the Church of Light can directly say that our army is not as powerful as the Church’s. Now, the Church of Light has so much influence among humans that our Dark Church has been directly defined as a cult. The upper realm has won the support of almost all humans and I think we should pay attention to the power of humans.”

Hill thought to himself, ‘The name Dark Church also sounds like a cult to me.’

But he also understood what kind of world view this is.

This world has an upper realm, a human realm and a lower realm.

The upper realm should be heaven, with angels and the like. The Church of Light is their spokesperson among humans. The lower realm is the Demon Realm he is now in. The Demon Realm also has a Dark Church in the human realm, but right now, the Dark Church is unpopular in the human realm. Most humans support the Church of Light.

Then the lower realm just lost in the battle between the lower realm and the upper realm, and it seemed that he had to cede land for compensation or something.

Hill thought for a while and said, “I think you are right. We should attach importance to the power of mankind, so we can get closer to humans in the future.”

The dark-skinned demon said, “Thank you for taking my advice, but we are now facing a very difficult situation. We have to compensate too much…”

Hill said, “Money and supplies are nothing, the real scary thing is that the hearts and minds are disintegrated.”

“You are indeed a wise king,” said the demon, “but you do not need to test me, My King. I have drunk the water of the River of Sorrow and swore that I, Albrecht Darkmoon, will serve you for life, or I will be rotted by the water of the River of Sorrow and die. ”

Information acquisition:

First, the other party’s name is Albrecht Darkmoon. Darkmoon should be the last name, a bit Mary Sue.

Second, drink the water of the River of Sorrow and swear. If you cannot comply, you will probably die.

Try the second point first.

“The water of the River of Sorrow is not omnipotent,” Hill said with emotion.

Albrecht continued with his head down and said, “This has been the highest and most venomous vow of the demons since ancient times. Forgive me for my ignorance, My King, what do you want to express?”

Hill’s heart tightened and he hurriedly said: “A bond from the world outside truly cannot bind one’s loyalty completely. I think you can understand what I mean, Albrecht Darkmoon.” He did not know how he normally addressed the other party, so he simply took on a majestic look and called the other party by his full name.

When you don’t know how to explain your own words, just say “you know what I mean”, and let the other party make up with his brain. This is safer, right……? It should be. Hill thought with uncertainty.

Albrecht pondered for a while, then looked up and said, “My King, you mean to kill all those who were here just now?”


……What did you make up in your brain?!

The dark elf’s way of thinking is like this: only three of his peers drank the water of the River of Sorrow. And the Lord Demon King said that even the water of the River of Sorrow cannot make you completely loyal. Then this means that the Lord Demon King does not trust his other subjects, and as a qualified demon, he subconsciously thought: the others should be slaughtered.

At this time, Albrecht’s expression has become frenzied: “You are really a great Demon King! Your coldness and viciousness really make me deeply worship! My King! As a prince of the Dark Elf clan, my assassination skills are the best in this clan! I am willing to serve you! Kill all the ministers except for me! Yes, I am all you need! I will kill everyone you don’t like for you!”

Hill: ……

The information content is overwhelming and his brain is a bit stuck.

“……you calm down first,” Hill said.

“My assassination skills are top-notch! I can do it! Please trust me! My King!”

“Calm down. You’re not told to go and kill them all.”

“I can hardly contain my worship of you in the face of such a sick and bloodthirsty you! My King!”


“My King!”


Hill raised his voice: “Shut up for this King.”

Albrecht resumed his half-kneeling to the ground, “As you command, My King.”

Seeing that the other person seemed to calm down, Hill was relieved.

Then the other party stole a glance at him and said, “I am also deeply fascinated by your temperamental nature.”

Hill: “……”

Hill: “You hurry up and go.”

Hurry up and go. What the hell.

#What if I almost let one of my men slaughter all the others on my first day as a Demon King?#

After driving Albrecht out, Hill unlocked his mobile phone. Oh. Oh. All the apps on the mobile phone are still there. He first opened WeChat, but no new message was received in WeChat. He found his mother and sent a message: “Mom, are you there?”

As a matter of course, it failed to send.

He tried a few more times, and again, it failed to send.

After logging out of WeChat, he turned to the last page of the phone and found that the Demon App was gone. After tinkering with the phone for a long time, he didn’t find a way to travel back. He reluctantly opened another APP, Jinjiang Literature City, and then discovered that the books in it could be read… What, is it still connected to the Internet? He was a little stunned. After scanning the list casually, he exited, then opened the browser, and typed “I transmigrated”. Then the first thing he found was a bunch of novels.

Wow, Hill thought in his heart, this network really works. Don’t know what the principle is, it may be a welfare plug-in through crossing. Then he thought, since the mobile phone network can be used, wouldn’t he be able to directly search for the knowledge of making all kinds of rare products in this world? Then he can make a lot of things. First of all, pay off the compensation to the church, then let’s see what to do…

Since he is already here, just be comfortable. Both safe and sound, just live a little more comfortably.

Well… this is how it is.

<< ToC >>


SAN value drop – (Sanity Point) in horrible and weird videos, users often post ” SAN value drop ” barrage, indicating that they are particularly afraid and have been mentally shocked.

Actually, MC is a Harem King. LOL

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