Chapter 146 – The Seed of Doubt

Zhang Changzheng reported all the incidents involving Lin Wangshu hurting Xu Jinning and the Lin family switching children fifteen years ago.

He wanted the higher-ups to know that the Lin family, too, had committed crimes; they were not innocent, and their current positions and past achievements couldn’t excuse their crimes.

Zhang Changzheng also presented his own achievements. Even if it meant using up his own accomplishments, he hoped to seek justice for Xu Jinning.

This put the higher-ups in a difficult position.

Firstly, the fact that the Lin family of three had committed crimes couldn’t be ignored just because of their current status and past contributions.

Moreover, turning a blind eye to it would be demoralizing for someone like Zhang Changzheng.

Zhang Changzheng had solved several major cases in a row, and now he was gradually gaining recognition from the higher-ups. They intended to promote him and nurture him further.

They absolutely couldn’t let Zhang Changzheng feel disheartened.

So, how should they handle this situation?

For a while, the situation remained deadlocked.


Meanwhile, Lin Zhenghao and Yao Shuixun rushed to Anren County. Before that, they had also contacted some old friends, hoping they could help in this matter.

They thought things would go smoothly, that they would soon see Lin Wangshu and take her back home.

However, they didn’t expect that while they did see Lin Wangshu, taking her out immediately and returning to Haishi City wouldn’t be easy.

Not only that, they also received a phone call from a friend filled with helplessness and surprise.

“You didn’t tell me about the incident fifteen years ago when you intentionally switched children. I know things were difficult back then, but you shouldn’t have done such a thing.”

“Don’t you know that this is a crime?”

“Now, they’ve got a hold of your weakness, and the girl’s godfather, Zhang Changzheng, is also someone they’ve recently decided to heavily invest in. His future is limitless, with great potential. Even if you can’t befriend him, it’s best not to offend him. And yet, you…”

“You guys are so muddle-headed.”

“I’ll do my best to help with this, but it’s only this once.”

By the end, the tone of the old friend had grown considerably cold, giving a clear sense that after this help, they would distance themselves from the Lin family.

Honestly, helping the Lin family this time really tarnished his reputation.

Lin Wangshu did commit a crime, and the Lin couple had also committed crimes in the past. Moreover, they targeted the Xu family, targeted that girl. Honestly, that girl had it really rough.

This Lin family of three is just so unethical.

This friend hadn’t expected the Lin family to be like this.

Before, he thought the Lin family was decent and worth befriending. He had heard them talk about recognizing their biological daughter and even planned for their younger generations to interact. Now, thinking back, it’s better to just forget about it.

The conduct of this Lin family of three is bad. It’s better to have less contact with such people.

The Lin family of three is also scheming deep. If one were to continue getting close to them, one might end up being schemed against one day.

Upon hearing this from the old friend, Lin Zhenghao and his wife felt a sudden panic. They wanted to say something, but the friend quickly hung up.

Yao Shuixun gripped her husband’s arm tightly. “How did this happen? How did that matter get exposed?”

Not only had it been discovered by the police, even their old friend knew about it.

Originally, she thought this matter had already passed so many years ago, and it should have been forgotten by everyone. But unexpectedly, it was brought to light.

The Lin couple used to have a very good image in front of everyone, without any blemishes.

But now, this matter being exposed has become a stain on them, representing that they had committed crimes in the past.

Not only would it affect their current prospects, but it would also make people hesitant to befriend them.

“Was it really right to recognize this daughter?” Yao Shuixun murmured.

“What did you say?” Yao Shuixun’s voice was relatively low, and Lin Zhenghao didn’t hear clearly.

Yao Shuixun shook her head.

That sentence just now was just a casual remark, just a fleeting thought, but it was like a seed that took root in Yao Shuixun’s heart.

At this moment, Yao Shuixun harbored resentment towards Lin Wangshu, her biological daughter.

Although she might not have realized it at this moment.

But if it weren’t for Lin Wangshu hurting Xu Jinning, they wouldn’t have needed to rush to Anren County or ask their old friend for help. Perhaps their past actions wouldn’t have been discovered, and they would have remained innocent.

Unknowingly, Yao Shuixun had a feeling that Lin Wangshu was like a harbinger of misfortune, bringing her more and more bad luck.

Of course, this was just a fleeting thought for Yao Shuixun.

At this moment, she didn’t think too much about it.

This seed of doubt also needed time to grow into a towering tree.

Of course, Yao Shuixun was inherently selfish, unwilling to admit her own criminal actions. That’s why she blamed Lin Wangshu, even though Lin Wangshu was her biological daughter.


On the other side, after interrogating Zhong Dequan, Zhang Changzheng also brought up the fact that the Lin couple indeed conspired with Zhong Dequan to switch children fifteen years ago.

He said this in front of Xu Jinning.

Although he didn’t know if Xu Jinning’s family would inform her, Zhang Changzheng felt that Xu Jinning, as the victim and a party involved, had the right to know.

“I knew it, I should have guessed earlier. How could everything be so coincidental?”

Even though she had prepared herself mentally earlier, Zhang Ailian’s tears still fell.

And Xu Aiguo clenched his fists tightly.

If only the Lin couple were in front of him, he might not have been able to control his anger and would have wanted to hit them.

They really b*llied people too much.

Did they think that as city dwellers, their daughter was somehow nobler? And that their daughter from the countryside should endure hardships?

The fact that the Lin couple intentionally switched the children meant that they knew from the beginning that Ningning was not their biological daughter.

So, over those fifteen years, they let Ningning suffer so much, not showing any concern, and one could even say they deliberately mistreated her.

“Ningning, you suffered.”

“We’re sorry, we were bad parents. We didn’t protect you properly in the beginning, which led you to suffer at the hands of wicked people. We’ve been separated for so many years, and you’ve endured so much pain.”

Xu Aiguo and Zhang Ailian’s faces were filled with guilt and self-blame.

This matter was intentional on the part of the Lin couple, but they were also at fault for not protecting their child well, which allowed bad people to take advantage.

Xu Jinning shook her head. “Mom, Dad, don’t cry. The past is in the past. Now I’ve overcome hardships and come back to your side, and you’ve also learned the truth. That’s already good enough.”

Both Xu Jinning and the original owner didn’t ask for anything, just wanting to have caring family members.

Moreover, Xu Jinning’s emotions were actually quite stable, probably because she had known the truth from the storyline long ago.

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