Chapter 136 – It’s okay, I just think you’re a tea

[Two years ago, Lin Wangshu received a letter from her biological parents, and since then, she knew that she was not the biological daughter of the Xu family but was intentionally swapped to give her a better life.]

When Xu Jinning expressed this sentiment, the Xu family members present were shocked, and then their expressions instantly became serious.

In fact, they had suspicions before, wondering if the child had been intentionally swapped by the Lin family. Xu Aiguo had asked Zhang Changzheng to investigate, but it had been over ten years, making it difficult to find out now. As of now, there was still little news from Zhang Changzheng’s side.

Sometimes they wondered, if it wasn’t intentional, it would be fine, but if it was intentional, then their Ningning would be pitiful.

Clearly, Ningning should have been raised by her biological parents and siblings since birth, loved and carefree. Instead, she had been intentionally plotted by the Lin family, leading to fifteen difficult years, even facing death several times.

In reality, they hoped that the Lin family hadn’t done it intentionally.

Perhaps if that were the case, they could feel a bit better.

Otherwise, the Lin family would be too terrifying.

And now, hearing Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts, the heavy stone that had been hanging in their hearts finally fell.

They believed Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts; Ningning’s inner thoughts had never been wrong.

Even if what Ningning said in her inner thoughts was about the past or the future, things that hadn’t happened yet.

Without exception, they were all correct.

So, now that Ningning says the Lin family intentionally swapped the children, it must be true.

Even Lin Wangshu receiving a letter from the Lin family two years ago, knowing she was not the biological daughter of the Xu family, was true.

If that’s the case…

Zhang Ailian, Xu Aiguo, and others involuntarily looked towards Lin Wangshu, who was smiling not far away at them.

If this was true, then Lin Wangshu would be as terrifying as the Lin family.

Because in these past two years, as Xu Fangfang, Lin Wangshu never probed or mentioned anything about possibly not being the biological child of the Xu family.

She had still lived just like before, how she lived in the past, how she interacted with her family, and now she had continued to do the same.

There hadn’t been even the slightest hint of anything wrong or suspicious.

But not being the Xu family’s biological daughter was such a big deal.

Yet Lin Wangshu had managed to conceal it so well.

They also thought back to a few months ago when they had found out about the child mix-up. Lin Wangshu, still as Xu Fangfang, had shown shock and confusion, as if she had just found out for the first time. Even when they had parted ways, Lin Wangshu had cried, showing reluctance and attachment.

But now, if Lin Wangshu had known all along, then what was her behavior after that, was it acting?

Then Lin Wangshu had hidden it too deeply.

All they could say was, truly worthy of being a member of the Lin family, truly the biological daughter of the Lin family!

So, intentionally swapping children and letting their daughter/sister deliberately endure those fifteen difficult years, the Lin family had become their enemies.

And Lin Wangshu had become the daughter of their enemy!

In an instant, the expressions and gazes of the Xu family members towards Lin Wangshu had changed instantly.

Lin Wangshu had been observing the expressions and demeanor of the Xu family members all along, so she had immediately noticed their change.

Almost instantly, their expressions and attitudes had turned cold.

This left Lin Wangshu suddenly bewildered.

She hadn’t done anything just now, had she? Nor had she said anything wrong.

How could this be happening?

Lin Wangshu couldn’t help but look towards Xu Jinning beside her.

Was blood relation really that important? Xu Jinning, their biological daughter/sister, comes back and she’s suddenly an outsider?

And next, the attitude of the Lin family towards Lin Wangshu did indeed turn very cold.

If there wasn’t any evidence now to prove that the Lin family had intentionally swapped children initially, to prove that Lin Wangshu had known all along that she wasn’t the biological child of the Xu family, if everything were clear and laid out, made public, then they might even kick Lin Wangshu out of the Xu family, not allowing her to step foot in again.

The attitude of the Xu family members also made Lin Wangshu very anxious.

Clearly, this was the place where she had lived for fifteen years, clearly, those were the people she had lived with for fifteen years, the family that had once loved her so much, but now they were so indifferent to her.

Before, when she came back from outside, her family would make malted milk for her to drink, at worst, it would be a cup of sugared water.

But now, there wasn’t even a cup of water.

Just a few months, just a few months’ time, and Xu Jinning had taken away all the family and love and care she had for fifteen years.

That’s right, Lin Wangshu felt that the reason her family had changed was because of Xu Jinning.

It seems that Xu Jinning is indeed formidable.

However, Lin Wangshu didn’t allow it. Even though the Xu family wasn’t her true family, the things or people she once had, even if she didn’t want them now, she didn’t want to give them to others, especially not to Xu Jinning.

Next, Lin Wangshu kept trying to get closer to the Xu family, but the Xu family’s attitude was extremely cold. It was almost as if they were about to confront each other directly.

Xu Jinning quietly watched Lin Wangshu “perform,” remaining calm.

She reminisced about the plot in the book.

Meanwhile, the Xu family members were dealing with Lin Wangshu perfunctorily while also hoping to glean important clues from Xu Jinning’s thoughts.

Soon enough, they heard it.

[Initially, the Lin family came to Anren Hospital to find Zhong Dequan.]

[They bribed Zhong Dequan and carried out the exchange of two children.]

That Zhong Dequan had been acting against his conscience for over a decade.

His conscience was long gone.

Zhong Dequan!

This name was instantly etched into the minds of the Xu family members.

Here, Lin Wangshu stayed for dinner with courage, or rather, she stayed with a thick-skinned attitude because the Xu family didn’t even ask her to stay for dinner. She could only stay by pretending to deliver something and then staying.

If it were an ordinary person, they might have left by now.

But Lin Wangshu couldn’t leave; she came here for Xu Jinning. So, she wanted to find an opportunity to talk to Xu Jinning alone.

Xu Jinning felt indifferent towards Lin Wangshu. Once she confirmed that Lin Wangshu’s arrival wouldn’t cause her family members to lose their intellect, she felt relieved.

She was someone who didn’t like trouble and didn’t enjoy spending time with unfamiliar people. So, after dinner, she returned to her room.

However, she didn’t expect that her door would be pushed open shortly after.

Lin Wangshu came in without a word.

Seeing Xu Jinning, Lin Wangshu pretended to be surprised and embarrassed. “Sorry, this used to be where I lived. I didn’t think much and just came in. I hope you don’t mind.”

Xu Jinning replied casually, “It’s okay, I just think you’re a tea.”

“Ah, what tea?”

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Xu Jinning is calling her a Green Tea (B*tch) – It refers to someone who pretends to be innocent or naive but is actually quite cunning or manipulative, often using their perceived innocence to achieve their goals or manipulate situations to their advantage.

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  1. Both the timing of and how Xu Jinning phrases her thoughts sometimes seems a bit too forced or stiff/rigid because the timing of her thoughts seems very planned and are phrased in a way that sounds like she’s just repeating the exact wording used in the novel she read before rather than her thoughts coming about more naturally based on her observations, feelings, or sudden recollection of the plot.

    For instance, when she thinks about Lin Wangshu already knowing about her true identity (previous chapter) or receiving a letter two years ago from her biological parents, it just seemed to come out of nowhere without any instigation. There was no observation influencing her to suddenly comment about it or any personal feelings put into her thoughts to make them seem more natural; it was more like she was just reading a script.

    It would have been more natural if her thoughts came about from her observation of Lin Wangshu’s feigned closeness to the family when she already knew she wasn’t their child or a sarcastic comment about Lin Wangshu’s green tea skills in pulling off a sweet, innocent girl full of familial love when she already received a letter two years ago from her biological parents. Although the timing of Xu Jinning’s thoughts is predictable, it would be better for them to at least seem more natural in their occurrence. Hopefully it’ll improve with time.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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