Chapter 135 – Keeping this Secret Safely

Watching the tense expressions of her family members, Xu Jinning smiled and said, “I know.”

Perhaps a few days ago, Xu Jinning might have been afraid, but now, she wasn’t afraid.

Even though Lin Wangshu’s arrival might bring some changes to her life, she would face them bravely.

The fact that Lin Wangshu would come was told to her by her family two days ago. They had been preparing her mentally and had repeated it many times. In their minds, Lin Wangshu definitely couldn’t be compared to her.

With everyone in the family saying so, Xu Jinning’s confidence grew stronger and stronger.

After hearing Xu Jinning’s answer, her family members breathed a sigh of relief.

At this moment, a voice suddenly came from outside the door.

“Mom, big sister, big brother, second brother, I’m back.”

Xu Jinning’s body slightly startled, then she looked towards the direction of the voice.

Soon, she saw the person speaking. The girl looked about fifteen or sixteen, wearing wide-legged pants, a shirt, and a woolen coat…

How should she put it, perhaps to people in this era, the girl’s outfit was fashionable, and the clothes and pants she wore were not commonly seen in the rural areas of this time.

But for Xu Jinning, who grew up in the 21st century and had encountered so much fashion, having her own wardrobe, the girl’s outfit looked very ordinary, even a bit rustic.

However, Xu Jinning didn’t intend to criticize these things. After all, since she transmigrated here, the clothes and pants she wore were not fashionable either. The clothes her mother made for her, and the style of the pants, also matched what most people in this era wore.

You could even say that her dressing was more rustic than the current Lin Wangshu’s.

But because they were made by her mother, wearing them was more comfortable and joyful than the clothes full of fashion labels she used to wear.

Somehow, seeing Lin Wangshu in front of her, the slight uneasiness that had remained in her heart was gradually dissipating.

It was as if she had originally regarded Lin Wangshu as unbeatable, with the protagonist’s halo, and now she was seeing her as an ordinary person, not needing to be deified or demonized.

Yes, from the words spoken by the person in front of her just now, she knew that this girl in front of her was Lin Wangshu, the protagonist of this real and fake rich daughter story.

Honestly, among the Xu family members, Lin Wangshu’s appearance would be considered the least impressive because the Xu family members, whether it was Xu Aiguo, Zhang Ailian, or Xu Fanghua, Xu Xiangdong, and Xu Xiangbei their facial features and appearance were all very good.

And Lin Wangshu’s features were just above average.

But the Xu family members all had refined and dignified appearances.

In this era, Lin Wangshu was considered good-looking, perhaps because she was raised in a wealthy environment, didn’t have to do much work, focused on studying, had a relatively good quality of life, and was a child nurtured with love and care, naturally growing up well.

So, this capital of Lin Wangshu’s was still bestowed upon her by the Xu family.

Her biological parents from the city took her back to the city. As for how she would live afterward, it would depend on Lin Wangshu herself.

Xu Jinning could clearly feel that as she was observing Lin Wangshu, the latter was also sizing her up with her peripheral vision while speaking.

For some reason, Xu Jinning had a feeling that Lin Wangshu had returned to Qinghe Production Brigade because of her.

“Fangfang is back, no, now we should call you Lin Wangshu,” Zhang Ailian said calmly.

“Mom, no matter what name I go by, I’m still your daughter and the younger sister of my siblings. Big sister, big brother, second brother, before I returned to the city, you all promised that you would always treat me as your only younger sister,” Lin Wangshu said.

Xu Fanghua and the others immediately looked nervously at Xu Jinning.

Indeed, they had said such words before.

Now thinking back, they didn’t understand why they had said such things back then, why did they say those words, and why did this Lin Wangshu have to say it now in front of Ningning, intentionally making Ningning uncomfortable.

At this moment, several people instantly started to dislike Lin Wangshu, feeling for the first time that Lin Wangshu was not as simple as she seemed on the surface but rather scheming and cunning.

Xu Jinning, on the other hand, didn’t pay much attention, after all, she knew earlier that her family members were being controlled and were not awakened.

She was more concerned about her family’s current situation.

[Turns out, Lin Wangshu can really deceive others. In fact, she knew long ago that she wasn’t the Xu family’s biological daughter!]

Initially worried that Xu Jinning might be affected by Lin Wangshu’s words just now, the Xu family members coincidentally heard Xu Jinning’s thoughts.

This was the first time the Xu family members heard Xu Jinning’s thoughts at the same time.

Almost as soon as they heard her thoughts, they glanced at each other, and immediately understood what was going on in each other’s minds.

This was also thanks to a few days ago when Xu Fanghua, on one night after Xu Jinning had fallen asleep, gathered other Xu family members and secretly held a meeting.

Xu Fanghua first tested whether the others in the family could hear Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts.

The result was that they all could.

However, it was one-way communication, and it was specific to designated individuals.

For example, if Xu Jinning’s thoughts are about Xu Fanghua, then only Xu Fanghua can hear them. If it’s about Xu Xiangdong, only Xu Xiangdong can hear them. These thoughts are like Ningning’s precognition or predetermined destiny. They can let them know in advance and change things from before. But they can’t speak them out or give any hints. Neither they nor Ningning can express them directly. Also, Ningning doesn’t even know about them being able to hear her inner thoughts. Once they confirmed this, they unanimously agreed to keep this secret and protect Xu Jinning.

Moreover, they all had a similar feeling. That is, before they could hear Xu Jinning’s thoughts, their words, actions, and even thoughts didn’t seem like their own style. They felt as if they were being controlled in behavior and thoughts, unable to be themselves. They felt that their past selves were stupid and foolish.

But after being able to hear Xu Jinning’s thoughts, they seemed to wake up instantly, as if they had been enlightened. The world became clearer, and they could see people and things more clearly.

For example, Lin Wangshu in front of them. If it were in the past, they would have thought of Lin Wangshu as a simple, inexperienced, fragile girl who needed protection.

But now, they could easily see the scheming and depth hidden beneath her simplicity.

In the past, they blindly indulged Lin Wangshu. There was a sense that even if she committed serious wrongdoings, they would cover up for her, even applaud her actions, thinking she must have had her reasons.

But now, their feelings towards this girl who wasn’t their daughter/sister were lukewarm, and after realizing her depth of cunning, they gradually started disliking her.

Not to mention, Ningning just mentioned that Lin Wangshu knew long ago that she wasn’t their family’s child.

What on earth is going on? How could Lin Wangshu know?!

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