Chapter 142 – The Mad Couple

It was said to be an unfamiliar woman, only because Zhang Changzheng had never seen her.

But Song Yi had seen her at the hospital.

This woman was none other than Zhong Dequan’s wife, also known as Li Shuyan.

In their minds, they saw Li Shuyan recording Zhong Dequan’s criminal record and stealing Zhong Dequan’s letters, knowing exactly where she placed them in the house. They also saw how Zhong Dequan deceived pregnant women and traded healthy newborns, whom he falsely confirmed as dead or deformed, with human tr*ffickers. They witnessed others’ cooperation, including several of Zhong Dequan’s relatives and others…

All these people were involved in the tr*fficking of newborns.

Then there was Zhong Dequan intentionally causing the deaths of pregnant women.

In these images, they clearly saw how Zhong Dequan manipulated situations to lead seemingly safe pregnant women to their deaths…

Each incident chilled them to the bone.

However, in the images, Zhong Dequan remained expressionless throughout, as if none of it concerned him.

Not only that, Zhang Changzheng and Song Yi also saw the director’s presence in the images.

The director, upon discovering Zhong Dequan’s actions, initially couldn’t believe it, then turned to hatred and furious accusations.

When Zhong Dequan knelt down in tears and sorrow, the director, as his father-in-law, chose to forgive and even helped him conceal the truth afterward.

For one thing only, Zhong Dequan had to treat his only daughter well.

The reason being, Li Shuyan was born infertile; she couldn’t bear children or engage in normal marital activities.

He could choose to ignore it or even help conceal it, but Zhong Dequan couldn’t expose his daughter’s situation, divorce her, or seek other women.

Zhong Dequan agreed.

And for years, Zhong Dequan did just that.

He led a life devoid of desires, without children, and genuinely avoided other women.

In the images, Zhang Changzheng and Song Yi saw Zhong Dequan hiding in a corner, laughing wildly with a flush of joy on his face as he witnessed crying pregnant women and their families. It seemed that scenes of shattered families brought him immense pleasure.

At that moment, Zhang Changzheng and Song Yi realized that Zhong Dequan’s psyche must be twisted.

These images quickly flashed through Zhang Changzheng and Song Yi’s minds.

It felt like seconds yet also like an instant, and then the images disappeared.

The two looked at each other again, both expressing shock in their eyes.

From the shock in each other’s eyes, they could tell that they had seen the same images.

Before, they could only hear Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts, but now, they could see the images.

Although they didn’t know why, it seemed like this would be more helpful to them.

Both Zhang Changzheng and Song Yi subconsciously memorized the faces of those appearing in the images and the locations where Li Shuyan hid things.

Coincidentally, at that moment, the Xu family members all entered.

Zhang Ailian happened to arrive with freshly cooked meals from home, just as Xu Jinning woke up, a smile immediately brightening her face.

“Ningning, you’re finally awake.”

“Now that Ningning is awake, the problem isn’t that serious anymore. The next step is to rest well,” Song Yi said.

With the Xu family arriving, Song Yi and Zhang Changzheng stepped back.

Zhang Changzheng tacitly followed Song Yi to his office, closing the door behind them.

After a moment of silence in the office, Zhang Changzheng asked, “You saw it too?”

“Saw it? Uncle Changzheng, you also…”

“Yes.” They exchanged no more words, understanding that the less said, the better for protecting Xu Jinning.

“Draw and write it down, whatever you can remember.”


Song Yi took out pen and paper, and they quickly noted down what they considered important information and characteristics of the people they saw in the images.

By the end, when they compared notes, both their eyes sparkled with excitement.

“Uncle Changzheng, this means we can arrest Zhong Dequan and the others, right?”

“Yes. I’ll arrange the arrest immediately.”

Without delay, Zhang Changzheng left Anren Hospital, went to the police station, and organized the manpower.

The first place to go was Li Shuyan’s house, and it happened that Li Shuyan was resting at home today. Zhang Changzheng led the team to arrest Li Shuyan and gather the most crucial evidence.

Soon, police cars were on the move, with Zhang Changzheng heading towards Li Shuyan’s house with his team.

At this moment, Li Shuyan was indeed at home.

She was the head nurse at Anren Hospital, usually very busy. However, recently Li Shuyan wasn’t in good spirits and felt tired, so she was resting at home.

This was indeed the Li family’s residence, where Zhong Dequan also lived.

Although Zhong Dequan wasn’t an official live-in son-in-law, after so many years, it was almost as if he was.

Watching the children playing outside, Li Shuyan thought about her own physical condition, which worsened her mood.

Tears silently streamed down her cheeks as she couldn’t understand why fate gave her such a good family background but also such a body, preventing her from becoming a real mother and having her own children.

Perhaps when unable to obtain, one desires destruction.

That’s why, upon learning about Zhong Dequan’s actions, Li Shuyan had silently consented and chosen to participate with him.

Li Shuyan thought, since she couldn’t have children, why should others be able to?

Those people didn’t deserve it!

She knew that Zhong Dequan actually harbored grievances against her.

Because of his covert status as an unacknowledged son-in-law and because Zhong Dequan might never have any intimate relationships with women or have his own children throughout his life. She knew this was not something easily accepted for a man.

So, she was afraid, afraid that one day Zhong Dequan would change his mind and do something.

Therefore, she had to have control over the evidence of Zhong Dequan’s crimes, even if this person was her close companion and even if she was involved in these matters.

In fact, there was a kind of madness hidden in Li Shuyan’s heart.

A madness that wanted to erupt, to explode everything with Zhong Dequan and everyone else, to destroy.

Li Shuyan knew Zhong Dequan was a madman, a psychologically twisted madman.

But she also knew that being Zhong Dequan’s wife, going along with Zhong Dequan’s dirty deeds and living peacefully, made her a madwoman too.

For some reason, in an instant, Li Shuyan felt a sense of everything being tasteless.

Despite it being broad daylight with the sun shining down, she couldn’t feel its warmth; instead, she felt a chill creeping over her.

“This kind of life, I wonder when it will end…” Li Shuyan murmured.

At that moment, she faintly heard the sound of police cars.

She slowly raised her head and saw a police car approaching her house slowly.

In a daze, she felt like the police car was coming for her.

And indeed, before Li Shuyan could fully react, Zhang Changzheng and his team got out of the car, arrested Li Shuyan, and began searching her house.

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