Chapter 141 – A Magical Scene

Zhang Changzheng had received some clues from Xu Aiguo after seeing Xu Jinning and immediately went back to investigate Zhong Dequan.

Time was running out.

He had to catch Zhong Dequan before the Lin couple arrived, find evidence, and make Zhong Dequan admit to all the crimes he had committed.


Meanwhile, in Haishi City, the Lin couple received a call from Ye Meizi and learned about Lin Wangshu’s situation.

“Why did Shushu act so impulsively? Even if she’s dissatisfied with Jinning, she shouldn’t have taken matters into her own hands, especially at the Xu family residence,” Yao Shuiren, also known as Mrs. Lin, didn’t think Lin Wangshu was wrong and didn’t feel sorry for Xu Jinning’s injury.

She just blamed Lin Wangshu for being too impulsive.

Lin Zhenghao, also known as Mr. Lin, nodded slightly.

Although he didn’t speak, he agreed with his wife’s words.

“It looks like we have to go to that countryside place after all.”

They only had Lin Wangshu, their daughter, and they couldn’t let anything happen to her.

“Alright, let’s go if we have to,” Yao Shuiren sighed.

To be honest, if she could, Yao Shuiren wouldn’t want to set foot in that place.

To be honest, she was a bit scared of seeing Xu Jinning again; just seeing Xu Jinning would make her involuntarily feel guilty.

After all, for those fifteen years, Xu Jinning had indeed suffered with them.

That girl was also lucky; she actually survived in the end.

Initially, when Yao Shuiren was pregnant with her daughter, she was diagnosed with both her and her husband’s bodies not being very healthy. It was highly likely that they would only have this one child in their lifetime.

So, upon hearing rumors of danger at that time, they decided that no matter what, they must protect this child well.

Later, her husband planned the switch of the children.

They even specifically went to a remote place, which was Anren County.

The Xu family was also investigated in advance by them at that time.

Coincidentally, Zhang Ailian was also pregnant at that time, with her due date similar to hers.

Although they were a rural family, farmers, at that time, this identity was the child’s biggest protective shield, and they also knew that the Xu family was very good to their own children, and their family background was also good.

If their child lived in the Xu family, it probably wouldn’t be much worse.

At that time, they only considered their daughter, without any plans to consider the Xu family’s biological child.

Later, things went smoothly.

They bribed the doctor at Anren Hospital.

When Zhang Ailian gave birth, Yao Shuiren also drank the labor-inducing medicine.

Afterward, the children were successfully switched.

Their child went with the Xu family to Qinghe Production Brigade, while the Xu family’s daughter was brought with them to Hongxing Production Brigade…

As for life in the Hongxing Production Brigade, there’s no need to mention it again; that was a place Yao Shuiren never wanted to go back to in her lifetime.

Of course, Yao Shuiren also admitted that the girl suffered with them and almost died several times.

At the time of the child swap.

Yao Shuiren did intend to treat this child well.

However, Yao Shuiren couldn’t do it.

Because she knew clearly that this child was not her biological child, so she couldn’t love her deeply.

And as time passed, every time she saw that girl, she felt guilty at first, but gradually, it turned into resentment.

Later, it turned into disgust.

So, after thirteen years passed and the situation improved, she couldn’t wait to write a letter to her biological daughter.

After being able to return to the city, she couldn’t wait to send that girl away and bring Lin Wangshu over.

As for Lin Wangshu, at first sight, Yao Shuiren fell in love with her.

She thought, maybe this is the miraculous aspect of blood relations.

So, now, even if she doesn’t want to go to Anren County anymore, even if she doesn’t want to see that girl again, she still has to go.

She has to rescue her biological daughter.


Xu Jinning didn’t know how long she had been unconscious.

As her consciousness gradually returned, before she even opened her eyes, she heard people around her talking.

“It’s been a day and a night, and Ningning still hasn’t woken up.” Xu Jinning recognized this as her adoptive father Zhang Changzheng’s voice.

Was she in the hospital?

Her adoptive father Zhang Changzheng was also here?

“Don’t worry too much, I think she’ll wake up soon,” this was her future brother-in-law Song Yi’s voice.

“Oh right, did you find out anything about Zhong Dequan on your end?”

The voices of the two conversing became clearer.

“We found some information.”

“Zhong Dequan has quite a few relatives in Anren Hospital.”

“The hospital director is his father-in-law, his wife is the head nurse, he is the overall head of the obstetrics and gynecology department, and then there’s his nephew, cousin, cousin-in-law… there are about seven or eight people, all his relatives, and they all hold different positions in Anren Hospital.”

This was obviously unreasonable.

It’s very likely that Zhong Dequan used his authority to bring these relatives into the hospital.

“These people, regarding Zhong Dequan’s baby trafficking, should have more or less been involved, but currently, we haven’t found any evidence.”

“And about Zhong Dequan swapping Ningning with that Lin Wangshu fifteen years ago, it’s too long ago. Unless Zhong Dequan admits it himself, getting evidence will be difficult.”

[Difficult? It’s not difficult at all. You can completely find Zhong Dequan’s wife, Li Shuyan.]

Xu Jinning half-opened her eyes, and her inner thoughts were also heard by Zhang Changzheng and Song Yi, who were present at the moment.

Zhang Changzheng and Song Yi subconsciously looked at the hospital bed.

And the next moment, they seemed to realize something.

At the same time, they both spoke, “You also…”

They didn’t finish their sentences, but in that moment of eye contact, they understood what was happening.

Both of them were shocked.

Initially, they both thought that only they could hear Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts, but now they realized that others could hear them too, and they heard them together.

Could everyone else hear it too?

It shouldn’t be!

Previously, only they could hear it.

Could it be because…

They were both involved in Zhong Dequan’s matters, so they could both hear it?

Both Zhang Changzheng and Song Yi were very intelligent and quick-thinking individuals, and now, they were thinking along the same lines.

Meanwhile, Xu Jinning slowly opened her eyes, and her inner thoughts continued.

[All the evidence is locked in Li Shuyan’s cabinet. She has a dedicated notebook where she records all the illegal activities Zhong Dequan has done, including the child swap incident.]

[Some of these things were done in collusion between Li Shuyan and Zhong Dequan, and some were done by Zhong Dequan with others, but Li Shuyan secretly recorded everything.]

[As long as we catch Li Shuyan and find this notebook, it will be evidence of Zhong Dequan’s crimes.]

[Not only that, Li Shuyan also secretly took away some of Zhong Dequan’s letters with traffickers, evidence of their transactions, and those are also locked in the cabinet.]

As Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts continued, Zhang Changzheng and Song Yi, while hearing her thoughts, somehow had a miraculous scene floating in their minds. It was as if Xu Jinning’s descriptions had created a visual image, and they seemed to see an unfamiliar woman…

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