Chapter 143 – Did Deng Cuicui’s Child Die?

Zhang Changzheng quickly led his team to capture Li Shuyan, and soon found the relevant evidence based on the information in the video.

When Li Shuyan saw the evidence she had carefully hidden being uncovered, her eyes were filled with shock.

However, in the end, she laughed hysterically like a madwoman.

She knew that her end and that of Zhong Dequan and others were approaching.

They took Li Shuyan to the police station, and Zhang Changzheng led his team to Anren Hospital.

Upon arriving at Anren Hospital, they saw Song Yi waiting for them outside as if he had been specifically waiting for them.

“Uncle Changzheng, Deng Cuicui had stomach pain not long ago, and Zhong Dequan is currently helping her deliver the baby inside,” Song Yi said. “The operating room is closed, so we can’t go in for now.”

“I have a suggestion.”

“Go ahead.”

“We can wait a bit…”

If Deng Cuicui is in labor, it proves that Zhong Dequan has already contacted the human tr*fficker while helping Deng Cuicui give birth, and it’s a special case requiring a buyer with RH-negative panda blood.

Although Zhang Changzheng caught Li Shuyan and found all the evidence, if they could catch Zhong Dequan and the human tr*fficker in the act, they would have concrete evidence, and Zhong Dequan and the others would have no escape.

In the video, they also learned where Zhong Dequan’s transaction location was. They could deploy in advance and capture Zhong Dequan and the human tr*fficker together.

“That’s possible, but is Deng Cuicui in danger? Will Zhong Dequan harm her?” Zhang Changzheng had doubts.

He was worried that Zhong Dequan would intentionally sabotage Deng Cuicui’s delivery and surgery as shown in the video, causing her death, taking the baby, and killing two people.

“He won’t, because Zhong Dequan is also unsure of the baby’s blood type.”

Song Yi could still guess some of Zhong Dequan’s plans.

Deng Cuicui was RH-negative, a rare blood type. Therefore, as her child, it was highly likely that the baby in Deng Cuicui’s belly would also be RH-negative. Zhong Dequan knew how rare this blood type was and understood that newborns with this blood type could fetch a high price.

Perhaps, when Deng Cuicui and her husband first visited the hospital for a check-up, Zhong Dequan had already set his sights on her. Maybe at that time, Zhong Dequan quickly contacted potential buyers.

If Deng Cuicui’s baby born today happened to be RH-negative, it would play right into Zhong Dequan’s hands.

If not, then Deng Cuicui would be Zhong Dequan’s target for trafficking.

Although tr*fficking an adult was riskier, there was no denying the rarity of this blood type.

Therefore, Zhong Dequan would ensure Deng Cuicui remained unharmed because she was his backup target for tr*fficking.

Zhang Changzheng nodded in agreement with Song Yi’s speculation.

“Alright, we’ll go with your plan.”

“I’ll keep an eye on Zhong Dequan’s movements.”

Zhang Changzheng quickly left to make arrangements.

Meanwhile, Zhong Dequan, who was assisting in Deng Cuicui’s delivery, was unaware of everything, oblivious to the impending judgment awaiting him.

Looking at Deng Cuicui writhing in pain on the delivery bed, Zhong Dequan remained expressionless behind his mask.

In fact, Zhong Dequan’s thoughts were similar to what Song Yi had guessed.

This time, his primary target was Deng Cuicui’s unborn baby.

As for backups, Deng Cuicui was one of them.

He approached Deng Cuicui slowly, his voice gentle, “Don’t be afraid, the baby will be out soon…”

Deng Cuicui’s husband, Wu Weimin, was anxiously waiting outside.

Apart from Wu Weimin, there was no one else around.

Deng Cuicui and Wu Weimin had similar backgrounds; both had lost their parents at a young age.

So, when they started a family together, it was just the two of them, without any support from elders. Therefore, they were filled with great anticipation and joy for the imminent new addition to their family.

Hence, when they heard Zhong Dequan mention the potential risks to the baby in Deng Cuicui’s belly, they became very worried.

Finally, they chose to give birth in the hospital.

They only hoped that the doctors at the legitimate hospital, including Zhong Dequan, could ensure Deng Cuicui and her unborn baby’s safety.

Little did they know, Zhong Dequan was a demon hiding beneath human skin, leading them step by step into the abyss of despair and tragedy.

Wu Weimin waited anxiously outside, constantly praying for Deng Cuicui and her unborn child’s safety.

“Mom, Dad, you’re watching from above; please protect Cuicui and her baby. Cuicui is your daughter-in-law, and the baby in her belly is your grandchild.”

“Please make sure they’re both safe.”

Wu Weimin paced back and forth restlessly.

It’s unclear how much time passed, but eventually, the door to the delivery room finally opened.

Wu Weimin immediately tensed up.

But it wasn’t what he expected.

Another family’s doctor and nurse came out to attend to them.

The nurse was carrying a swaddled baby in her arms.

The family, totaling five people, rushed forward together.

“Congratulations, it’s a chubby baby girl, weighing seven and a half pounds.”

“A daughter, a daughter is good too, blooming first and yielding results later.”

Wu Weimin knew a bit about that family; they were also first-time parents like him and Cuicui.

It was evident they were fond of their child.

Wu Weimin wondered how Cuicui and the baby were doing.

Just then, the door to another delivery room was opened.

Wu Weimin immediately recognized Zhong Dequan and the nurse wearing masks.


Why wasn’t the nurse carrying a swaddled baby in her arms?

Did they forget? Or… could it be…

Wu Weimin didn’t dare to imagine. He didn’t even dare to move a step, standing there blankly as if awaiting judgment.

Zhong Dequan slowly approached Wu Weimin, took off his mask, sighed, his expression somewhat sad.

“I’m sorry, we couldn’t save the baby in Comrade Deng Cuicui’s belly.”

“That baby, it’s a boy, and he has stopped breathing.”

“However, Comrade Deng Cuicui is safe.”

Wu Weimin’s mind seemed to explode for a moment, leaving him blank.

His body, his limbs, even his whole being started trembling uncontrollably.

“Dr. Zhong, what do you mean by ‘stopped breathing’? Does it mean my and Cuicui’s son is dead?”

“No, I can’t believe it, Doctor. Where’s my child? I want to see Cuicui, I want to see my child.”

Wu Weimin’s eyes reddened, and he was filled with sorrow and disbelief.

“Comrade Wu Weimin, please calm down. I told you earlier that the situation with the baby in Deng Cuicui’s belly wasn’t good.”

“The condition of the baby was too tragic. It’s better if you don’t see him, and Deng Cuicui should never see him either, or she won’t be able to handle it.”

“Right now, what she needs most is your presence by her side.”

“You’ll have children again in the future.”

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