BH (QT) 118 – The President (18)

Chapter 118 – The President (18)

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Wang Yingli did not stay longer at Yan Jing Ze’s side. After taking Jian Yunxiu to see a doctor, she left. Before leaving, she also instructed Yan Jing Ze several times to take a good care of Jian Yunxiu.

Without her telling him to do so, Yan Jing Ze would still take care of Jian Yunxiu!

When Wang Yingli left, Yan Jing Ze immediately took Jian Yunxiu home.

As soon as he entered the house, Yan Jing Ze went to kiss Jian Yunxiu: “Yunxiu, it’s all my fault…”

“Wait!” Jian Yunxiu immediately stopped him: “I want to change my clothes and take a bath!” After a trip to the hospital, he was feeling uncomfortable now…

Yan Jing Ze laughed: “I’ll wash it for you.”

Yan Jing Ze helped Jian Yunxiu take a bath and put on clean sheets, so that Jian Yunxiu could have a good rest.

After all, Jian Yunxiu had a fever. After some tossing, the whole person was already confused, but even so, he did not forget to remind Yan Jing Ze: “The sheets on the terrace will be washed again tomorrow.”

“Okay, I must wash it again.” Yan Jing Ze leaned in to kiss him again.

Jian Yunxiu was kissed all over his face by Yan Jing Ze and Yan Jing kept kissing… He buried his face in Yan Jing Ze’s chest and refused to kiss him.

“Yunxiu, you are so cute,” Yan Jing Ze said. Jian Yunxiu took a light bite on his chest.

Yan Jing Ze was bitten and he felt burnt.

After Jian Yunxiu finished his bite, he kissed Yan Jing Ze’s chest a few more times before closing his eyes with peace of mind.

Although he had a fever, he didn’t feel uncomfortable, and he was even quite happy.

In the past, he could only carry it by himself when he was ill, now it is different. Yan Jing Ze has been with him all the time.

Even Yan Jing Ze’s sister treated him very well.

Jian Yunxiu felt that today’s day was perfect.

At the same time, Wang Yingli had found her mother: “Mom, I have already visited Jian Yunxiu.”

“How is he? Does your brother treat him as a treasure?” Mother Yan asked immediately.

Wang Yingli said: “No! You know that fellow Jing Ze, he’s like Dad who always only cares about himself. How can he treat people as treasures…”

She added fuel to the fire by telling what she saw today.

After hearing this, Mother Yan sympathized with Jian Yunxiu a little: “Your brother is not as good as your Dad! Your Dad did everything from inside to outside the house.” Not to mention, even though her man is a cheating scumbag, but when this person was still unsuccessful, he was willing to do everything at home and outside. Now, although he doesn’t do these tasks, he is considerate at home, and respects her father and her as always.

“That is. Didn’t younger brother raise Dong Qinglin? He gave a lot of money in good times, but now it’s not good… He has to collect the car he gave away.” Wang Yingli sighed.

Although Wang Yingli doesn’t like Dong Qinglin, she also feels that her brother is a bit stingy.

That person has been with him for two years, so there is really no need to collect the car he sent out.

Their family doesn’t lack this money.

Mother Yan is the same as her daughter. She didn’t know that Dong Qinglin and Yan Jing Ze had no intimate relationship at all. She only thought that Yan Jing Ze had slept with Dong Qinglin for two years and did not want this person anymore, but she still stood by her son on this matter: “That Dong Qinglin is not like that in the end, still taking the money, and then hooking up with Gao Bohao.”

That too! Wang Yingli and her mother attacked Dong Qinglin together. After thinking about it carefully, she felt that Jian Yunxiu was pretty good.

That’s a world-renowned pianist and puts a lot of face in the house.

Mother Yan finally said: “Jian Yunxiu has a good temper, so I can rest assured. When he gets better in a few days, I will go to him and go out with him for a stroll… I have to give him a meeting gift or something.”

Wang Yingli and Mother Yan accepted Jian Yunxiu, and at this time, Gao Bohao and Dong Qinglin broke up.

Although Gao Bohao’s family is not as rich as Yan Jing Ze’s family, it is also rich, and he is also personally very capable.

Such a person is naturally arrogant.

He really likes Dong Qinglin. He likes Dong Qinglin’s unique temperament, Dong Qinglin’s musical talent, loves Dong Qinglin’s affection, and Dong Qinglin’s looks, but he can’t stand that Dong Qinglin doesn’t love him, nor can he stand that Dong Qinglin is a plaything raised by Yan Jing Ze.

Even if Gao Bohao likes a plaything, but this plaything doesn’t like him. If he doesn’t break up, wouldn’t it be cheap?

When Gao Bohao met Dong Qinglin for the first time, Dong Qinglin was drunk and regarded him as Yan Jing Ze, and kept questioning him and said that he would cut off relations with him.

When he saw that Dong Qinglin was so in love with Yan Jing Ze and was able to come to his senses, he was instantly moved and began to take the initiative to pursue Dong Qinglin.

After he discovered that Dong Qinglin was stabbed all over, he felt sorry for Dong Qinglin. He felt that his heart was broken by Yan Jing Ze, and it was really pitiful.

But he didn’t know that Dong Qinglin was raised by Yan Jing Ze!

Since it was a money relationship from the beginning, what did Dong Qinglin mean when he acted as if Yan Jing Ze had hurt him?

What’s even more ridiculous is that Dong Qinglin still obsessed over Yan Jing Ze, not only complaining about Jian Yunxiu in front of him, but also rushing to provoke Jian Yunxiu.

Yesterday, he suddenly received a call from Yan Jing Ze. When he said that he had something to give him, Gao Bohao was very worried. He was afraid that Yan Jing Ze would threaten himself by giving himself an indecent picture of Dong Qinglin.

Although Dong Qinglin said that he had no intimate relationship with Yan Jing Ze, he didn’t believe it—Dong Qinglin was quite skilled in bed matters.

As a result, he was worrying about Dong Qinglin, and saw Dong Qinglin’s monitoring video of provoking Jian Yunxiu in the e-mail, and the transfer record of Yan Jing Ze giving Dong Qinglin money.

He still likes Dong Qinglin, but he can no longer be with Dong Qinglin.

About Gao Bohao and Dong Qinglin’s breakup, Yan Jing Ze heard it from Old Cai the next day: “Jing Ze, you don’t know, that Dong Qinglin doesn’t believe Gao Bohao wants to break up with him. At first, Gao Bohao had to give him an explanation. Both of them quarreled at Gao Bohao’s company… Then Gao Bohao showed him something before he left…”

When Old Cai talked about this, Yan Jing Ze was surprised at first.

In the memory of the original owner, Gao Bohao and Dong Qinglin are true love, no matter how much the original owner destroys them, they can’t be separated. Now these two people… actually broke up so soon?

But after thinking about it carefully, he didn’t think it was weird.

In the original historical trajectory, the original owner has been chasing Dong Qinglin and robbing Gao Bohao… If someone wants to grab it, that means it is good. Gao Bohao will naturally think that Dong Qinglin is very good and he will cherish Dong Qinglin even more.

But now he is not going to grab Dong Qinglin, Dong Qinglin is also an ordinary art school student, Gao Bohao naturally does not love him so much.

And his email probably also played a vital role in it.

This is what Dong Qinglin deserves… Yan Jing Ze didn’t pay too much attention to this matter. He has a lot to do!

He wants to accompany Jian Yunxiu to play the piano, cook for Jian Yunxiu, hug Jian Yunxiu, and set aside time to enrich his nightlife… Even his working hours were compressed again and again, so how could he have time to care about Dong Qinglin’s affairs?

However, although the working time is compressed, Yan Jing Ze still completes various tasks very well.

He even developed another earning power of his own—to invest!

This matter must start from when he sold the house where Dong Qinglin lived.

His house was really good. He sold it soon because he wanted to sell it at a relatively low price.

Suddenly tens of millions of funds arrived in the account, and he had nothing to do, so he simply went to stocks.

If you want to do well in stocks, you need to have enough understanding of those companies, which is difficult for ordinary people to do. However, Yan Jing Ze himself can get a lot of internal news by relying on his identity. Now he especially reads various company reports no matter how boring the content, he can see it in his head and analyze it…

When accompanying Jian Yunxiu to play the piano, he engaged with stocks at the same time. Although he didn’t make too much, he earned more and lost less, and the income was also considerable.

At the same time, Jian Yunxiu’s second solo performance album is ready to be produced earlier than Yan Jing Ze can remember.

The boss of the company that produced the album is a very sentimental person, and he likes Jian Yunxiu’s music very much. So even if he doesn’t make any money to produce this kind of album, he is still willing to release it, and even plans to release two.

However, other people do not make money from this kind of album, but Jian Yunxiu’s previous album “Lights” still made him a lot of money. Now this second album, as far as he can see, will not lose money.

Since Jian Yunxiu and Yan Jing Ze came out on Weibo, Jian Yunxiu’s reputation has grown. At this time, when he released his solo album, there must be a lot of buyers.

This kind of thing, even if you don’t understand it, it’s okay to put it at home as a decoration!

And now many children from primary school play piano, parents are willing to buy these for them, and even some people will listen to them when they buy prenatal education.

As for the prenatal education, listening to the lingering love song is not so good…Most people can’t think of this at all.

The owner of the music company that produced the album was named Lu Yuxiao. After learning that Jian Yunxiu’s new album had almost finished the ten songs, he personally came to Yan Jing Ze’s villa to discuss with Jian Yunxiu about the release of the new album.

When he arrived, Jian Yunxiu was playing a song he had just made.

He is so happy these days, and this song is also very cheerful. Lu Yuxiao was taken upstairs by Yan Jing Ze. As soon as he finished listening to Jian Yunxiu’s play, he immediately clapped his hands: “The sound is so good! Just listening to it makes people feel happy… It seems that I can rest assured that you must be doing well recently!”

When Jian Yunxiu heard him say this, his eyebrows were bent, and he immediately played another cheerful melody.

Lu Yuxiao said: “I really didn’t expect that you made this kind of music. Your previous music always carries a sense of melancholy… This is so different from your previous style. You have broken through, love really has magic.”

Jian Yunxiu was happier, and the music he played was more cheerful.

After Jian Yunxiu finished playing again, Lu Yuxiao praised again, and finally asked: “What songs are there in the album?”

Jian Yunxiu recalled his mood when Yan Jing Ze confessed about Dong Qinglin’s affairs, the smile on his face narrowed, and he began to play another song.

“The beauty rolls the bead curtain, sits quietly with a frown… The beautiful tune makes people feel sour.”

After a while, Jian Yunxiu recalled the feeling of anxiety before seeing Yan Jing Ze’s sister, and changed the tune.

“Apprehensive, anxious, the heart of a young girl is difficult to guess…”

Jian Yunxiu again began to think about Dong Qinglin’s mood when he wanted to talk to him about Yan Jing Ze…

“But the Dragon City Flying General is there, he will not allow the horses to cross the Yinshan Mountain. Sad but not desolate, and there is a determination to fight for it, this tune makes people’s hearts ablaze!”

Lu Yuxiao praised every piece of Jian Yunxiu’s music and liked them all.

After listening to them all, he asked: “What are the names of these songs? Originally, we planned to call the second album “Waning”, but it doesn’t seem appropriate now?”

“This album is called “Love”. As for these songs…” Jian Yunxiu took out some scores: “This one is called “Jealous”, this one is called “Love Rival”, and this one is called “Meet the Parents”.”

Lu Yuxiao was dumbfounded: “Are you sure?” Jian Yunxiu used to be such a poetic person. All the songs on his last album were named using words from ancient poems, but now… What kind of names did he come up with?

Their piano music is generally based on elegance ah!

“Yes.” Jian Yunxiu said. These names were given by Yan Jing Ze and he thought it was particularly appropriate.

“Why would you… name them like that?”

“I didn’t make it, it was made by Jing Ze. Isn’t it easy to understand, especially catchy?” Jian Yunxiu smiled.

Lu Yuxiao: “…” Is Jian Yunxiu’s filter on Yan Jing Ze a little too thick? What are all these things ah! If you print these names on a high-end piano album, who will buy it?

“Why? These names are not good?” Yan Jing Ze asked, while still recording with the camera.

He didn’t know how Jian Yunxiu’s music was leaked out. In order to prevent Jian Yunxiu from being splashed with dirty water, he recorded all of Lu Yuxiao’s visit to Jian Yunxiu!

Lu Yuxiao twitched his mouth: “I think the name of the album should be as close as possible to the previous one…”

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