BH (QT) 119 – The President (19)

Chapter 119 – The President (19)

Lu Yuxiao firmly disagrees with the names given by Yan Jing Ze and argues with reason.

Yan Jing Ze also realized that his name was too bad and finally agreed to Lu Yuxiao’s request to change his name.

But Jian Yunxiu was a little depressed: “I think Yan Jing Ze’s name is pretty good.”

Lu Yuxiao: “Hah!” You are definitely intoxicated by this fox called Yan Jing Ze!

In any case, the name of this album was finally set as “Night and Day”.

“Although the poem says; ‘If love between both sides can last for aye, Why need they stay together night and day?’. However, it is more desirable to be together night and day. If the two of you can stay together all the time, how nice.” Lu Yuxiao thinks that he is already in his forties, not only does he have to watch people show their affection, but he also compliments them by the side, which is really sad!

Yan Jing Ze quite eats this: “That’s a good name! Yunxiu and I will spend our whole life together night and day!”

As for Jian Yunxiu… Yan Jing Ze said it was good, then it must be good!

After deciding on the name of the album, they began to discuss the names of the songs in it. In the end, the names that made people speechless were replaced with names with special meaning and relatively poetic like “Red Beans”.

After some tossing, Lu Yuxiao was very tired, especially wanting to throw Yan Jing Ze to the art academy for nurturing.

This person is not stupid, so why is there no artistic cell?!

Lu Yuxiao disliked Yan Jing Ze, but he only disliked Yan Jing Ze for a while, and he liked Yan Jing Ze again. He even thought that Yan Jing Ze was too cute—Yan Jing Ze decided to invest five million personally to make this album!

Five million! This is five million!

The quality of this album will definitely be greatly improved!

It’s not a big deal if there is no artistic cell. Yan Jing Ze is willing to use money to develop art, he’s a person who loves art!

Lu Yuxiao was happy to discuss with Yan Jing Ze, and finally persuaded Yan Jing Ze to invest in helping Jian Yunxiu to produce an additional album, an album containing world-renowned piano songs played by Jian Yunxiu.

Well, in fact, you can’t say “persuading”. Yan Jing Ze just agreed when he casually mentioned it and he was more active than him.

So, in the end, the album that Jian Yunxiu wanted to release changed from one to two albums. Not only that, the album was full of world-renowned piano music, and they also decided to call it “Waning”.

The songs inside are not so cheerful.

Lu Yuxiao took the investment of Yan Jing Ze and got busy, and Jian Yunxiu also began to record the album.

During this period, Yan Jing Ze followed the whole process, acting as a broker for Jian Yunxiu.

Yan Jing Ze doesn’t understand music but he can read people.

Following this journey, he found that Lu Yuxiao was a good person. He really loved music. He would definitely not do anything to steal Jian Yunxiu’s music and then frame Jian Yunxiu. If this kind of thing happened, he would deal with Lu Yuxiao’s company himself.

The people in Lu Yuxiao’s company have signed a confidentiality agreement, and they naturally wouldn’t do it.

More importantly, in the original historical trajectory, the person who accused Jian Yunxiu of plagiarism didn’t get any benefits—the person who didn’t stand up and filed a lawsuit with Jian Yunxiu would naturally not be compensated.

So, who exactly is that person? And why would he do that?

Yan Jing Ze was puzzled, and at this time, Jian Yunxiu started to promote the new album.

In this promotion, Lu Yuxiao accepted Yan Jing Ze’s suggestion and did not disclose the specific content of the album at all, only saying that Jian Yunxiu’s album will be released in a month.

And such mysterious propaganda made many people very curious. For a while, many people were waiting for this album.

Although the album will not be released until a month later, Jian Yunxiu has done all the work he has to do, and completed it very happily.

He used to go to a recording studio to record music, and he would often be unhappy with people because of his personality and cleanliness, but now Yan Jing Ze follows him all the way, so he won’t be unhappy with people at all!

Yan Jing Ze is very good at making friends with people, he is also very rich!

He loves to send gifts and red envelopes and also give food to the staff members. Naturally, their favor with Jian Yunxiu has skyrocketed.

What’s more important is… before, when Jian Yunxiu came by himself, he always seems not easy to get along with. But now, he and Yan Jing Ze walk together and he smiles at Yan Jing Ze at every turn. It didn’t look like he’s hard to get along with. Just looking… he looks very sweet!

Jian Yunxiu felt that his work this time was particularly pleasant and he was not tired at all after the work.

Because of this, the day after finishing his work, he accepted the invitation of Mother Yan to go shopping with her.

Jian Yunxiu had already communicated with Mother Yan on the Internet a few days ago. So, when he saw Mother Yan, he was much more comfortable. Mother Yan had been instructed by Yan Jing Ze how to get along with Jian Yunxiu. She was also told that Jian Yunxiu was socially awkward, and so she learned a few things about how to get along with him.

“The relationship between you and Jing Ze is almost settled. I haven’t given you anything yet. Today, you will pick something up and I will pay the bill.” Mother Yan looked at Jian Yunxiu lovingly.

Their family has a group chat and her son shared the transfer record of Jian Yunxiu’s transfer of money to him in the group chat a few days ago.

That’s right, Jian Yunxiu transferred all the money he earned to her son!

Mother Yan felt that her son was too much, their family was not short of money. How could her son use the money Jian Yunxiu made from playing the piano?

Her son, how dare he do such a shameless thing!

By the way, she accused her son in the group, and her son still defended himself: “Mom, didn’t you say that a man becomes bad when he has money? If Jian Yunxiu gives me all the money, he won’t have any money and he won’t be able to run away. Isn’t that good?”

After listening to this, Mother Yan just wanted to break her son’s head.

Jian Yunxiu has no money but her son is rich! Does her son want to go bad?!

Of course, she was just thinking about it, she couldn’t really hit her son.

As for Jian Yunxiu’s money that was cheated by her son… She could only try to make up for it.

For example, transfer a few big red envelopes to Jian Yunxiu, and then buy something for Jian Yunxiu.

“I don’t need…” Jian Yunxiu quickly refused when Mother Yan said that he wanted to buy something for himself.

Why do people from Yan family like to buy things for him so much? Yan Jing Ze bought him a house in the community where his teacher lives abroad a few days ago,and gave him a lot of shares… He can’t afford it even if he gave all his money to Yan Jing Ze. Now Yan Jing Ze’s mother wants to buy something for him again.

“It’s alright.” Mother Yan laughed, “Auntie is very rich. Just buy it. If you don’t accept it, you don’t treat Auntie as your family!”

Jian Yunxiu was at a loss.

Mother Yan asked: “What brand of clothes do you like?”

Jian Yunxiu talked about a brand he often wears. This brand is known for its high quality and simplicity. As for the price… summer clothes are generally one or two hundred, and winter clothes are a little more expensive, but not much more expensive.

Mother Yan: “…Jing Ze didn’t buy you any better clothes?”

“This brand is very good, you can wash it directly in the washing machine…” Jian Yunxiu said. This brand has a lot of white clothes, the washing machine can also wash it cleanly, how good!

Mother Yan: “…” This child is really practical!

After thinking about it, Mother Yan finally took Jian Yunxiu to buy a watch.

“Auntie, this watch is too expensive…”

“Not expensive, it’s only how much! You take it!”


“Don’t be a stranger to auntie. By the way, don’t call me auntie anymore. Follow Jing Ze and call me “Mom”,” Mother Yan said.

Jian Yunxiu stared at Mother Yan in a daze. He hadn’t had a mother since he was a child…

“Are you willing?” Mother Yan asked again.

“Mom…” Jian Yunxiu whispered, his eyes gleaming because of some tears, and with dazzling feelings: “Mom.”

This kid, why is this kid… so honest, soft, and cute!

Mother Yan was so softened by Jian Yunxiu!

Her daughter is a woman who does things in a fierce manner, her son, right, his son was very naughty when he was a child. And when he grew up, she wasn’t very close to him. Now, she meets such a soft and obedient child…

“Hey! Yunxiu is really good! Mom takes you to buy things!” Mother Yan was very happy.

Jian Yunxiu really couldn’t refuse this time.

Forget it, he will make more money to give Yan Jing Ze in the future.

Yan Jing Ze spent a lot of money on him. He feels that he can’t afford to pay it back for the rest of his life… Then pay back for a whole lifetime then!

It’s best to pay back a few more lifetimes and to continue for many more lifetimes.

Art is interlinked and Jian Yunxiu’s aesthetic is actually very good. When shopping with Mother Yan, he can also give some advice to Mother Yan.

He likes simple and generous things and it happens that Mother Yan also likes this. The two are becoming more and more in tune, and when they talk about Yan Jing Ze…

Seeing Jian Yunxiu swore that Yan Jing Ze looked good when he was dark and fat as a child, Mother Yan simply loved him to death!

This child is really kind to her son… Why is he so lovable!

Mother Yan wanted to buy all the good things and give them to Jian Yunxiu.

Jian Yunxiu didn’t want it, just thinking about picking something for Yan Jing Ze.

Mother Yan suddenly wanted to beat her son again.

What kind of fascinating soup did her vixen son feed to Jian Yunxiu!

When Mother Yan and Jian Yunxiu were shopping, Dong Qinglin and his classmates also came to this mall.

Dong Qinglin and Gao Bohao have broken up for a long time.

This love hurt him very much. Many things in his previous life and this life are entangled, and it makes him unable to eat well and sleep well, and he feels a lot more haggard.

Today he went shopping with his classmates, just wanting to relax.

Art school students generally have money at home and spend a lot of money, so they went to the luxury store together.

Dong Qinglin now has no “income” and shopping is not as refreshing as before. Most of the time, he just doesn’t buy. As a result, after looking, he actually saw Jian Yunxiu and Mother Yan.

Seeing these two people together, his heart jumped, and the thought of watching a good show arose.

How difficult the mother of Yan Jing Ze is, he was taught in his last life.

At that time, Yan Jing Ze’s mother and sister looked down on him in particular. They didn’t have a good face to him and asked Yan Jing Ze to break up with him to find a better one…

If Jian Yunxiu meets them, he will probably end up like him!

No, Jian Yunxiu might end up worse than him.

The only thing that Yan Jing Ze’s mother was satisfied with at the time was that he did housework well. This woman had a high and mighty look and asked him to do more housework and take care of Yan Jing Ze.

But Jian Yunxiu… someone like Jian Yunxiu doesn’t know how to do housework, right?

Thinking this way, Dong Qinglin came to the vicinity of Jian Yunxiu and Mother Yan, and then heard Mother Yan said: “Yan Jing Ze doesn’t need anything, you don’t need to pick it for him! Do you like this bag? Mom buys it for you.”

“Mom, I have a bag…”

“It doesn’t matter if you buy a few more!” Mother Yan asked someone to wrap the bag, and then said to Jian Yunxiu: “Mom has money, you can spend it! Yan Jing Ze has money, you can ask him for more!”

Jian Yunxiu didn’t even know how to answer.

Mother Yan said again: ” Also, you should not be too devoted to him… Housework or whatever, just let him do it, men can’t be too spoiled!”

Jian Yunxiu: “…” In fact, apart from housekeeping, the rest of their housework is basically done by Yan Jing Ze.

Dong Qinglin: “…” It obviously shouldn’t be like this!

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If love between both sides can last for aye, Why need they stay together night and day? – (from the poem ‘Immortals At The Magpie Bridge’ by Qin Guan) The couple needn’t be physically together as long as they love each other deeply. Chinese people usually use it to describe a deep affection between separated and long-distance lovers.

Red Beans – can also symbolize longing / there’s this classic c-song called Red Bean just turn on the sub for the lyrics

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